Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let the Games Begin!

Johnny and his beloved Vancouver 2010 roommate 
Tanith Belbin, reunited in Sochi! 
Photobomber is NBC commentator Sandra Bezic. 
Via Tanith: “Ran into a few familiar faces 
today here at the IBC! @SandraBezic 
@JohnnyGWeir #SochieSelfie” 
Tanith is slated to do segments for 

At last: Johnny’s 4CC commentary!
Ladies’ here, men’s here. Enjoy!

UPDATE!! And clarification of Johnny and Tara’s 
live coverage duties at last, via Tara: 
“Test test position 
but not live til Saturday. Get ready! 
@johnnygweir @taraandjohnny”

I believe this means they’ll be live on NBC Sports Network
this Saturday, beginning at 9:30 am EST, for 
Team Event coverage! See NBC Olympics broadcast 
schedule here, and check your local listings.

UPDATE: Full live broadcast
schedule for the weekend now
posted on Johnny’s official website!

Keep coming back 
for more updates below!

Yes, let them begin!

And let me grab an accountant’s shade, pencils, some graph paper, a magnifying glass, 22 open tabs in Google Chrome, and possibly a rabbit’s foot to try to begin to figure out NBC’s coverage schedule and whether or not I’ll be lucky enough to actually be able to access all the livestreaming they say they’ll be doing of the figure skating events. Because Johnny and partner Tara Lipinski are expected to be calling the live stuff, while Scott Hamilton and Sandra Bezic have primetime recap duty in the evenings (note to self: schedule naps during evening hours for the next few weeks...)

Via Scott Hamilton: “Newest members of NBC Olympic 
Figure Skating coverage. Johnny’s going to help me 
w/ my hair! #SochiSelfie”

Dear NBC: It would be so much simpler if you just had a menu item on your website labeled “JOHNNY WEIR FANS CLICK HERE” that would take us to some kind of 24-hour webcam/livestream of all Johnny, all the time, including his commentary—preferably not confined only to skating.

But since they don’t, here’s the scoop, or at least what I can piece together via various sources:

Olympic figure skating begins with the all-new Team Event, and first up is the men’s short program at 7:30 pm Thursday in Sochi, which is 10:30 am Thursday EST. See handy schedule from US Figure Skating’s Facebook page (yes, I know. I actually just linked to them. I’ve even retweeted them a few times. Anything for Johnny):

As noted in the graphic, the men’s and pairs’ SPs are being livestreamed on ONLY. They will NOT be carried live on NBC or NBC Sports Network. 

The first live coverage on TV is scheduled for this Saturday, 9:30 am EST, with the Team Event short dance, for which Johnny and Tara are expected to provide commentary. You can check the Olympic TV coverage for your area and cable provider here.

The NBC Olympics figure skating info page is here.

The NBC livestream is here.

UPDATE: Team event livestream here!

Instructions for watching the NBC livestream are here

tl;dr: Basically you have to be a cable subscriber in order to unlock the livestream. OK then.

Other livestreams may be available, but only NBC will carry Johnny’s commentary (which I’m hoping will be included in the NBC livestreams as well as the live TV broadcasts, though IDK. [UPDATE: No Johnny on the livestream. Yes Johnny on TV this Saturday! See above.]). Obviously his analysis is vital for full, in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the skaters’ performances, scoring, and whether or not those sleeves really work with that ensemble...

Cannot. Wait.

Via Johnny: “Coffee Talk. 
@ Олимпийский парк / Sochi Olympic Park”

UPDATE: The awesome Jackie Wong has a complete rundown 
of Oly figure skating coverage and broadcast times here.

More Updates 
from Our Continuing Series: 
How to Olympic 
With Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski

Be sure to follow Johnny and Tara’s 
for all their behind-the-scenes tidbits!

Thursday, 02-06-2014.

Via Johnny: “Bathroom break. 
@tara_lipinski @tara_lipinski #dance”
Love this.

Via Johnny: “With the legendary, 
Tatiana Anatolievna Tarasova and @konechnovasya! 
Preparing for the team event! #favoritepeople”

Via Canadian reporter @sonalikarnick on Twitter: 
“Just ran into @JohnnyGWeir outside 
the #Sochi Ice Palace. #fanmoment” 

Wednesday, 02-05-2014.

