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"We Got This!"

Johnny during his segment on The Meredith Vieira Show 
with NBC broadcast partner and BFF Tara Lipinski. 
Which I thought was the most adorable appearance 
by them ever until I saw their BuzzFeed quiz.
Photo via NBC.

A bazillion screencaps below
plus videos videos videos!!

Johnny will be competing 
(yes, competing!) in the 
Medal Winners Open in January!
Info here!

YES!! The Dream Team returns! 
Join Johnny, Tara Lipinski, and Terry Gannon
next Sunday for NBC’s coverage of Cup of Russia!

Available on demand from EPIX!! 
Johnny stars in To Russia With Love
a new documentary about LGBT athletes, 
portions of which were filmed in secret during his time 
in Sochi as an NBC figure skating commentator. 
He also is an executive producer for the film, 
a project of Robert Redford’s Sundance Productions.
More info here and on the EPIX website.

The official trailer!
Video link.

Less than a month away! 
Evgeni Plushenko’s “enchanting fairy tale 
on ice for the whole family” begins December 5! 
The show is based on an adaptation of 
Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Snow Queen, 
with Johnny playing the role of Kai. 
New teaser here!
Behind-the-scenes sneak peek here.

Dear Johnny, 
we believe in you, 
we support you, and 
we love you always.

Note: Candles last only 48 hours, so please visit often 
to keep the love and light shining...

Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

Kayso while we’ve been away on a ridiculously long commercial break, these things happened:

Johnny went on a long overdue and beyond well-earned vacation. During which he has not spent nearly enough time posting selfies, but then again: vacation. So we’ll savor what we’ve got, which is all available on his Instagram. If you’re not already following him on Instagram, IDEK what to do with you except maybe sign you up myself because see above. (UPDATE: And below.)

UPDATE!! Yay one more selfie!

Johnny and Tara played BuzzFeed’s BFF Game to see how well they really know each other and the Internet fell in love with them all over again. So much so that within hours, BuzzFeed changed the title of the piece from “Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir Put Their Friendship to the Test” to “Proof That Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir Are Officially America’s Newest Sweethearts.” Of the 25 Q&As, the one above is my fav: Tara’s answer to “What is Johnny’s favorite ice-skating movie?”

My other fav is Johnny’s ... inspired drawing depicting Tara’s favorite pizza topping. Here is Tara’s reaction:

If you haven’t already spent hours cracking up over the 25 gifs (speaking on behalf of a friend), do go check out the whole interview on BuzzFeed. It’s the best thing you’ll see all day (besides this blog, of course).

Terry, Tara, and Johnny did a little NBC commentating work, first for Skate America...

...and then for Skate Canada.

And because we are blessed with an embarrassment of riches today, yes, we have video of all their Grand Prix commentary thus far ICYMI!

Please enjoy whilst we await their return to our screens for Rostelecom Cup / Cup of Russia next Sunday, November 16, 4 pm ET.

Skate America, part 1
Video link.

Skate America, part 2
Video link.

Skate Canada, part 1
Video link.

Skate Canada, part 2
Video link.

Johnny also did four radio interviews during his To Russia With Love media blitz, and our awesome audio/video ninja has brought all those to us as well. Bonus: Transcripts coming soon!

Video link.

Video link.

Video link.

Video link.

And finally, of course, Johnny and Tara visited The Meredith Vieira Show, where this happened backstage:

Video link.

So here are way more screencaps than a person could possibly ever need except that every single one has so much happy in it that I couldn’t leave any out. So here you go.

And yes, video of their entire segment awaits you at the end!

Warning: spoilers in the screencaps.

MV: Our next guests were, without a doubt, the real breakout stars of the Olympics. They took Sochi by storm with their wild antics and over-the-top outfits, entertaining everyone at every turn. I know: I was there.

Please welcome skating superstars 
Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir!
(“Skating superstars.” Yes. 
This pleases me immensely.)

MV: And now you are the NBC figure skating commentators. 
Congratulations! That’s a huge, huge deal!

JW: It’s so important to us to bring figure skating 
back to the American audience.

MV: I know that you’re very close, personally as well as 
professionally. You have joked in recent interviews 
that you’re going to have a baby together.

It’s not going to happen, but there is an app that shows 
what somebody’s baby would look like if you two did 
whatever you need to do to get there...

TL: I mean, Meredith, if things get really bad 
in the future for me, you never know...
JW: I’m a last resort.

MV: Look at your baby! It’s cute!
TL: It’s really cute! We did well!

