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"The Best Johnny Decision NBC Has Made Since Carson"

They’re a hit! Articulate, knowledgeable, and hilarious 
commentary, and absolutely stunning on camera.
Photo via @TaraAndJohnny prior to their appearance 
on the Today Show this morning. 

Video clip below! 
Plus tons of pics!

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Yaaasssss! And well-deserved!

Johnny and Tara were the talk of Twitter all weekend, with rave reviews for both their commentary and Johnny’s fashion choices coming from everywhere, including celebs. Actress Julie Bowen—Claire Dunphy on Modern Family—was among those who could not get enough:

Which brings us to today’s Johnny Olympic Reading List. Love love love all the amazing social media and press coverage! Not that we doubted for a moment he’d be brilliant on NBC, but it’s lovely to have so much of the rest of the world along for the ride. The Twitter roundups in these articles are not to be missed:

Yahoo Sports: Where Did Johnny Weir Get That Fab Necklace?

Gawker: Ex-Skater Johnny Weir’s Fashion is About to Take Over the Olympics

NBC: Sochi’s Breakout Star: Johnny Weir’s Wardrobe

NY MagThe Cut: Johnny Weir Wears Big Ol’ Statement Necklace at Sochi

ElleJohnny Weir Does His Best Coco Chanel Impression at Sochi Olympics

Today ShowSlideshow — Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir Police Figure Skating Fashion

Huffington Post: Johnny Weir Takes Over The 2014 Olympics With His Outfits 

USA Today: Second-String Commentators Shining on NBC

CosmpolitanOf Course Johnny Weir's Sochi Wardrobe Is Perfection

E! Online: Johnny Weir's Wardrobe for His Winter Olympics Commentating Is on Point

Awww, from his hometown paper, Lancaster Online: Johnny Weir Making Olympic-size Fashion Statement

From the Daily Mail in the UK—a truly awesome writeup: ‘Johnny Weir’s outfit for gold medal!’ Former figure skater wins fans with flamboyant wardrobe during his Sochi commentary

And the best quotes of all, from Michelle Collins writing for Vanity Fair (see her tweet above): Sochi Games Weekend Recap: If Plushenko Were a Rock Star, He’d Be Triple Axel Rose.

One thing is certain about this weekend’s events: there was enough ice skating to keep even the Johnniest of Weirs on the edge of his pantsuit with delight. And speaking of Johnny Weir, has there ever been a more fabulous NBC commentator?

His outfits are to die for and his skin is made of the whispered secrets of ghosts. This is the best Johnny decision NBC has made since Carson.

More Updates 
from Our Continuing Series: 
How to Olympic 
With Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski

Today’s Episode: 
Johnny and Tara Take Over the World,
Beginning With Instagram

Day 1. Saturday, February 8.

Via Johnny: “Today’s look: Thank you @joomilim 
@sandro_us, RIA LA, @BPCM and @louboutinworld! 
Also rocking my Russian braid!”

Via Johnny: “Show us your #sochiselfie! 
Here’s mine! @nbcolympics”

Via Johnny: “The official @nbcolympics Sochi mascot, 
our girl Mittens. #SochiPup”

Via Johnny: “Me and @taralipinski are taking over 
the @nbcolympics Instagram! Follow us during our 
first Olympics as commentators!”

Via NBCOlympics: “Good Morning! A day in the life 
of our first day of work! We’re taking over this 
instagram account for the day. I spy our play by play 
partner Terry Gannon! #taraandjohnny 
#Sochi2014 #NBCOlympics”

Via NBCOlympics: “A Johnny and Tara moment. 
Seaside thinking. Predicting results for tonight’s team event. 
Live on us #taraandjohnny 
#Sochi2014 #NBCOlympics”

Via NBCOlympics: “A walk by the sea. 
Waking up the mamas back in the US to check in! 
#taraandjohnny #Sochi2014 #NBCOlympics”

Via NBCOlympics: “I took Tara for a traditional 
Russian lunch and of course she ordered pizza 
and pancakes Blinis for lunch! #taraandjohnny 
#Sochi2014 #NBCOlympics”

Via NBCOlympics: “Tune in tonight for our first Olympics 
behind the microphone starting at 8pm ET. 
Being on the glitter #taraandjohnny 
#Sochi2014 #NBCOlympics”

Live on the air! Via @thebigoh: 
“Suck on that (ring) Russia! #johnnyweir 
#sochi #gay #olympics #figureskating #love” 
His ring generated a LOT of Internet comment, 
including the suggestion from Buzzfeed 
that it should have its own Tumblr.

Backstage! Via @sam_litoff: “Caught today @johnnygweir ! 
America’s three-time champion in figure skating”

Via Tara: “After work drinks 
@johnnygweir @taraandjohnny”

Via @TaraAndJohnny: “First day of work in the books 
@johnnygweir @taralipinski”

And for all of us who miss 
Viacheslav Romanov so desperately... 
Via NBCOlympics: “Me and my translator #taraandjohnny 
Thank you all for the kind comments and likes today! 
Continue to follow us at @taralipinski & 
@johnnygweir and @taraandjohnny!”

Day 2. Sunday, February 9.

Via Johnny: “Today’s look. Thank you 
@ericksonbeamon, RAI LA, 

Via Johnny: “My rings today! Cheburashka ring 
by @kerinrosegold and matryoshka in rose gold 
by @mashamitroshina. Love you girls!”

And we’re live on the air again! 
Via @travisdobry: “Fabulous 
#Johnnyweir #diva”

Via @lmf513: “I’m 95% sure my grandma 
wore the exact same outfit to my sisters sweet 16. 
Not hating, she was a hip, hip lady 
#sochi2014 #johnnyweir”

Via @rddhtt523: “Gay gay gay gay gay 
and in Russia... yea #JohnnyWeir!”

Via @halstedvodka: “The GOLD Medal for Best Dressed 
at #Sochi2014 goes to Johnny Weir! Bravo, Johnny! 
#lgbt #sochi2014 #gaypride #principal6 #figureskating 
#johnnyweir #glbt #loveislove #equality #goldmedal”

Which brings us to today, and also Today:

Via Tara: “Watch @Johnnygweir and I 
on @klgandhoda at 10:20 this morning! 
@todayshow @taraandjohnny”

Via @taraandjohnny: “Watch us on @klgandhoda 
at 10:20 this morning!”

Almost broadcast time! Via Johnny: 
“Today’s look and two flames: Billy Reid NYC jacket, 
@joomilim necklace, RAI LA leather leggings 
and @RICKOWENSONLINE wedges.” 
Love his sense of humor always.

Video!! And here they are on Today
The best figure skating commentary team there is! 

More info on Johnny’s official website!

Johnny and Dora!!
Watch his spot over and over again 
here, here, or here!

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

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