Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Shimmering Diamond Pretzels"

Johnny on the red carpet 
at Team USA’s “Best of U.S.” awards show. 
In this screencap, he’s just taken a moment 
with Tara Lipinski to contemplate the awesomeness 
of Summer Olympian Jennie Finch.

Picspam posted here.
Awards show clips below!

Yes!! Johnny is back with more commentary 
this Sunday, April 13, for Worlds 2014! 
He’ll be reunited with co-Dream Team members
(regular NBC, not NBC Sports Network) 
at 4 pm EDT. Don’t miss it!

Johnny has a new official 
Facebook fan page
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Unfortunately the old one has been hacked
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Dear Johnny, 
we believe in you, 
we support you, and 
we love you always.

Note: Candles last only 48 hours, so please visit often 
to keep the love and light shining...

So I recorded the “Best of U.S.” thing and watched it after we were spellbound by the season finale of Shameless, which we had also recorded because during the time slot Sunday night when Shameless was actually finale-ing, we were retrieving my second car from an entirely different location in Chicago than the one in which I live, which is an entirely different story that really has no point at all but a certain amount of irresistible charm, like a Wes Anderson film gone oddly wrong, which is really saying something given that Wes Andersons films make their home in the space where things are not quite right, which essentially sums up my entire life, but anyway, my point, and I do have one, is:

There was not enough Johnny in this show for my taste. Which admittedly skews heavily in favor of all Johnny, all the time.

There was actually more Johnny than the moments that made it into the broadcast, and Team USA has been quite helpful in uploading all the extra / full-length Johnny moments, so after consultation with our video ninja, the entire show will be uploaded later and posted here for purists who prefer their Johnny within the context of a full-length piece, while for the rest of us, who feel that life is short so clearly dessert should be eaten first, here are all the Johnny moments from the event via Johnny’s website, where the embedded vids are viewable from pretty much any country as far as I know (but if anyone anywhere can’t view them, please alert me and we’ll try to help), plus: a bonus wonderful Johnny moment with the awesome Kori Ade and Jason Brown from the broadcast, presented exclusively here as a clip.

And may I just say how fun and engaging Johnny was, as always, how fabulous he looked, what terrific chemistry he and Tara showed once again, and how amazing that all is and how deeply admirable his work ethic given that he was sick with strep the entire time.

Happy viewing!

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir On The Red Carpet | Best of U.S.

Willie Geist On The Red Carpet | Best of U.S.

Stephanie Jallen Wins Best Paralympic Moment | Best of U.S.

Mark Bathum Wins Best Male Paralympic Athlete | Best of U.S.

Stephanie Jallen Wins Best Female Paralympic Athlete | Best of U.S.

Sage Kotsenburg Wins Best Olympic Male | Best of U.S.

Noelle Pikus-Pace Wins Best Olympic Moment | Best of U.S.

Kori Ade Wins the USG “Building Dreams” Award (exclusive clip!)

And my personal favorite:

Tara and Johnny Share The Rejected Awards Show Categories | Best of U.S.

...from which this gorgeous screencap comes:

Via Johnny’s new official Facebook page.

Quote of the Night

In a hilarious taped appearance during the broadcast, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert offered his congratulations to Team USA, but lamented that he was unable to show clips of their performances because of copyright restrictions. Here’s his “word picture” summary of the Sochi Games: 

Skates, snow, YOLO flip, triple axel, 
stray dog on the ice, oh she scores!, twizzle, 
Johnny Weir in a cape made of shimmering diamond pretzels. 
Truly beautiful.

Bonus pic!! Via Tara Lipinski: “Back with my boys 
@johnnygweir and Terry! Join us on @Nbcsports this Sunday 
to hear us call the action at Worlds in Saitama Japan.”

Bonus fan art!! From the artist @gidongainsbourg 
on Twitter, who also did this stunning portrait series of Johnny. 
Instagrammed by Johnny here.

Integrity can be neither lost nor concealed 
nor faked nor quenched nor artificially come by 
nor outlived, nor, I believe, in the long run, denied. 

— Eudora Welty

Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.
Please click twice for beautiful full-size image.

ICYMI: Johnny plans to discuss his personal difficulties just once, 
in an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. 
The three-part interview is available at these links:

Johnny and Tara’s brilliant commentary 
segment from Late Night With Seth Meyers!
Video link.
Watch their interview with Seth here.

Johnny and Dora!!
Watch his spot over and over again 
here, here, or here!

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

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Johnny’s latest column for the 
Falls Church News-Press.
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aaaack said...

Back from a beautiful visit to Japan to view its culture and cherry blossoms.

Here was hoping that it would not come to this. But here's hoping that these gifted and talented young men will heal quickly.

The misplaced, controlling anger that people (who often are addicted to alcohol) feel coming at them from others on the outside is often actually an anger and powerlessness emerging from within. The psychological term is "projection." Understanding projection and overcoming the state of being an angry drunk is a major teaching moment. I hope this unhappy transition will be a learning opportunity for both young men so they can turn around their lives, heal the many wounds, and find future happiness.

In addition to households, projection also plays a role in cultures and countries, too, and is the foundation for domestic violence, prejudice, and mass scapegoating.

aaaack said...

Was hoping to see the reappearance of Viacheslav Romanov at some point in time, but you can always hope.