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"I Have to Use What I've Got"

Johnny—NBC’s new lead figure skating broadcaster!—
on the red carpet in NYC at the premiere of his
 LGBT athlete documentary, To Russia With Love
in which he stars and also serves as executive producer.
Photo via Getty.

70+ amazing pics below!

Including spectacular newly 
released To Russia With Love photos! 


Set those DVRs: Johnny and Tara will be guests 
on The Meredith Vieira Show Tuesday, November 4!!
According to the show website, during their segment
they “play a rousing game of ‘Frozen Frenzy’ to see 
how quickly Johnny can get Tara dressed in winter wear
while sporting old school roller skates.”

Video sneak peek here!

YES!! The Dream Team returns! 
Join Johnny, Tara Lipinski, and the wonderfully
unflappable Terry Gannon this Sunday for 
NBC’s LIVE coverage of Skate America!

Ask Johnny anything!!
(well, almost...) 
Johnny is doing a Reddit AMA 
Tuesday, October 28, at 12 noon EDT! 
Get your questions ready now: ask him
 about his life, career, opinions, and especially 
about his documentary, To Russia With Love.
which premieres the next day. Don’t miss this!

Read all Johnny’s AMA answers here!

Premiering October 29!! 
Johnny stars in To Russia With Love
a new documentary about LGBT athletes, 
portions of which were filmed in secret during his time 
in Sochi as an NBC figure skating commentator. 
He also is an executive producer for the film, 
a project of Robert Redford’s Sundance Productions.
More info here and on the EPIX website.

The official trailer!
Video link.

Full video of Johnny’s  
Johnny’s segment begins at about 30:51.

NEW Snow King Teaser! 
ticket sales have commenced, and now we have
another glimpse of Evgeni Plushenko’s amazing 
“enchanting fairy tale on ice for the whole family.” 
The show is based on an adaptation of 
Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Snow Queen, 
with Johnny playing the role of Kai. 
Video link.
Behind-the-scenes sneak peek here.

Dear Johnny, 
we believe in you, 
we support you, and 
we love you always.

Note: Candles last only 48 hours, so please visit often 
to keep the love and light shining...

Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

So obviously the big news this week is that NBC FINALLY officially announced Wednesday that Johnny and his beloved Tara Lipinski—plus Sir Terence Gannon, of course—are indeed the new faces of figure skating broadcasting, beginning this Grand Prix season and extending through the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea—and conceivably, say some reports, through NBC’s Olympics contract, which does not end until 2032. (!!!!)

It’s a changing of the guard that is long overdue IMO, and I for one will be tuning into every event this team covers because they were absolutely the best thing about Sochi and we’ve been waiting forever for them to sashay onto our screens again and slay with both fun fashion and impeccable, hilariously honest analysis.

And if you’ve been missing their inspired banter, please do go read the transcript of the media conference call they had the day of the announcement. Pure JT&T gold.

But that announcement was just the start of a day so full of Johnny treasures that, as my lovely friend Chris Krafft tweeted, it should simply have been a national holiday. Since it wasn’t, and thus you might have missed a leather underwear moment or a discussion of the cultural importance of yodeling, here’s a recap of as much as I could gather before collapsing under the weight of all the happy fabulousness. And if anyone deserves a day that was completely full of amazing things to wear, to announce, and to celebrate, it’s Johnny.

Part 1: The Today Show.
During which The Big Announcement is finally made. 
Spoiler alert: sorry, no babies.

Via Johnny: “Look of the morning: Suit and shirting 
by @thombrowneny, stole by @andrelanderosmichel, 
glitter loafer by @giuseppezanottiworld. 
Styled by me and @whathewears”

Via Tara: “Tune into @todayshow @johnnygweir 
We have a big announcement! @taraandjohnny”

Via @TaraandJohnny: “Big announcement 
coming on @TODAYshow! #todaytakeover 
@taralipinski @johnnygweir”

Via Today Show: “Look who’s taking over! 
#JohnnyWeir and #TaraLipinski are officially in charge 
of @todayshow’s Instagram account. 
#todaytakeover #watchout”

Via Today Show: “What questions do you have 
for #JohnnyWeir and #TaraLipinski? 
They’re on #TODAYShow’s Twitter and Instagram 
accounts right now. #todaytakeover”

Via Today Show: “The best kind of photobomb 
is when a man with a voice like velvet 
(like #GavinDeGraw) jumps in! 
- #JohnnyWeir & #TaraLipinski 

Via Today Show: “The magic starts here: 
the #TODAYShow makeup room. #teamwork 
#todaytakeover ~ #JohnnyWeir & #TaraLipinski”

Via Johnny: “I’m obsessed with @GavinDeGraw! 
@taralipinski @taraandjohnny”

Via Al Roker: “They’re baaaack!! 
@JohnnyGWeir and @taralipinski”

Via Today Show: “.@JohnnyGWeir’s shoe game 
did not disappoint this morning. 
#TodayTakeover “

Via Tara: “Nothing makes us happier 
than @hodakotb @JohnnyGWeir 

Via Today Show: “Hooray! 
Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski 
named NBC’s lead figure skating announcers”

Via Today Show: “Johnny and Tara were very into 
Gavin DeGraw’s performance this morning.”