Via Johnny: “So happy we got to say hi to 
@plushenkoofficial after his practice and wish him luck. 
@taralipinski @taraandjohnny 
@ Дворец зимнего спорта «Айсберг» / Iceberg Skating Palace”

Tuesday, 02-04-2014

Via Tara and Johnny on Instagram: 
“We were feeling very Russian today #Sochi2014 ~T”

Via Tara L.: “Feeling at home 
@johnnygweir lmc6188 #sochi2014 
@ Олимпийский парк / Sochi Olympic Park”

Olympic Reading List

(1) Excellent new interview from Sochi Olympics: Johnny Weir Plans to Make a Statement Against Russia’s Anti-Gay Law by Being Himself


He is going to Sochi as Johnny Weir, and to make that clear, listen as he describes his wardrobe for his job as an NBC figure skating analyst. It will, he insists, be a “cross between Coco Chanel and Brooks Brothers” with a hint of “Stanley Tucci’s character in the Hunger Games without the blue hair.”

So no, Weir is not going to dial back who he is just because the Olympics are in Russia, a country that has timed its disgusting attack on gay rights to coincide with its moment in the international spotlight.

He is going to be the same figure skater who named his sequined red glove Camille – “two Ls!” – and blamed it for his poor performances. He is going to be the same person who matched his flamboyant routines with some of the most outrageous quotes in Olympic history.

But, for many in the gay community, Johnny being Johnny is not enough. ...

Which is why, as the Games begin this week, few non-competing Americans will face more scrutiny. Weir knows who he is, and he isn’t the type of person to make bold political statements. ...

Does Weir, at a crucial moment in the history of gay rights, owe it to the movement to do more to further the cause? ...

Or will people recognize that the right not to speak is just as important a foundation of this country? Because Johnny being Johnny already is a pretty good statement for the gay community.

(2) Тёма’s on Buzzfeed! 17 Photos Of The Furry Faces Olympians Have To Leave At Home. At #7: A pic from Johnny’s Instagram with the caption: “Johnny Weir-Voronov’s pup is a good example when it comes to getting enough sleep.”

(3) Lol-worthy must-read: An Internet Guide to Olympic Figure Skating Fandom. Heavy on Johnny-Evan drama from past years, this perfect piece subtly illustrates the difference between the two with these gifs:

And also includes this Johnny-Stéphane adorableness:

As well as these gems:

Things to watch out for at Sochi:

• Commentators mistaking one of Team USA’s blonde, sylphlike ladies for one of Team USA’s other blonde, sylphlike ladies. (The trick to remembering them is: Gracie Gold won the gold, Polina Edmund looks about ten, and Ashley Wagner is the other one.)

• Johnny Weir’s preposterously glamorous Instagram selfies.

(4) UPDATE! Another one to read: Johnny Weir’s Travel Guide to Russia. In an interview with USA Today’s Nancy Armour, the “American boy with a Russian soul” tells us his favorite places to eat, stay, visit, and, of course, to shop, in his beleaguered, beloved adopted country.

And one more, especially for #ThrowbackThursday 
via Junko Mi: “We love Johnny 2010 Vancouver Olympic” 
Yes, we do. Always.

ICYMI (or in case you need to see it again and again and again):
Johnny’s episode of Say Yes to the Dress 
is scheduled to air on TLC this Friday, February 7, 7:30 pm EST, 
and again on Saturday, February 8, 2:30 am EST 
(check local listings). Set those DVRs!!

More info on Johnny’s official website!

Johnny and Dora!!
Watch his spot over and over again 
here, here, or here!

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

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Maggie Strasser said...

"Dear NBC: It would be so much simpler if you just had a menu item on your website labeled “JOHNNY WEIR FANS CLICK HERE” that would take us to some kind of 24-hour webcam/livestream of all Johnny, all the time, including his commentary—preferably not confined only to skating."

Oh, I would so love to tweet that to NBC. Looking forward to watching whenever I can. What a time in my life not to have a DVR!

Of course, I know that if anything Johnny/Sochi related can legally be linked, uploaded, attached in any way; I'll be sure to find it here. :)

aaaack said...

Here's hoping that all this polar weather will migrate to Sochi!

Note that all those Russian anti-gay laws are a sign of political and social weakness and of knuckling to backwards extremists, instead of a sign of strength, unity, and progress.