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"A Little Sparkle Never Hurts!"

Johnny in his very sparkly spot
for Dora the Explorer’s “Ice Skating Spectacular,” 
which airs this coming Monday, November 25, 
at 7 pm EST / 6 pm EST on Nickelodeon. 
He looks amazing, even beyond the gorgeous costume!

UPDATE! Gif tweeted by Johnny: 
“Had such fun with @bethenny today! 
See our interview Thursday! Check your local listings! 
Bonus pic below!

So this is another one-hit wonder blog because Nickelodeon posted their video late last night promoting Johnny’s upcoming guest-star appearance on Dora and it was immediately obvious that we would need a ridiculous amount of screencaps squeezed from the barely 60 seconds of video provided to get us through until this thing actually airs and OMG it’s so cute that no one could even deal with it last night. Also it pleases me no end to see people tweeting about it with the hashtag #familyfriendly. We have long memories here in the Land of the Ice King.

And so while we roll around in this all day, Johnny will be spending part of his day taping his appearance on Bethenny.


Anyway, the Bethenny thing is scheduled to be broadcast this Thursday, November 21, and likely will be on Fox 5 in the NYC area at 11 am (in Chicagoland, on Fox 32 at 4 pm). Please check your local listings to be sure.

And I’ll be watching. Which goes against everything that is good and decent in humanity and nature and the universe. But, as always, my motto—“since because Johnny”—trumps everything. Sigh. I am, of course, riveted to see what he’ll wear, let alone to hear what he has to say....

Fortunately we don’t have to spend anymore time today dwelling in the Dark Place of Tightly Wound Talk Show Hosts Afflicted with Frozen Permagrin [update: well, OK, Johnny’s recommending that we move forward—see gif above—so I’ll try....], and can instead turn our attention to this video that is literally so sparkly it will leave you helplessly smiling against all reason the rest of the week—or at least until Thursday. Consider it an inoculation against the coming trials, especially since it’s incredibly amusing that not only is Dora a better skater than Bethenny ever was, she also cares more about learning how to be a better skater. And thus she and Johnny make a wonderful team as he helps her hone her skating skills so she can win in the skate-off against the Ice Witch!

Wait, Bethenny’s in this episode too...?

Screencaps first; video below!

Voiceover: “It’s Dora versus the Ice Witch 
in a spectacular skate-off! 
And Dora’s practicing hard.”
“The Ice Witch is a really great skater. 
Good thing I have a FABULOUS coach 
to help me get ready!”


“Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir!”

“OK, Dora!”

“Let’s try this again.”

“Leap —”

“— hug tight — turn —”

“ — land.”

“Like this!”

“That was AMAZING!”

“Thanks, Dora. 
Now YOU give it a shot!”

“OK, I’ll try!”

“Wow! That was UN-real!”

“Thanks, Johnny! I hope I’m ready.”


“Believe in yourself...”

“...have fun...”

“...and one last....”


“A little...”


“...never hurts!”

The video!! So cute!

New on Johnny’s website!

ICYMI: Instagram video by Johnny: 
“Memory lane with the incomparable Rudy Galindo. 
Sochi? #2006 #ManPair”

Very special thanks 
to Jenn Kittler 
for her invaluable help with screencaps!

Reminder: Johnny is commentating 
on all the Grand Prix events!! 
Tune in to NBC’s coverage of Grand Prix Russia
this Sunday, November 24
at 2 pm EST / 1 pm CST.

On Johnny’s website, 
linked to his retirement statement
Thank YOU, Johnny!

All four segments of Shigesato Itoi’s 
wonderful interview with Johnny are up:
Part One – Marriage 
Part Two – Balance
Part Three – Olympics
Part Four – Life
Plus a special message from Johnny 

about his retirement from competitive skating
is included at the end of Part Four.
Please go read it all now!

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Johnny’s latest column for the 
Falls Church News-Press.
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in the “National Commentary“ 
section—don’t miss a single one! 

I discovered recently that there are 
brief rehearsal clips of Johnny on my cell phone 
that I had totally forgotten I had. 
The footage is blurry and jumpy, but as I re-watched 
this one for the first time in months, I suddenly realized 
that that doesn’t really matter at all....
Video link.
International fans video link.

A number of Johnny’s auction items 
have been relistedwhich means if you missed out 
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At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
Order yours today from the Pop Star On Ice website!

Johnny tweeted:
“Buy my single,’Dirty Love’ via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
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