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"The Best Forever"

Johnny and NBC partner in crime Tara Lipinski 
at the US Figure Skating Championships 
in Boston on Saturday. 
Via Tanith Belbin: “Peas in a pod.”

Video of their broadcast moments below!
Plus updated picspam, including 
a Johnny reference on The Colbert Report!

UPDATE! Be sure to watch Johnny and Tara L 
on ABC’s Katie with Katie Couric Wednesday,
 January 15, 3 pm EST (check local listings)!

Photo via Tara Lipinski: 
“My hair stylist, my venti latte drinking other half, 
my tv partner in crime and best thing of it friend. 
What a week! #Boston2014 @johnnygweir”

Be sure to watch this coming Saturday, 
January 18, 4 pm EST / 3 pm CST 
on NBC (check local listings)!

What a weekend! Let me just start by saying that’s the first Nationals I’ve watched since 2010, for obvious reasons but also due to my strict adherence to a complicated mathematical formula whose rules of calculation are shrouded in mystery and can bend like a spoon in The Matrix as needed, depending on my mood and whether or not I believe at any given time that there is no spoon, all deeply inspired by US Figure Skating’s own tantalizingly mystical relationship with math and rules and whimsy, but which can best be summed up by the shorthand formula No Johnny? Forget It, and its corollary: OMG There’s Going to Be Some Johnny? Quick, Set the DVR Now!

Anyway: Congratulations to the medalists; to those going on to the Olympics, Worlds, and 4CC; and to ALL the skaters at every level, whose demanding journeys earned them a trip to Nationals this year. You are all amazing and inspiring and have much to be proud of.

For me personally, the standouts were Jason Brown, who proved definitively all over again what Johnny’s legacy established: you don’t need a quad to bring a crowd to its feet in roaring appreciation—or to win a medal. Exquisite artistry, flawlessly executed, will do. And then some. Also Jeremy Abbott, who was the best of Jeremy in his final appearance at Nats, with unmatched maturity and polish. And Mirai Nagasu, for an incredible free skate that was everything that is great about Mirai. I can’t wait to see her exhibition performance, and I hope NBC will include the before-and-after standing ovations she received. Also loved Douglas Razzano and Ross Miner’s free skates: such emotion, beautifully expressed.

And OMG Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Skating royalty. Also really loved the Shib Sibs Michael Jackson free skate.

And of course I watched for those brief glimpses of Johnny and his cohort Tara L., who are adorable together and bring such a breath of fresh air to skating commentary that I feel like I can’t breathe at all when it’s those... other people. Very much looking forward to hearing Johnny’s and Tara’s insights during the exhibition broadcast this Saturday, and even more excited now for Sochi.

But I might as well say it, since we’re all thinking it:

The one thing that was achingly missing from this Nationals was Johnny on the ice.

That’s a hole in our hearts that can never, ever be filled. He is truly irreplaceable.

My dear friend Elena Vasileva said it best at the conclusion of the men’s long program:

Yes! We have video! Scroll your way down 
through the picspam to enjoy all three 
of Johnny’s broadcast moments from the weekend!

And ICYMI: more Nats coverage here!

The Weekend That Was

Via US Figure Skating: 
“@JohnnyGWeir and @Tara_Lipinski in the house!”
Plus bonus Patti!

Via @xxkenzieleexx: “Johnny Weir looking fabulous 
as always #nationals#boston2014” 
She also tweeted it: “@JohnnyGWeir I love you! 
You’re my idol!” In the background 
is longtime NBC skating announcer Sandra Bezic 
who is not my favorite and don’t even 
get me started on Scott Hamilton.

Via @ImAwful: “Hey @JohnnyGWeir 
loving the outfit, who are the shoes by? Gucci?”
See the shoes in question here.

Via @niane: “#Boston2014 Johnny Weir”

Johnny waits to take his seat in the 
broadcasting booth next to Tara L., already seated. 
The white-haired gentleman at the far end 
of the table is NBC announcer Tom Hammond.
Via @redmocd. 

On the air with NBC veteran Andrea Joyce! 
Via @alexandratreg: “Tara Lipinski and 
Johnny Weir doing their thing!”

Via @msjanicemorris: “It’s glorious/adorbs 
‘@HeatherZeller: Another look at Johnny Weir’s 
fashion statement. Furry bow tie included.’” 
(Historical note: Furry bow tie previously
marveled over during NYFW here.)

Via NBC Olympic’s Nick McCarvel: 
“These two skating stars just previewed 
the ladies free skate on @nbc #Boston2014 
CC @Tara_Lipinski @JohnnyGWeir”

Tara L. regrammed the photo and wrote: 
“Me and my bunny @johnnygweir Watch us on #NBC 
today at 3pm and 8pm EST This is our 1st Nationals 
together...hope you like us!”
We do!!

