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"I'm Kind of a Tchotchke"

Johnny during his interview with the BBC, 
part of a documentary titled “Dan Snow’s 
History of the Winter Olympics.” 
More screencaps 
plus video AND transcript below!

UPDATE: Follow Johnny and Tara Lipinski on their new Instagram account! Where they are having waaay too much fun posting videos from Sochi, as you’ll see when you scroll down...

UPDATE from Sochi! Via Johnny: 
“Wilderness. @ Каток на Роза Хутор

More Sochi updates below!

Kayso I’m supposed to be on hiatus because I have this monumental project going on that has basically eaten my life, but there’s so much Johnnyness happening that I couldn’t bear to not blog every bit of it so here you go:

(1) He’s commenting on 4CC today at 4:30 pm EST on NBC! Check local listings and don’t miss it!

(2) He’s on the cover of Newsweek!

In a fascinating piece on the deeply closeted environment of male figure skating in the US, Johnny serves as a testament to the power of being himself despite disapproval from the skating Powers That Be. A must-read with some excellent quotes from Welcome to My World.

(3) He’s also featured on BuzzFeed, in an even longer but well-done discussion of the ice skating closet. With some really appalling quotes by an anonymous coach, plus Johnny pics and a Johnny gif:

(4) And he’s also in the February 10 edition of People Magazine, on newsstands now! (Christie Brinkley is on the cover.) A Johnny Q-and-A is included in People’s special “Olympic Insider” section:

Please click twice for readable view.

(5) And at last, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: his portion of the BBC Winter Olympics documentary. Of his segment, a reviewer for The Arts Desk wrote:

American figure skater Johnny Weir spoke with quiet dignity and intelligence about his sport and the broader political context in which he will be participating in Sochi. He revealed that in Russia, as a skater, he is admired because Russians believe it’s a manly sport, but as a gay man people like Putin revile him. He’s an interesting guy — fluent Russian speaker, married to a Russian and opposed to a boycott of the Games — and worth an hour to himself.

Video below following thse brief but fabulous screencaps!

(I really love the BBC, but it’s “Johnny,” not “Jonny,” 
“Once an Olympian, Always an Olympian. 
Never Former; Never Past.”® 
In any case, how amazing does he look!)

Surprise Born This Way sparklecrotch costume, 
from an interesting angle.

With his beloved Тёма.

Explaining that from the outside, 
figure skating looks very... “gay.”

His skates.

His Most Benevolent Lordship, Sir Sparkles-a-Lot. 
Since we’re being British.

Video!! Also available here
beginning at about 51:32 
(but may be geoblocked), or here.


Dan Snow: I wonder if the Lunns [a British family who played a significant role in the Games during the  20th century] could get their heads around the threat of a boycott of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games because of anti-gay legislation just passed in Russia?

Johnny: I am an American Olympic figure skater. I’m a very—a very flamboyant gay man, if you couldn’t tell. I am an athlete, I’m a husband, I’m a father to a beautiful puppy.

DS: Sport and politics are intrinsically linked—unless, as Lord Carrington said, you’re living in a dream world. Sexual orientation is the battleground this time, and RUssia’s attitude to homosexuals the focus for debate.

JW: [indistinct—Tatiana, please help me out!] Say hi to the BBC. Say hi to all the English people.

From the outside, figure skating looks very flamboyant, and very... “gay,” to, you know, much of the Western world and lots of our country. In Russia, a male figure skater is a man’s man.

Russia is a place that I’ve been obsessed with since I was very young, and to say I’m a Russophile is kind of an understatement. I speak the language, I’ve married one of their people.

When I go, I go to Russia as a celebrated athlete. I am treated very well. I’m kind of a tchotchke. I’m a pretty, cute... thing that sparkles and shines and dances and entertains people. And in Russia, that’s not threatening.

If I was going to Russia as a normal person, this is a time when I would have to rethink that. This is a time when I would be afraid.

The laws against gay people at the moment in Russia are terrible. What is so terrifying about me and my people that you want to deny us rights and liberty and the ability to live freely?

And I would ask the same thing of people that are against the gays in America.

But I—I’ll never stay away from Russia. Even if they don’t want me there, I’ll make them have me there. Unless they deny me a visa.

New Update Section!

How to Olympic
With Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski

Follow the dream team on Instagram! 
Johnny here, Tara here, Tara and Johnny here!

Via Johnny: "The mountains are so beautiful! 
So happy and grateful to be here. 
@ Роза Хутор Олимпия | Rosa Khutor Olimpia"

Via Johnny: "Practicing for team luge 
with coach Sasha. For a training video, 
follow @taraandjohnny on Instagram!"

Via Tara and Johnny on Instagram: 
"Luge practice #Sochi2014"

Via Johnny: “Post sauna selfie 
in my amazing @ericksonbeamon adornments! 
@ Spa SIBO”

Via Johnny: “Sochi Style 
with @tara_lipinski @taraandjohnny #sochi2014 
@ Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa”
Love these two together!

Via Tara L.: “Sing Along Saturdays 
@johnnygweir Оргкомитет «Сочи 2014» / 
Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee 
(P.S lovin my @imimposter vest...
might not take it off)”

Via Johnny: “First time in the Iceberg, 
at our media position! #sochi2014 #фигурноекатание 
@ Дворец зимнего спорта «Айсберг» / Iceberg Skating Palace”

Via Tara and Johnny: 
“Burnin off dinner #taraandjohnny 
@ Олимпийский паркSochi Olympic Park”

ICYMI (or in case you need to see it again and again and again):
Johnny’s episode of Say Yes to the Dress 
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Cannot. Wait.
More info on Johnny’s official website!

Johnny and Dora!!
Watch his spot over and over again 
here, here, or here!

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

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Johnny’s latest column for the 
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LauraL said...

Ooh! I loved the video...I don't even know where to start as I write this. I love how he presented himself; so eloquent, beautiful and humane. My heart cries for him every time he says this: "The laws against gay people at the moment in Russia are terrible. What is so terrifying about me and my people that you want to deny us rights and liberty and the ability to live freely?"

I thought it was disgraceful that his name was not spelled correctly! And indeed, also that "former" word ... these errors gave a bad impression on me about the BBC!:(

Tëma was sooooo cute! He was as calm and kind and endearing as I had imagined him to be in actual life. So photogenic little dog.:)))

One thing though. I had thought that this was a documentary about him, only about him. So I had expected it to be longer. But this is absolutely better than nothing.

I was so worried about him going to Sochi (because of the attacks against the gay people there), but now that he said that he is treated very well there, I am not so worried any more.

I still wonder what is going to be his "big news" and when he is going to announce them. Any idea anyone?:)

Thank you so much for the People magazine-scan Binky! Now I don't necessarily have to buy that issue.:)