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Pre-Oscar Multimedia Roundup and Blogoversary!

Beautiful Johnny 
at the free dance event in Sochi. 
Photo © Jeffrey Swinger for USA Today Sports. 
Please be sure to click twice for full-size image.

More pics and new vids below!

Get ready for Johnny 
at the Oscars!

Visit Johnny’s official website
for the schedule of all 
his upcoming TV appearances!

UPDATE!! Johnny & Tara on the Oscars red carpet! 
Tara says they chose an “Angel Theme,” 
and Johnny is the “best date ever.” 
Photo via Getty.

UPDATE!! And their after-party look. 
From “angels to demons,” as Johnny explained 
in this excellent interview with Vanity Fair. 
Gorgeous and sultry!
Photo via Getty.

UPDATE!! Angel to demon. Love the backless look.
Photos via Getty.

Videos of Johnny’s Oscar fashion commentary 
now available on Johnny’s official website!

ICYMI: Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons did a 
hilarious parody tribute to Johnny on SNL! 
Video here; Johnny segment begins at about 3:20.

Here is obviously the only thing we really care about today:

Johnny’s Oscar TV Schedule

Friday, February 28: He’s on Access Hollywood Live AND Access Hollywood. Both are on NBC in most cities; Access Hollywood Live usually airs in the morning or early afternoon, while Access Hollywood airs later.

Saturday and Sunday, March 1–2: REMINDER: Johnny is NOT broadcasting live from the Oscars on Sunday. His fashion critiques will air Monday (see below). So he has no appearances that I know of on the weekend, though Access Hollywood’s weekend editions may have some repackaged video from earlier in the week.

Monday, March 3: He’ll be on both Access Hollywood Live AND Access Hollywood again with all the scoop on the Oscar red carpet. And he’s also scheduled to be live on the Today Show with post-Oscar coverage!

Post-Oscars UPDATE: Friday, March 7: Johnny is scheduled to be a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers (wow!).

Please check back frequently for updates here 
and on Johnny’s official website!

And catch up on all the tremendous media coverage 
on his website also! I especially love this Q and A with 
the legendary Dick Button, who has some high praise for Johnny.

Our New Continuing Series:
Johnny and Tara 
Out-tinsel Tinseltown

(Yep, still working on a title...)

Sunday, March 2.
Oscar Day!

Via @TaraAndJohnny: “Oscar morning! 
So excited to get glam with my little love bug 
and partner in crime!”

Saturday, March 1.

Via Johnny: “I miss my Volvo!”

Via Access Hollywood: “Get ready! #TaraLipinski 
& #JohnnyWeir will head to the #Oscars on 
Sunday night, covering fashion for @accesshollywood ... 
Log on to on Sunday 
for a sneak peek and catch our shows 
@accesshollywoodlive and @accesshollywood on Monday 
to see all their fun and insightful commentary!”

Friday, February 28.

Via Johnny: “Today’s Look: Blazer Cynthia Vincent, 
Denim by Hudson, Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.” 
See a closeup of those amazing shoes below!

Johnny and Tara during their appearance
 on Access Hollywood Live Friday morning.
Via Access Hollywood Live: “Outfit coordination from 
@taralipinski & @johnnygweir backstage 
at @accesshollywoodlive #oscars”

Via Access Hollywood Live: “Dynamic style duo 
Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir stop by to dish 
on the #Oscars fashion coverage they will be doing 
for @accesshollywood - tune in Monday for 
all the best (and worst!) looks!”

Via @TwelfthStreet: “The adorable @TaraandJohnny 
in our diamond scarf print tuxedo blazer & pant. 
Styled by @AllowitzStyle. @LiveAccess”

Via Access Hollywood Live: “Look who recorded 
a video just for our @accesshollywoodlive viewers — 
@johnnygweir & @taralipinski ... They are here to talk about 
the #Oscars ... They’ll be our @accesshollywood 
fashion guest correspondents on Sunday!”

Johnny’s shoes for Access Hollywood Live! 
Via @accesshollywoodstyle.

Via Johnny early this morning: 
“Hair and make-up secrets. 
Blazer by @Indashio #depuff #mirrorselfie”

Yahoo Celebrity names Jimmy Fallon the 
and the runners-up: Johnny and Tara!
“The dazzling figure skating duo magically were among 
the biggest winners of the Winter Olympics in Sochi … 
and they weren’t even competing! Lipinski, 31, who happens 
to be a 1998 Olympic gold medalist herself, 
and Weir, 29, also a former Olympian, made tuning in
for the live coverage of their sport 
a special, whimsical fashion-filled treat.” 
Read the full article here!

(See more here.)

Here are the three looks Johnny and Tara considered when doing their shopping at Decades. Read about what they’re wearing and vote for your favorite at People Mag’s StyleWatch! All three pics from Access Hollywood’s Instagram.

Via @smoorehardy: “Oscar Week: 
Making Weir & Lipinski TV Magic...” 
See more from Johnny’s Oscar 
shopping day on this post!

Johnny and Tara’s quest for the perfect Oscar looks 
will be featured on both Access Hollywood Live 
and Access Hollywood today!

Johnny and Vasya: Part 2

Read Part 1 of the interview here
Johnny and Vasya spoke on the day of the ladies free skate 
competition, so here in Part 2, Johnny offers his thoughts 
on the ladies short program performances. 
Coming up in Part 3: Johnny talks about 
his lifelong love of Russia.

