Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Random Tuesday Roundup

An oasis of gorgeous: Johnny at G Lounge. 
More pics below!

Oh hai!

So last week I was deeply embroiled in editing a long, lengthy book with lots of words that was really long and in no way repetitively redundantly repetitive in repeating its main points repetitiously, and when I was finally able to lift my eyes from its many many pages, I happened to notice the smoking ruins of democracy all around us courtesy of what Jon Stewart affectionately calls The Crazy People in Washington. And the smoke has only gotten thicker since then as The Crazy People maniacally careen their clown car straight toward the hellscape of Default, much to the horror of the entire rest of the world and also most of us crammed in the rusty horse trailer The Crazy People are towing behind them.

Fortunately yesterday, just as I was resolving to stop reading Twitter entirely because all the news tweets were seriously freaking me out, along came this pic of a BBC film crew setting up in Johnny's home:

Soon followed by:

Wait what? OMG YAY!! And then this:

I love this pic: Treasured photos on the table, 
the Japanese edition of Welcome to My World 
in the middle of the floor, a zillion shoes neatly stacked 
behind his skates, 
and Johnny’s unforgettable Fallen Angel costume 
from the 2010 Olys nestled in tissue in front of him. 
With his beloved puppy by his side.

So just as we were all desperately clamoring, “Where / when / how do we watch / listen / roll around in this?” came these wonderful Twitter exchanges with the BBC people (who also noted that we can tune into @bbc5live on October 17th for a preview, with the full broadcast coming on BBC-TV in January):

(See first photo above.)

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
“Touch O’ Class when your dealing with 
an amazing team from @bbcsports 
and @BBC5Live! Thank you!”

“See you in Sochi!”?? YES PLEASE. Whatever that means (which I hope will be thoroughly explored in the radio piece) IDEK but YES! (A number of us were hoping maybe it meant Johnny would be doing some commentating there, which then immediately led us to the exquisite thought of the fabulous Viacheslav Romanov sharing some of the commentary duties...) 

OK, so just to recap: Apparently the radio-interview portion of the day will air on BBC 5 Live next Thursday, October 17 (ironically that’s Default Day, so yay you can listen live right on their website just as civilization crumbles!), with the filmed documentary to be broadcast in early 2014. BBC 5 Live radio appears to air sports coverage in the evenings beginning at 7 pm London time, or 2 pm EDT, so here’s hoping we can all tune in next Thursday for the interview!

BTW speaking of Sochi and skating...

...Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu earned gold at Finlandia Trophy 
after performing an outstanding free skate 
in his beautiful new costume designed by Johnny.

Gorgeous detailing. 
Photos tweeted by @FabLio3.

Johnny also designed this costume 
for Eliška Březinová, 2012 Czech national champion 
and younger sister of Michal Brezina. 
Photo tweeted by Eliška: “Thank you so much 
 @johnnygweir for this great design of my dress!! :)

ICYMI: In our ongoing effort to shower Johnny with love because it makes us happy, fan Mimi Dzyacky shared this dazzling artwork on Johnny’s Facebook fan page:

She also wrote this heartfelt post. Love it.

Bonus Round: 
More from G Lounge 
and Your Celebrity Host

Photos via David Paul Kay’s Facebook page.

Johnny, G Lounge owner Michael McGrail, 
and artist David Paul Kay.

Johnny, David, Michael, and Eric Pietrangolare.

Johnny and Michael.

Columnist Michael Musto, 
Johnny, and Michael McGrail.

Johnny and Michael Musto.

David and Johnny with guests.

Michael, David, and Johnny.

Full coverage on the blog here. You’re welcome. :D

One more (those boots!)....

...plus an old favorite: 
Johnny with a framed Peter Jurik poster.

A touch of class indeed.

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aaaack said...

Johnny is probably in various stages of mourning from not competing, but we're still his fans and we're not going away.

Johnny the whole is much larger than the sum of his talent parts. Like one of those miniature solar systems, different aspects will shift back from view or forward into view.

Johnny's brand has never been about clawing his way to the top of a competition. His brand is about being true to oneself, expressing yourself freely, conveying beauty and grace, and feeling whole and beautiful. These things are immortal.