And my favorite moment from Part 1. 
Via Tara: “Backstage with my boy @johnnygweir 
getting a private concert from @gavindegraw 
Pretty amazing”

Yes, we have HD video of their Today appearance!! 
With special thanks to Jenn Kittler.
Video link.

Part 2. HuffPost Live.

Via Johnny: “Mid-day look: Turtle and vest 
by @andrelanderosmichel, leathers by Gareth Pugh, 
shoes by @louboutinworld. Hair by @ryaustinhair, 
face by @misterp79, styled by @whathewears”

Via Johnny: “My gorgeous beauty team! 
@ryaustinhair and beauty bear @misterp79”

Via HuffPost Live: “The amazing Johnny Weir 
is here looking as phenomenal as ever! 
#figureskating #fashion #Russia #lgbt #fashionicon”

Via HuffPost Live: “Here’s a better look at Johnny Weir’s 
killer ensemble today. #fashion #fashionicon
#style #pleather #glitter #figureskating”

Via HuffPost Live host Nancy Redd: 
“Loved chatting with @JohnnyGWeir this morning 
about his documentary ‘To Russia, With Love’! 
Watch on @huffpostlive”

And yes, we have HD video of the full interview! 
With special thanks to Elena Vasileva.
Video link.

Part 3: Sirius Radio Tour.
Yay Getty Images was there!

Via Jenny Hutt: “I just fell in love 
w @JohnnyGWeir.”

Apparently this also happened. Via Johnny the next day: 
“New York City circa yesterday. 
Playing in the vanity. #throwbackthursday”

Thus far we have audio of only his Frank DeCaro 
interview, though am keeping an eye out for the others. 
First, this clip, which was released Wednesday
and is Johnny at his eloquent and dignified best 
in discussing his personal difficulties: 
“The Only Way to Get Through the Ugly 
and the Lies Is with Self Strength.”

And the full Frank DeCaro interview, 
with special thanks once again to Jenn Kittler!
Video link.

Part 4: To Russia With Love 
Yay more Getty!

(Why yes, he is wearing a very very sheer jumpsuit. Why do you ask? 
Full fashion details below from Johnny.)

With Canadian Olympic swimmer Mark Tewksbury.

With Mark and Canadian speed skater Anastasia Bucsis.

With Anastasia, New Zealand 
speed skater Blake Skjellerup, and Mark.

Here the group is joined by PR specialist Rob Mabee.

IDK what happened here. 
But I want this as a poster.


Johnny greets his fellow executive producer 
Laura Michalchyshyn, president of Sundance Productions. 
Next to Laura is TRWL producer and
 Academy Award nominee Howard Gertler.

The group with producer Elle Flanders, far right.

And the whole gang. Left to right: Howard; 
Laina Cohn, Johnny’s agent and TRWL producer; Laura; 
Anastasia; Johnny; Noam; Mark; Elle; 
Jill Burkhart, director of documentary programming at EPIX; 
and Ross Bernard, senior vice president of original programming at EPIX.

Left to right: Peter Borromeo, Clayton Hill, Johnny, 
Dirke Hill (@littlebakes!), and Theresa Morrissey.

Friends! Left to right: designer Sena Yang
A-Morir Eyewear designer Kerin Rose Gold
Johnny, Christa Goulakos, and Noam.

At the post-screening discussion panel. 
Left to right: Sports Illustrated editor Richard Demak, 
Mark, Anastasia, Johnny, Blake, and Noam.

Candid Shots.

The moment we learned what he was wearing. 
Via Johnny: “Look of the night: Sheer jumpsuit, 
leather underwear, and leather and fox coat all by 
@andrelanderosmichel. At the first screening of my doc 
with @EPIXHD, ‘To Russia with Love.’”

Via @whathewears: “No one else can pull off a sheer jumpsuit 
like @johnnygweir. Pleasure working with him.”

