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"MVP of the Best of U.S."

Johnny on the red carpet 
at the US Olympic Committee’s first-ever 
“Best of U.S.” Awards. 
Photo via Getty.

Be sure to watch the broadcast 
on Monday, April 7! 
Details and 25+ additional 
pics below!

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UPDATE: Please read this 
from Ninni Toivonen, a fan from Finland
currently living in New York. 
Thank you, Ninni, for voicing what so many
of us feel, and for doing it so well.

Ninni and Johnny at Finlandia Trophy, October 2012.

Dear Johnny, 
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Kayso there was a thing that happened last night that is a new thing about which I know very little things other than what’s in these things here, here, and here, but the essential things are:

(1) Johnny was there.

(2) They filmed him.

(3) He’ll be on my TV this Monday, April 7.

The event was the first-ever “Best of the U.S.” Olympic Awards, scheduled for broadcast this coming Monday, 7 pm EDT, on NBC Sports Network—the same channel that carried Johnny and Tara Lipinski’s commentary live from Sochi, in case, like me, you’ve completely forgotten about that channel during this long, dreary, Johnny-and-Tara-less post-winter / pre-spring hellscape. So check your local listings, set those DVRs, and settle in Monday for the highly entertaining fabulousness that was Johnny, according to people who were lucky enough to actually be there.

Read more about the evening in Team USA’s Sochi’s Stars Take On Washington For Best Of U.S. Awards Show, which includes this brief interview with Johnny:

Straight from the red carpet, here’s what some of the Team USA athletes had to say:

Johnny Weir, figure skating, 2006, 2010 Olympian

The figure skater was at the Best of U.S. event with his partner in crime, Tara Lipinski. Together, the dynamic duo handled backstage interviews with athletes, and of course, they dished on fashion. Weir, usually known for his eccentric style, was relatively subdued, wearing a black and white jacket (OK, yes, there was a little bling by his neckline.) He did, however, wear sweatpants, saying, “It’s very sporty tonight and I wanted to be as sporty as I could.” Weir said it was difficult to watch the men’s event in Sochi as he had hoped to be there as a competitor, but he thoroughly enjoyed working in TV with Lipinski and said, “I hope I can be a part of NBC and NBC Sports Network for a very long time.”

To tide us over until the broadcast, here’s a bunch of pics that make me wish it was Monday NOW. Which has to be a first.

Johnny: Best of the U.S.
Part 1: The Red Carpet.

Via Johnny’s Instagram: “Today’s Look: 
Shirt and Leathers @rag_bone, 
Blazer @RRodriguezStyle, Neck @vincecamuto, 
Wedge @RICKOWENSONLINE, Watch @chopard”

Via US Figure Skating: “First on the red carpet 
is none other than @JohnnyGWeir!” 
(OMG I posted a USFS tweet here. 
BRB lighting candles for myself...)

Via US Olympic Team: “The fabulous @JohnnyGWeir 
has arrived on the red carpet to welcome athletes”

Via @OlympicProps: 
“Johnny Weir at Best of USA”

Via @AndrewPowaleny: “So, this was random. 
Ran into Johnny Weir tonight in DC.”

Via @invincibleautumn: 
“Thoughts on Johnny’s outfit?” 
The reply: “Love the wedges.” Yep.

Joined by his lovely and beloved 
partner in crime, Tara Lipinski.
Via @roxscott: “Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski 
looking fabulous on red carpet at #BestofUS”

Via Getty.

Via @Dispatch_Nick: “@taralipinski and 
Johnny Weir takin’ a stroll down the red carpet 
at the #BestofUS awards tonight.”

Via @invincibleautumn: 
“Oh hi, Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski.”

Via @TaraAndJohnny’s Instagram: 
Before accessorizing with microphones, 
Johnny and Tara offer a little song and dance 
on the red carpet. Video link.

Part 2: Werking Those Interviews.

Via @ashmedmonds: “.@taralipinski thanks 
for smiling at me and @YouGotSprung tonight! 
You & @JohnnyGWeir look fierce!!”

Via Tara Lipinski: “Doing our thing @johnnygweir 
Tune into @nbcsports Monday night! #taraandjohnny”
Here they chat with Noelle Pikus-Pace, 
Sochi silver medalist in women’s skeleton racing.

Johnny interviewing Jason Brown.
Via Brianne McLaughlin, member of the 
US women’s hockey team that won silver in Sochi: 
“@JohnnyGWeir MVP of the #BestofUS hilarious”

Via Sarah Hughes: “@irokdamic accepting 
the USG Building Dream Award @USOlympic #BestOfUS! 
@jasonbskates @JohnnyGWeir @USFigureSkating”

Via @luglio: “WOW!! Great pics! Thank you!! 
RT @jasonbskates @jasonbskates 
that just happened!!! You go!!”

Via @OlympicProps: “#Bestofus @usolympic 
Best Moment of Olympics is ...Noelle Pikus-Pace.”

Via @TunchiSays: “This one is for you @KTgarza 
because I know how much you love Johnny Weir”

Part 3: Stylish Selfies.

Via @coltenwardhall: 
“Olympians, Olympians everywhere! #TeamUSA”

Via @ShoreErrands: “@ShoreErrands 
meets @JohnnyGWeir #BestofUS”

UPDATE! Via @kels014: “I’ve always wanted 
to meet @taralipinski! Thank you so much 
for taking the picture! @johnnygweir 
you looked fabulous!”

Via @brianjufl, who saved 
his best pic for last: “And, of course, 
the incomparable @johnnygweir #bestofus”

Via Hilary Knight, US Women’s Hockey team member: 
“Had to get a pic with these two #bestofus”

Via Johnny’s Instagram: “Met the very wonderful 
@vernondavis85 tonight. My papa will be so proud.”

Via @hilary_phelps: “With the hilarious 
Johnny Weir at #BestofUS awards”

Via Alicia Agramonte: “Being Johnny Weir’s assistant 
is definitely one of the best moments in my career. 
Good night! :)

Via Aly Raisman, Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics: 
“My new best friend!!! I want him 
to be my stylist. @JohnnyGWeir”

Via Olympic speed skater Brittany Bowe: 
“With Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski 
after the #BestOfUS Awards Show”


The party’s over.
Via Johnny’s Instagram: 
“When your weave takes a tumble. 

Bonus fan vids!! Via Chinese fan @livia_1112_lesffy: 
你是坠落人间的小天使~ #坠落的天使 
#angel #johnnyweir @johnnygweir”
[”You are falling little angel ~ #fallen angel 
#angel #johnnyweir @johnnygweir”]
Always love to see Davey’s photos included.
Video link.

Also via @livia_1112_lesffy: 
[Hey, little angel♥”]
Video link.

And one more, via Johnny’s Instagram last week. 
Even when he falls, he’s mesmerizing. 
And beautifully embodies the music.
Video link.

ICYMI: Johnny plans to discuss his personal difficulties just once, 
in an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. 
The three-part interview is available at these links:

Johnny and Tara’s brilliant commentary 
segment from Late Night With Seth Meyers!
Video link.
Watch their interview with Seth here.

Johnny and Dora!!
Watch his spot over and over again 
here, here, or here!

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

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