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With Your Celebrity Host, Johnny Weir

Johnny at G Lounge’s Sweet 16 birthday 
party in Chelsea last night, at which a 5,000-square-foot 
mural by artist David Paul Kay was unveiled. 
Photo posted to Instagram by G Lounge: 
“Strike a pose Johnny Weir! Celebrating G Lounge’s 
Sweet 16 and the unveiling of @davidpaulkay’s 
‘The Destination.’ Thanks to @andrewwerner 
for the photography!”

Re: recent reports in the press:

To all who have asked me re: news reports about Johnny being out of consideration for the Sochi Winter Games: 

In order to potentially qualify for the Olympic team, Johnny had to register by September 1 to compete in events that would lead to qualifying for the national championships, from which the Oly team is named. He also would need to compete in, I believe, at least one international event to get the international technical element scores required to be considered for the Oly team (arcane rules about points/scoring in competitive figure skating are not my forte, as many of you know!). Yesterday US Figure Skating confirmed to the Associated Press that he did NOT register for any competitive events by the September 1 deadline. This has exploded into a zillion media stories spun a zillion different ways, while Johnny himself has not responded to requests for comment. His tweet above says he’ll be making a statement soon. While I can readily accept that he might choose to bring his competitive career to a close to move on to brighter horizons, I await his statement in his own words to tell his fans what his plans are.

So today we move delightedly forward from recent .... unpleasantness, in the way one does when one witnesses multiple terrible and unfortunate social faux pas on the part of others, and we’re caught momentarily between expressing our utter horror at the abject baseness of such displays and the overwhelming desire to avert our gazes in witheringly icy pity, raise our fans to our faces, lock eyes with one another, and titter merrily behind said fans at the total ridiculousness of all desperately insecure creatures who can remain so bovinely impervious to other, reasoned viewpoints, and who can’t even see that they threaten to become that which they decry to the point of caricature.

In case you’re still in the process of lifting your fan, please do catch up on pertinent reading via scrolling through the sites of these awesome LGBT bloggers: Scott Long, Richard Smith, and Nelson Garcia. Please note that you’ll find some refreshingly different views there than you might be used to getting via other shrill / opinionated though without the requisite base of facts / groupthink “mainstream” LGBT blogs/spokesmodels. I’ve learned a great deal about some of the self-appointed leadership of the American LGBT movement in recent weeks via the crucible of the Russia situation, most of it astonishingly eye-opening and rather disappointing, and succinctly expressed in this Twitter conversation with Scott Long and Richard Smith:

And so we sweep on past any distasteful remnants, in the way that my daughter’s regal Siamese cat strides sleekly past the hairball vomit of his housemates without a glance but with every muscle in his body conveying, “Ugh. Please, someone come and remove this immediately,” into the fabulosity of candid pics from last night’s G Lounge event whilst we await goodies from the masterful Andrew Werner. Watch for Twitter alerts when his photos are released! Happy Tuesdayful of Johnnyness!

Watch for an update here 
when Andrew Werner releases 
his always-gorgeous photos from the 
G Lounge event on his Facebook page 
(please go “like” him now)!

Johnny with former Village Voice icon 
Michael Musto, who now writes for Gawker
 Posted to Instagram by G Lounge.

UPDATE! Tweeted by Lori Michaels: 
“I love it when @johnnygweir holds his purse -
and I give mine to the pretty girl standing close by.”

UPDATE! Tweeted by Lori Michaels: 
“Owner Michael McGrail @gloungeny 
with the always fabulous @johnnygweir.”

UPDATE! Photo tweeted by David PaulKay: 
“VIP reception at G lounge NYC with 
celebrity host @johnnygweir artist @davidpaulkay 
owner @mikeymanhattan photographer @ricpie”

Tweeted by Demis Maryannakis: 
“G Lounge 16 year anniversary party right now 
with my homie @johnnygweir”

Posted to Instagram by @williamjosephshepard: 
“Johnny Weir giving face 
#olympics #athletes #nyc #johnnyweir”

Posted to Instagram by Alexander Kargaltsev: 
(Hashtag very very roughly translated: 
“Yay this is Johnny Weir, and me and this other person 
are just kind of background.”
Yep. I get that.)

Posted to Instagram by Alexander Kargaltsev: 
(Translation: “Insuperable passion.” 
IDK but it’s a lovely phrase.)

Posted to Johnny’s Facebook page 
by Jon Coffelt: “Such a Sweet Man”

Johnny with Bill Coleman, the DJ for the evening. 
Posted to Instagram by Peace Bisquit
“with Mr. Johnny Weir @ G Lounge. 
#johnnyweir #kissmeinpublic 
#urbanears #olympicrealness”

Posted to Instagram by Peace Bisquit: 
“with Johnny Weir and Courtney Anderson 
@ G. #johnnyweir #kissmeinpublic 
#davidpaulkay #urbanears”

And one more: tweeted by Andrew Werner: 
It’s so tasty, too!’ #guesswho #incognito 
@JohnnyGWeir @gloungeny 
#andrewwernerphotography @ G Lounge” 
Love this.

Johnny’s latest column for the Falls Church 
News-Press: a thought-provoking take on the term “LGBT.” 
His columns are published every Thursday
in the “National Commentary“  section—don’t miss a single one! 

Also on the blog: 
“Sun Valley Sneak Peek: 
‘A Rare Human So Breathtaking....’ ”
Johnny debuts his Schindler’s List program 
in this stunning simple white costume. 
Exclusive pics and HD video.
Photo © David Ingogly.

Photo essay of 40+ starkly beautiful 
black-and-white pics featuring Johnny at rehearsal 
as young skaters watch, spellbound.
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

Quiet photo essay of exclusive black-and-white pics 
paired with Johnny’s quotes from his 
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

A number of Johnny’s auction items have been relisted
which means if you missed out the first time around, 
you’re in luck: It’s not too late to own a piece of Weir Gear! 
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Patti has posted a message 
on Johnny’s Comeback Gift Fund website, 
with her thoughts on 2013 Nationals 
and what lies ahead for next season. 
Please go read it now!

Please alert absolutely everyone you’ve ever met 
to “like” and follow the new 
on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr
Because he should be on all the things. 
With or without ice. 
But definitely with Viacheslav.

HE REALLY, REALLY IS!!  Landing quads and kicking ass! Read his comeback statement  and the update on his website!

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