(For a better look, see the original baby picture 
on Tara and Johnny’s Instagram
And please follow them while you’re there!
BTW they also have a Tumblr.)

JW: Her name’s Birkin. After a Birkin bag.

Tara explains that the two of them 
originally bonded over their bags: 
TL: We were doing our commentating in Stamford, CT, 
and we’d go every day, and we would do it separately. 
And one day we came in, and we had different bags but they were 
by Celine, so we started talking and chatting, 
and then we told NBC that we should do it together—
JW: [clarifies helpfully] —the commentary.
MV: Yes, of course.
TL: Oh gosh...

JW: We’re, like, a legit partnership. We love each other, 
and we hope that that translates to our job.

MV: Tell me something about Johnny that I might not know.

TL: One of my favorites: Russian translator and tour guide. 
He does this very well. Do you want to give a little bit...?

JW: [heavy Russian accent. Ah, Viacheslav, how we’ve missed you!] 
Well, you know... can make a right at the next stop sign...

...and then you go, you go...

down the street, and then you find a fur store. 
At the fur store, you buy piroshki. 
And then you go from the fur store, you buy stole. 
[Audience cracks up and applauds]

TL: So when I’m sad, or having a hard day, 
when I need a little pick-me-up, I say, 
“Johnny, give me the Russian translator” 
and it makes me happy.

MV: And what about Tara? 
What’s something about her that we don’t know?
TL: Oh God.
JW: In the wake of Lipinski, there are constantly 
chocolate wrappers. Where there is a Tara Lipinski, 
there is a Hershey’s chocolate bar. And that’s her thing. 
In her purse, in her pockets, midget-size or huge. Super-size.

Meredith asks them to give the backstory 
on some of their coordinated looks. 
Of their Kentucky Derby appearance, Tara says: 
It was nothing about me. It was Johnny’s hat. ... 
I just wanted that to be on full display at all times.

Meredith compliments Johnny on his style: 
Look at the shoes! Look: the whole outfit! You own it, baby. 
You are fashion forward, like, fast-forward.

MV: Where do you even get an outfit like that? 
I love it, but I wouldn’t know where to find that.
TL: The Johnny Store.

JW: I’m kind of a hoarder, and I collect things over the years, 
so sometimes you’ll get like literally a 20-year-old 
pair of leather pants. ... I just take very good care of my things.

Meredith then puts the newly anointed big-league commentators to the test by asking them to provide commentary for band leader Everett Bradley‘s moments on the ice at Rockefeller Center. 

JW: This is Everett. He’s had years of dance training and experience. 
You can see the classic training here. Tara, what do you think?
TL: I don’t know. The white scarf—I’m feeling a little bit 
of a White Swan sort of moment. What do you feel, Johnny?
JW: I think it’s all about the technique. 
This is a gentlemanly stroll, it’s very match-y with the music.
TL: Oh, his arms are sooo graceful.
JW: That’s a performer right there. That is a performance—
TL: —right there—
JW: —that is THE performance—
TL: —right there—
JW: —of this championship. 
TL: And here IS the White Swan—
JW: —the Bird! The Flying Bird!

TL: So appreciative of his fans.
JW: It’s really all about the fans, isn’t it?
TL: Yes. Deep knee bends, Johnny.
JW: There’s a deep knee bend.

TL: Whoaaaaaa...
JW: Aaaand we’re down. That’s actually the final pose.
He meant to do that. He meant to do that!

EB: Thank you!
JW: That was gorgeous, Everett!

Next, Meredith explains the rules of a game “tailor-made” for Johnny and Tara: “Frozen Frenzy.”

MV: Here’s how it works. You’re going to take turns, OK, 
giving and guessing ice-related clues. For every correct answer, 
Johnny will earn ten seconds to race on these roller skates—

—which he requested be bedazzled for him—
JW: They were brown and ugly.

(Closeup of the skates, helpfully tweeted by Rebecca Frey, 
who was charged with bedazzling them 
for Johnny and clearly did an amazing job.)

MV: He will skate from one end of the studio, pick up winter clothes, 
race them back to Tara, who will have to put them on 
in the allotted time. And if they can do it, you, the audience, 
will go home with a wonderful prize! Johnny, you’re going 
to start, OK, by giving clues to Tara.

JW: Right here, babe. Right here.
TL: Right here. Me and you. We got this!

From Johnny’s clues, Tara correctly guesses the movie Frozen...

...the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...

