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"This Is From My Heart"

Johnny at Elton John’s Oscar after-party.
Random photo via Getty.
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More pics below, including 
an exclusive photo series!

UPDATE!! Via the @TaraAndJohnny 
Instagram account on Friday. 
Can't wait for more details!!
Video link.

UPDATE!! Via Johnny on Friday: 

“Pant @GarrethPugh_Studio, 
Wedges @RickOwensOnline, Neck @joomilim, 
Bag @Prada, Glasses Super, Top Random”

Kayso Johnny’s off in LA doing mysterious things that apparently are required to be conducted in some kind of Cone of Silence, because after the deluge of Johnny media that went on for a solid month, from the start of the Olympics in early February through the Oscars at the beginning of March to his rave-review appearance on Seth Meyers last Friday, the sudden quiet is really....

...quiet. Except for those soft keening noises being made by some of us who find that even searching the Johnny tag on Tumblr cannot ease our serious Johnny withdrawal.

Fortunately we are rescued today by a series of exclusive photos from Sochi in which we get a peek inside the Iceberg Palace at the Dream Team doing their thing, by the final part of Johnny’s Russian interview, and also by additional random bits of multimedia that I unearthed in an idly desperate search for some kind of Johnny somewhere that’s new, or at least new to me, like how you dig through a box of animal crackers for the one shape you haven’t eaten yet and then when you find it, it tastes amazing and you fall in love with the whole concept of animal crackers all over again.

[Note to self: When the weekly blizzard here in Chiberia is over, go get more animal crackers.]

Anyway: Here’s a bunch of stuff with which to amuse ourselves whilst we wait for that ridiculous rumor that he’s signed to do Celebrity Apprentice—a rumor immediately denied by his management when it first appeared—to please stop replicating itself and just crawl back up into its nest deep inside Donald Trump’s overblown ego weave and hairspray. 

But first, in case you missed the announcement last week by The Hollywood Reporter:

The Sochi Olympics’ breakout star has landed a huge move.

Johnny Weir has signed with CAA, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. In a Winter Games that lacked compelling personalities among the American competitors, the Olympian-turned-figure skating analyst stole the spotlight with his witty analysis and fearless looks.

Aligning with powerhouse CAA, which will represent him in all areas, puts Weir in an ideal position for even more opportunities in Hollywood and beyond.

Congratulations, Johnny!! So excited to see what’s next for you!

UPDATE!! Via Johnny on Thursday: 
“Today’s Look: Birkin, Wedges @RICKOWENSONLINE, 
Jeans Superfine, Top goth_ik, Glasses Super”

Via Johnny on Wednesday: 
“Today’s Look: Glasses Super, Neck @joomilim, 
Top @uniqloUSA, Denim @JBrandJeans, 
Shoes @louboutinworld #farm”

Random Sochi Photo Series:
The Dream Team at Work.

Exclusive photos © Elena Vasileva.
Please click any photo twice for larger view. 
More from this series coming soon!

Saturday, 02-08-2014.
Team Event: 
Johnny and Tara’s first live broadcast.

Johnny and Tara arrive at the Iceberg Palace 
and head for their stations in the crowded broadcast area.
or OOTD, as it soon came to be known.

Sunday, 02-09-2014.
Team Event commentary, Day 2.
Refresher: Johnny’s OOTD.

The uniquely elegant Mr. Weir 
departing the Iceberg Palace.

Monday, 02-17-2014.
Ice Dance Free Dance commentary.
Refresher: Johnny’s OOTD.

Johnny and Vasya: Part 3

Read Part 1 of the interview here, and Part 2 here
Today in Part 3: Johnny talks about 
his lifelong love of Russia.

Translated by Tatiana Edrenkina.

Johnny with journalist Vasily Solovyov, 
from Vasya’s Facebook page.

Vasily Solovyov: I’ve got an interesting question. It’s not a secret that you come here every day with a new hairdo, and every time it’s a work of art that I’m sure takes you a few hours to create. It is inconceivable to me. Yesterday you told me that your hair wasn’t just a hairdo—it had a political meaning.

Johnny: I wouldn’t call it political. But it was for Ukraine. I wore a braid yesterday especially for Ukraine and for the victims. I have many friends from Ukraine; my coach, Galina Zmievskaya, is from Odessa; and my husband’s parents are from Lvov and Kiev. I was in Ukraine just once, but I feel that it’s a catastrophe there. Of course, I’m an American and this hair is not too interesting and it won’t help, but it’s just a way to support.

VS: Do you understand what’s happening there? Because we don’t.

JW: I don’t understand everything, of course, but I’ve been watching BBC and CNN and I can see that it’s a catastrophe. I always support victims, either in Ukraine, or in Syria, or America. I’m always sensitive [pronounces the word in English, adding a Russian ending].

VS: Sensible. Or sensitive, as Mikhail is suggesting. You know, there’s Mikhail in the main studio, he knows English very well and he’s upset that we’re speaking Russian and not giving him a chance to translate.

JW: So I can speak English.

VS: There’s another question.

Yana: Vasya, please ask Johnny: he probably knows that some Ukrainian athletes yesterday and today withdrew from the competition as a sign of support for their country. What does he think about that? Athletes have always stayed out of politics. Do they behave in the right way now?