Translated by Tatiana Edrenkina.

Johnny with journalist Vasily Solovyov, 
from Vasya’s Facebook page.

Vasily Solovyov: I heard that you were very upset because of Yulia Lipnitskaya, that she fell and she couldn’t compete with the leaders. Do you support only her, or do you have other favorites?

Johnny: Well, Lipnitskaya is my favorite skater.

VS: Why?

JW: She’s young, of course, but she wants… she knows what she wants to do. Just like Tara Lipinski. It’s not right to think, “She’s too young, she can’t skate, she can’t medal.” She can. She can do everything. It’s very interesting to see her skating. Very interesting costumes, programs, everything is smart and beautiful. Tutberidze [Yulia’s coach] made a fantastic package, a gift for us. She can jump, spin, do the footwork. Everything is beautiful in her program. And she has ice within her.

VS: Ice? She doesn’t feel anything?

JW: She’s cool. Her blood is like ice.

VS: What about Adelina?

JW: Adelina was fantastic during her short program!

VS: Johnny, it’s not interesting! You say, “Oh, this one is so beautiful and that one is even better!” about everyone! Say something bad. Here in Russia, we love when somebody says, “No, it’s no go! Yuna Kim is worth nothing, nobody’s worth anything.”

JW: I think the judges were right yesterday. Yuna Kim is good, but she didn’t skate as a star yesterday. She wasn’t like in Vancouver, when between first and second place there were five or ten points. It’s very good that she, Adelina, and Carolina all scored 74 points. It’s very good because there’s a chance for Lipnitskaya, Kim, Sotnikova. Yuna lost, of course. It was beautiful, but not very interesting. Good costume, good color, but she was cold.

VS: Cold in a bad sense, not like Lipnitskaya?

JW: Lipnitskaya has a soul, and Yuna, for me, didn’t have it. She just wants to skate.

VS: What about Mao Asada? Was she put too far from the top for her skating, or was it fair?

JW: I don’t believe she can do a triple axel at the competition. I don’t believe she’s ready. I don’t know why, but I have this feeling. When I watched her program at the practice, I could see that she’s an old girl already. She’s not old, of course. But she doesn’t want to skate. Just like Yuna Kim, but Yuna tried and did everything. Mao Asada doesn’t have the right attitude right now. I don’t know why. She’s good; she can do everything. I don’t know why, but I think it’s all in her head. Not in her heart, but in her head.

Johnny with Tara Lipinski and Terry Gannon 
in the crowded broadcast area for the team event. 
Photo © Diego Jimenez via Flickr.
Please click twice for wonderfully 
huge full-size image!

Yet More Video Heaven

Yes! Four more new vids to add to your playlist of fabulosity:

Johnny Weir, Access Hollywood, 2/27/14

Johnny Weir on Chelsea Lately, 2/26/14

Johnny Weir, Access Hollywood Promo 2

Billy Bush on Hiring Johnny Weir for Oscars Coverage

Previously listed here and here:

Johnny Weir’s Sochi Closet

Johnny Weir in Primetime: Ladies Results

Johnny Weir, Best of Commentary

Johnny Weir, Access Hollywood Weekend — a wonderful long-ish interview

Johnny Weir, Balance

Johnny Weir, Deserted Island Must-Haves

Johnny Weir, Primetime with Bob Costas

Johnny Weir’s Fashion

Johnny Weir, Ladies’ Preview, Today

Johnny Weir, Bay Area NBC

Johnny Weir, Tennis, Today

Johnny Weir, Access Hollywood, 02-20-2014

Johnny Weir, Bob Costas 02-20-14

One more...
Photo © Jeffrey Swinger 
for USA Today Sports.

Happy 4th Blogoversary to me!! 

Revisit the post that started it all here!

Dearest Johnny, 
thank you for an amazing nonstop ride! 
You have been a beautiful daily inspiration to me 
for four years and counting. 
I’m so excited to see more people discovering you 
every day, so happy to help introduce your 
extraordinary career and beautiful self to new readers, 
and always, always so proud to be your fan.

Very special thanks to
Tatiana Edrenkina and Jenn Kittler 
for the translation and videos!

Johnny and Dora!!
Watch his spot over and over again 
here, here, or here!

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

Also on the blog:
“Random Tuesday Roundup, Or: Is It Summer Yet?”
Gorgeous sun-drenched Johnny picspam, 
for those of us who prefer our winter 
a little less... wintry. 
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.
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“Because It’s Glorious.”
A look back at Johnny’s first national title 
and his thoughts on Nationals, accompanied by 
20+ exquisite black-and-white portraits.
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25+ exclusive pics of Johnny
performing Army of Me.
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Fans react to Johnny’s graceful exit 
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25+ exclusive photos of Johnny’s 
Sun Valley rehearsal.
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“Dear Johnny...”
Selected black-and-white photos of Johnny’s 
hauntingly beautiful Schindler’s List debut.
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

Johnny’s latest column for the 
Falls Church News-Press.
His columns are published every Thursday 
in the “National Commentary“ 
section—don’t miss a single one! 

A number of Johnny’s auction items 
have been relistedwhich means if you missed out 
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