Via @whathewears: “With the talented @johnnygweir 
at the premiere of To Russia With Love #torussiawithlove”

Via EPIX: “@johnnygweir, @anastasure and Mark Tewksbury 
arrive at the #NYC premiere of #ToRussiaWithLove.”

Via EPIX: “The incredible athletes featured in 
#ToRussiaWithLove at the #NYC #premiere of the film. 
#TV #EPIX #Movies #Documentary”

Via EPIX: “Olympians take selfies too! 
The incredible athletes of #ToRussiaWithLove 
snap a pic at the #NYC premiere of the film.”

Via LogoTV: “Behind the scenes with the always fab 
@johnnygweir rocking a sheer jumpsuit and talking 
his new @epix doc #ToRussiaWithLove. ❤️

Via Rob Mabee: 
“..and the dazzling Mister @JohnnyGWeir”

Laina, Johnny, and Laura. Via Elle Flanders: 
“The #torussiawithlove glam set! 
Exec prods @lmichalch @JohnnyGWeir. Arrived and thx!”

Via Elle Flanders: “#torussiawithlove producing team. 
Waiting for feedback on screening! @lmichalch 
@JohnnyGWeir @HowardGertler”

Of all the photos from the evening, these four are my favorites.

Via KerinRose Gold: “My boo @johnnygweir co-produced 
and starred in an important and moving documentary 
called “To Russia With Love” examining human rights through 
the stories of LGBT athletes, gay Russian youth and the Sochi games. 
Grateful to be invited to the private screening and the Q&A 
with the documentary participants. Such an inspiring night.”

Via Sena: “Reunited and it feels so good! Thank you 
@johnnygweir for sharing your movie #ToRussiaWithLove with us. 
I am so happy for you and excited for everyone else to see 
this important and amazing film!! Everyone be sure to check it out!! 
#epix #documentary #sochi #educate #olympics #love #influence 
#awareness #passion #athlete #eltonjohnsfannypack #johnnyweir”

Via Johnny: “Awake with jet-lag and can’t get over 
how special tonight was. I love my mama so much for always 
encouraging and being my strength. ❤️ @pattimooreweir”

To Russia With Love Bonus Pics

Released by EPIX. Unbelievably gorgeous.
Please, please click for the full-size images.

ICYMI: 42 Seconds.”
Stunning new exclusive photos of Johnny’s “Human”
performance at An Evening With Champions.
Absolutely breathtaking.

Sweet Memories.”
Johnny returns to Russia! 
And he’s greeted at the airport by fans 
who have not seen him for two years. 
A wonderful series of photos not to be missed!

The first series of exclusive photos from 
An Evening With Champions, featuring 
Johnny’s debut of the spectacular dragon costume 
given to him by his Chinese fans.

Bold Beauty: Bollywood Revisited.”
A stunning new look at Johnny’s 
Nagada Sang Dhol program 
in a series of 35+ exclusive photos, 
plus exclusive video.

To Stand in a Ray of Sunlight.”
Gorgeous sun-drenched photos 
of Johnny at rehearsal in Sun Valley, 
plus exclusive video of his practice.

The US debut of Johnny’s stunning 
and hauntingly beautiful new program.
Selected exclusive photos, 
plus exclusive HD video.

Be Gorgeous Without Your Pants.”
50+ Artistry on Ice pics plus all-new videos, 
including Beijing and Guangzhou
press conferences!

Magic Becomes Art...
60+ spectacular pics from Shanghai,
including the most beautiful 
“Concubine” series yet.

Stunning fan art by 
@glace_icywaterdri on Weibo. 

Beautiful mega-picspam from 
the Guangzhou livestream.

Photo art detail from an exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Johnny and Tara’s brilliant commentary 
segment from Late Night With Seth Meyers!
Video link.
Watch their interview with Seth here.

Johnny and Dora!!
Watch his spot over and over again 
here, here, or here!

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

ICYMI: Johnny plans to discuss his personal difficulties just once, 
in an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. 
The three-part interview is available at these links:

UPDATE: In response to a rash of erroneous reports in the media, 
Johnny spoke briefly with Access Hollywood again
to set the record straight.

Also on the blog:
“Rise Like a Phoenix”
An exquisite black-and-white series 
of Johnny at rehearsal. 
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.
Please click twice for larger image.

Johnny’s latest column for the 
Falls Church News-Press.
His columns are published on Thursdays 
in the “National Commentary“ 
section—don’t miss a single one! 

A number of Johnny’s auction items 
have been relistedwhich means if you missed out 
the first time around, you’re in luck: 
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At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
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Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
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