JW: Athletes should go all the way: they should skate, they should ski, they should compete. Whether you have one chance or a million chances at the Olympics, you should do it for Ukraine. I skate every day with my friend, Natasha Popova from Ukraine. She doesn’t live in the Ukraine and she’s returning back to the USA today. I know it’s a very serious problem because there are friends, parents, grandmothers, and I think that it’s important to be in Ukraine. After the competition. It’s important to get medals for Ukraine.

VS: [addressing the hosts in the main studio]: My friends, do you have any other questions? Otherwise, we’ll exchange a couple of remarks and finish.

JW: Comrades, I’m sorry, I didn’t speak perfect Russian but I hope I did OK!

Yana: He has an incredible knowledge of Russian. Where does it come from?

JW: I love Russia so much. I don’t know why. I think it’s from childhood. My mother and my grandmother always used to say that Russia was “red”—that it was bad, this Soviet Union, and that I shouldn’t be learning the language. It was very interesting for me because I heard only bad things about it.

VS: So it was like when they say, “Don’t drink! Don’t smoke!” and you drink and smoke instead.

JW: Of course! And I love the history, the language, the culture, plus Russians have a very interesting style. I don’t know why, but I feel at home here. This is from my heart. Not from my head, not for business, nothing like that. I started writing the alphabet when I was very young and I was very afraid to speak because I make too many mistakes. I don’t know how to speak correctly, but I’m trying.

VS: There were so many bad things said about Sochi, about the Olympic Games. That we were not ready, that anything can happen in Russia, that there can be terrorist attacks here, that gay people are treated badly here. People were warned against going here, or it’d be bad. I’m trying to understand if it really sounded like this in the USA. Or do you talk about it much more than you do? What about you? Were you told not to come because the moment you’d leave the Olympic village, your fur coat would be stolen, you’d be hit in the head, and so forth?

JW: There is a very interesting approach to Russia in the USA. All news, all TV channels say that Russia is bad, they have anti-gay propaganda, black widows—terrorists from…

VS: From Chechnya, Abkhazia.

JW: Of course there are a lot of problems here, but at each Olympics, each country, either it is UK or China, always has problems. I’m so proud that Russia has created such a good Olympic Games. I’m very happy to be here, I’m quite satisfied that the competition here was—well, not bad, and that I’m here. Of course, I heard a lot of bad news about Russia from the USA, but I have never, even for a moment, thought that I shouldn’t go to the Olympic Games. I said, “I should be there, I should be in Russia, and on Instagram and on Twitter, I should say that Russia is the best country for the Olympic Games, it’s beautiful and everything’s good.” Because it’s true. Everything’s beautiful, everything’s good. I never experienced any problems here. I’m so happy that I was in Sochi at the Olympic Games!

VS: Can you hear what music has just begun playing here? Very sentimental. 17 Moments of Spring. Have you heard about this TV series about our spy?

JW: Of course.

Mikhail: Let us say something!

VS: Do you have any questions?

Mikhail:Yes, we do, but we’re not sure if you can hear us.

VS: I can hear you.

Mikhail: So please tell Johnny that I’m crying here and I’ve just wiped my tears. I want to tell him that I’m very grateful to him for coming to Sochi and becoming its true ornament. At least his hair is the best hair of the Olympic Games!

JW: Thank you!

VS: Thank you, friends! We’ll take a few pictures here, and you have a successful broadcast!

Mikhail: Thank you! Bye! So you see what interesting people came here, and it’s amazing…

Bonus Random Stuff.
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Some of these are also fabulously huge.

More Johnny at the Oscar red carpet...
Photo via Getty.

...and at the after-party.
Photo via Getty.

Johnny’s OOTD Tuesday: “Today’s Look: 
Bag @Prada, Jeans @HELMUTLANG, Glasses Tom Ford, 
Shirt Vintage, Neck @joomilim, Shoes Isabel Marant 

Johnny and Tara co-hosting the viewing party 
last Friday for the Paralympics Opening Ceremony.
Photo via their interview with Fitness Magazine.

On the red carpet at the viewing party 
Photo via this fab interview with SI Kids: 
A Quick Q&A with Sochi Stars Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski.
And don’t miss the accompanying slideshow, 
which includes fan art by the amazing @ayukovon!

Johnny and Tara during their recent appearance 
on Chelsea Lately, via Chelsea’s website

New via @TaraAndJohnny: 

And one more from the Oscars. 
Photo via Getty. 

And I hope that among all the amazing 
and well-earned opportunities Johnny has ahead of him  
are plenty of skating shows around the world
so all his fans, long-time and brand-new,
can see him do what only he can do 
on the ice.

Via Johnny: “One of my life’s happiest moments. 
St Louis circa 2006. Olympic Qualifying 
National Championships-Champion”

Very special thanks to Elena Vasileva 
for the exclusive photos, 
and to Tatiana Edrenkina 
for the interview translation!

ICYMI: Johnny and Tara’s brilliant commentary 
segment from Late Night With Seth Meyers!
Video link.
Watch their interview with Seth here.

Johnny and Dora!!
Watch his spot over and over again 
here, here, or here!

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

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Johnny’s latest column for the 
Falls Church News-Press.
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