...and Vanilla Ice, from Johnny’s hip-swiveling 
rendition of “Ice Ice Baby”...

...but he runs out of time before he can think of 
a good clue for rapper Ice-T.

MV: Johnny, you got three. You got three.
JW: No, I think I have, like, seven.

[Audience cracks up]

Now it’s Tara’s turn, who pantomimes her clues
for Johnny—who guesses all the answers correctly—until...

...with nine seconds left, she finally realizes 
that she can also use words.

Johnny is at first convinced that her next clues 
are for “hunt and gather”...

...but then he correctly guesses “Zamboni” as the buzzer sounds, 
and Meredith awards it to him.

TL: I did it without words.
MV: You got four right. You did it without words. 
You turned into a mime. I thought, “She’s a mime!”
JW: Yeah, why weren’t you talking to me?
MV: I don’t know. It was like a mime. It was scary.
JW: And I still did well.
TL: I’m the worst at games.
MV: It took a creepy turn, but we got it back. 

MV: OK, you’ve got a minute ten to do this, Johnny.

A minute ten on the clock. Ready...



On his first trip, Johnny grabs only the sweater for Tara...

...and almost wipes out when he returns, 
but Tara steadies him.

He saves time by draping the sweater over her shoulders...

...then takes off to retrieve more stuff.

This trip he takes everything else left on the table: 
boots, pants, coat, and earmuffs.

Done! And then...

...Johnny takes off again!
TL: Where are you going?!
MV: Where are you going?!

Ever the showman, Johnny amps up the excitement ...

...with one last lap around the studio...

..but still makes it back with two seconds to spare!

MV: You did it!!

And the audience gives them a standing ovation.

Meredith reveals the prize that Johnny and Tara have won for the studio audience: gift certificates for all to enjoy free skating at Rockefeller Center!

MV: Say thanks to Tara Lipinski, 
and Johnny Weir: you’re amazing! 
Love you guys!

Yes!! The full segment, with special thanks to Jenn Kittler!
Video link.

Bonus pic!! One more vacation shot 
via Johnny: “Throwin’ shade.”

Very special thanks to Jenn Kittler 
for all the videos and her invaluable help with screencaps, 
and without whom this blog would rarely happen!

Full video of Johnny’s  
Johnny’s segment begins at about 30:51.

ICYMI: 42 Seconds.”
Stunning new exclusive photos of Johnny’s “Human”
performance at An Evening With Champions.
Absolutely breathtaking.

Sweet Memories.”
Johnny returns to Russia! 
And he’s greeted at the airport by fans 
who have not seen him for two years. 
A wonderful series of photos not to be missed!

The first series of exclusive photos from 
An Evening With Champions, featuring 
Johnny’s debut of the spectacular dragon costume 
given to him by his Chinese fans.

Bold Beauty: Bollywood Revisited.”
A stunning new look at Johnny’s 
Nagada Sang Dhol program 
in a series of 35+ exclusive photos, 
plus exclusive video.

To Stand in a Ray of Sunlight.”
Gorgeous sun-drenched photos 
of Johnny at rehearsal in Sun Valley, 
plus exclusive video of his practice.

The US debut of Johnny’s stunning 
and hauntingly beautiful new program.
Selected exclusive photos, 
plus exclusive HD video.

Be Gorgeous Without Your Pants.”
50+ Artistry on Ice pics plus all-new videos, 
including Beijing and Guangzhou
press conferences!

Magic Becomes Art...
60+ spectacular pics from Shanghai,
including the most beautiful 
“Concubine” series yet.

Stunning fan art by 
@glace_icywaterdri on Weibo. 

Beautiful mega-picspam from 
the Guangzhou livestream.

Photo art detail from an exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Johnny and Tara’s brilliant commentary 
segment from Late Night With Seth Meyers!
Video link.
Watch their interview with Seth here.

Johnny and Dora!!
Watch his spot over and over again 
here, here, or here!

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

ICYMI: Johnny plans to discuss his personal difficulties just once, 
in an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. 
The three-part interview is available at these links:

UPDATE: In response to a rash of erroneous reports in the media, 
Johnny spoke briefly with Access Hollywood again
to set the record straight.

Also on the blog:
“Rise Like a Phoenix”
An exquisite black-and-white series 
of Johnny at rehearsal. 
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.
Please click twice for larger image.

Johnny’s latest column for the 
Falls Church News-Press.
His columns are published on Thursdays 
in the “National Commentary“ 
section—don’t miss a single one! 

A number of Johnny’s auction items 
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At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
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