Friday, September 13, 2013

Walk Walk Fashion Baby

Johnny walks the runway for 
Tumbler and Tipsy on the last day of NYFW. 
Totally different look for him, and he seemed to have 
fun with it, tweeting: “Thank you @tumblerandtipsy 
and @MichaelKuluva for a brilliant day. 
So happy to walk for you. Large smooch.”

REMINDER!! NYC-area fans: 
Monday, September 16, 
is G Lounge’s Sweet 16 party, 
with your favorite celebrity host, Johnny!
Open to the public—details here
Don’t miss it!

So the exuberant Michael Kuluva and his Tumbler and Tipsy show are the perfect mix of frothy fabulousness with which to close out this week and wash away the stupid in a sea of neon pink, gravity-and ankle-defying glittery footwear by Ellie Shoes, and that Internet favorite: cats. Yes, there’s even an adorable fluffy white cat in the bubbly, sparkly world that is Kuluva’s show. I love every photo (and yay we have more than 30 of them!), and am kind of desperate for a YouTube of the whole wonderful thing in which to immerse myself and rinse off the residual dickishness left by John Aravosis et al and their unfortunate continuing access to keyboards and the Internet, as seen today.

To wrap up our week of Gays and Their New Must-Have Accessories for Fall: Torches and Pitchforks, please review Thursday’s post, specifically this appalling epic fail by Aravosis:

And the antidote, provided by Scott Long:

If you haven’t yet read Long’s piece, please do so ASAP; if you have, please revisit it for the comments section which, unlike any other comments section I’ve ever read where the subject is Johnny, is pretty much as articulate and non-douchey as the article itself. New comments there led me to another voice-of-reason blogger, Richard Smith, who goes by the handle “Fagburn” and has two excellent entries of his own on this subject, here and here. And then I found another: Nelson G, who wrote on his blog

Johnny Weir, who earlier this week appeared on ESPN2’s Olbermann dressed in Russian uniform, spoke out against the boycott in a style and manner only he knows how. ... The irony is that while Weir did an in your face to Putin on national television by wearing that uniform, it’s LGBT bloggers and activists having the opposite reaction [who] are doing Putin’s bidding. ... How is attacking Weir helping Russian activists fighting from within?

Please consider sharing some of these excellent posts across social media in an effort to counteract the hysterical screeching. Interestingly—and not at all surprisingly—when a Twitter friend attempted to point Aravosis toward Long’s analysis, he responded (with a smiley face): “I don’t read that site.” Oh. OK. Completely understandable. Because educating yourself or even just briefly considering another point of view would clearly cause your entire ego / world / for him they’re actually the same thing / ok let’s go with world to collapse in on itself, and your deliberate avoidance of either activity is pretty much exactly how we arrived here in the first place.

In other far less face-clawingly obtuse news, this event also came to my attention yesterday:

So NYC fans, you’re in luck once again—don’t miss your chance to see Johnny this coming Monday night!

And here’s a ton of picspam to remind you why you’d want to do that....

Johnny at 
Tumbler and Tipsy.

Photo tweeted by @RedLightPR: 
“Figure skater Johnny Weir getting 
glammed up backstage for the 
@tumblerandtipsy show! @michaelkuluva…”

Photo tweeted by @TumblerAndTipsy: 
“Say #hhhhiiiieeeee @johnnygweir!!!”

Photo tweeted by @JVincentmakeup: 
“Backstage at #Style360 for #tumblerandtipsy 
doing make up on the amazing @johnnygweir 
and @briellezolciak bringing style to the runway”

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
“My shoes for @tumblerandtipsy. 
Many extra inches!”

Towering over Perez Hilton and Michael Kuluva.

Photo posted to Instagram by Michael Kuluva: 
“@PerezHilton, ME & @JohnnyGWeir backstage
 before walking the catwalk of my @TumblerandTipsy 
S/S 2014 NYFW show! Xoxo-MK”

Photo posted to Instagram by @mulhernmaggie: 
“@johnnygweir #johnnyweir #BrielleZolciak 
and @perezhilton #perezhilton prepare to ‘walk’ 
the #tumblerandtipsy show during #nyfw #fashionweek”

With bonus kitty. IDKY it’s there, 
but now it occurs to me that every NYFW 
show should have a kitty.

With some people.


Looming backstage.

On the red carpet.

With Michael Kuluva.

Photo tweeted by @RedCarpetRoxy: 
“Johnny Weir is so tall in those shoes!!!”

On the runway! Photo posted to Instgram 
by @fashionator77: “Johnny Weir walking for 
Tumbler and Tipsy Runway Show #johnnyweir 
#figureskater #olympian #nyfw #style360 
#frontrow #celebrity #fabulous #catwalk”

The finale. Photo posted to Instagram 
by @guestlistblog: “#JohnnyWeir & @perezhilton 
walk the @tumblerandtipsy #spring2014 show presented 
by @aidshealthcare Foundation #nyfw”

Photo posted to Instagram by @christinaranastasiou: 
“So many fun and colorful pieces with sequins! 
Yay! @perezhilton looked amazing! And caught 
@kayvonzand in the front along with #joseffjasso 
@anthonymuartist #stevieboi #johnnyweir! 
#michaelkuluva #tumblerandtipsy 
#style360 #nyfw #perezhilton”

Bonus video!!
In which we learn the terrible secret 
behind why Johnny is wearing a hat...

More video!! In case you missed this late 
update to Thursday’s blog. Special thanks 
to Galina Savchenko for the link!

Bonus pics!! Two more from The Blonds.


Johnny’s latest column for the Falls Church 
News-Press: a thought-provoking take on the term “LGBT.” 
His columns are published every Thursday
in the “National Commentary“  section—don’t miss a single one! 

Also on the blog: 
“Sun Valley Sneak Peek: 
‘A Rare Human So Breathtaking....’ ”
Johnny debuts his Schindler’s List program 
in this stunning simple white costume. 
Exclusive pics and HD video.
Photo © David Ingogly.

Photo essay of 40+ starkly beautiful 
black-and-white pics featuring Johnny at rehearsal 
as young skaters watch, spellbound.
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

Quiet photo essay of exclusive black-and-white pics 
paired with Johnny’s quotes from his 
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

A number of Johnny’s auction items have been relisted
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Patti has posted a message 
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HE REALLY, REALLY IS!!  Landing quads and kicking ass! Read his comeback statement  and the update on his website!

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Atomic Wife said...

Excellent re-cap of all the news!!!

I'll bet you never thought when you fell in love with Johnny back in the winter of 2010, you would end up an internet activist, eh? ;-)


aaaack said...

Amazing how much happens when one is away on vacation. An Olympics without Johnny competing will be more mundane. But will still look forward to Johnny's commenting and sound bites. Maybe he can still room with Tanith co-correspondents.

Reading your blog extends the vacation feeling.

Soon, I'm back to unpacking socks worn and crusty from hiking through miles and miles of museums, plus Anne Frank's attic.