Via Michael Buckley: “With the beautiful 
@tara_lipinski and @johnnygweir backstage!”

ICYMI: Video tweeted Saturday by Johnny: 
“Meryl and Charlie inspire us. 
Watch out dancers! @taralipinski”

Via @JadenKCheng: “Oh hey 
@JohnnyGWeir @Tara_Lipinski”

Via @hayhayharreh: “Holla Johnny. 
We are to ur right. In the black sweater & the gold jacket. 
We have the fabulous shoes on @JohnnyGWeir”

Via @jamiemarich: “Johnny Weir is the 
best dressed human on the planet!”

On the air again with Andrea Joyce! 
Via Nick McCarvel: “A little backstage analysis 
from Andrea Joyce, @Tara_Lipinski and @JohnnyGWeir 
#Boston2014 cc @NBCOlympics”

Time for the Smuckers Skating Spectacular, 
for which Johnny and Tara L. had full commentary duties.
Via @legaleagle88: “Johnny Weir is getting Tara Lipinski’s hair 
camera ready. That’s Terry Gannon next to them.”

Via @cherisk8: “Johnny Weir looking good!” 
Same photo also tweeted by @LaurenLampiasi: 
“Check out this doll @JohnnyGWeir #loveit”

UPDATE! Johnny and Tara L under the bright lights
doing commentary duty at the gala, 
via @julianne83191.

Bonus skating moms! Via Kelly Rippon: 
“@pattimooreweir & I are practicing selfies 
& bragging about our wicked awesome sons 
@adaripp @johnnygweir” 
Love these amazing ladies.

Johnny and Tara L’s first segment 
during the live coverage Saturday afternoon, 
where they are introduced as the newest members
of the NBC broadcasting team. Yay!

Second segment, from Saturday night’s 
live broadcast of the ladies’ free skate.

Third segment, from Sunday’s live broadcast 
of the men’s free skate. Johnny is indeed 
the best-dressed human on the planet.

Bonus video from the exhibition! Via @mfgus: 
“@JohnnyGWeir @Tara_Lipinski caught one of your 
lighter moments—how can Tara still do that?! dancing!”
Video link.

Random Johnny Reference
on The Colbert Report

During “The Word” segment on his January 13 episode, Stephen Colbert worked in a shout-out to Johnny and a reference to the anti-gay propaganda laws in Russia. While discussing the inadvisability of ever ending any wars anywhere, Stephen noted: “Take that pussy, Napoleon: He retreats from Moscow, pretty soon Rasputin’s running wild, the Commies move in, Kruchshev bangs his shoe—next thing you know, Putin’s topless, and Johnny Weir can’t go to the Olympics.” (Although of course he IS going, as part of the NBC team, about which we continue to be thrilled. But point taken.)

Watch here, with Johnny reference beginning at about 09:54. Hat tip to fan Lauren Ashbaugh for the alert!

You may recall that Johnny and Stephen shared an awesome moment in 2010, several days after Johnny’s unforgettable Fallen Angel performance at the Vanvcouver Olympics:

Photos via Getty.

Random Bonus Pics 
For No Other Reason Than It’s Monday
and These Are of Johnny

Kayso the fun thing about wandering around the Internet looking for every scrap of Johnny-related photography you can possibly find is stumbling across stuff you inexplicably missed on previous such journeys...

Via @alexis_kanuha14: 
“Stay fierce this Christmas”

Via @gregorysatl: “@johnnygweir hanging out 
with @missmayakk @gregorysatl 
we just love him and his hubby! 
#fabulous #iceskater #fashion”

Via @laina_babi: 
“Johnny Weir and I #wednesday”

Via @megandelsey: 
“Johnny Weir! @johnnygweir @sunvalley”

And my favorite discovery: 
Johnny holding court at NYFW. 
Via @studiohavens: “@johnnygweir @theblondsny 
#nyfw #press #photographers #arrivals” 
More of this glorious look here.

Very special thanks to 
Jenn Kittler for the videos!!

Cannot. Wait.
More info on Johnny's official website!

So there was some confusion over this, 
as Nickelodeon tweeted that he was guest-starring 
along with Hilary Duff, but his portion is not actually 
in the episode itself. But you can watch his spot 
over and over again here, here, or here!

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

Also on the blog:
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“...That Boy With Wings on His Heart.”
Johnny, Fallen Angel, Vancouver 2010.
“The most beautiful performance I have ever seen. 
Inspired a young theater group in Brazil...” 
A poignantly uplifting story, now updated 
with a special postscript.

All of Him Is My Treasure.”
Fans react to Johnny’s graceful exit 
from competitive skating.
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.
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Johnny’s latest column for the 
Falls Church News-Press.
His columns are published every Thursday 
in the “National Commentary“ 
section—don’t miss a single one! 

A number of Johnny’s auction items 
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