Friday, September 6, 2013

Sun Valley Sneak Peek: "A Rare Human So Breathtaking..."

After a long day of fighting a monster cold, high altitude, 
and air infused with leftover forest-fire smoke— 
through rehearsals and two spectacular performances 
that required oxygen in between—Johnny is, as always, 
nothing but warm and gracious to every. single. fan. 
at the Sun Valley post-show meet-n-greet.
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

More exclusive pics below, 
including his gorgeous Schindler’s List debut!

So yes, I drove like a crazy person to Idaho and back last week, more than 3,200 miles round trip, and Davey and I saw Johnny perform—brilliantly—in Sun Valley. I actually had another reason to make the trip, a promise made some years ago that it was time for me to fulfill, so I’m not just completely crazy, although that’s possibly open to interpretation. But at any rate, being able to finally take in a Sun Valley ice show starring Johnny was a wonderful way to make a difficult trip less so, and I also was thrilled to hang out with other fans while there for maximum endless-drive-to-awesomeness quotient.

We came away with not quite as huge a stockpile of photos as we have from other shows, partly because it was only a one-day thing, but we do have enough to make multiple picspam posts in the coming weeks. I’m currently still recovering from the drive by diving immediately back into multiple personal crises that unfortunately did not resolve themselves in my absence (whyyyy? I left them careful instructions as I merrily abandoned them at 80 mph....), so we’ll begin our Sun Valley series with some highlights, with much more to come soon...!

As always, please click any photo twice for full-size image. Most of these are wondrously huge. Exclusive photos © David Ingogly.


Johnny arrives and looks mostly miserable, 
spending about as much time blowing his nose 
and coughing into his elbow as he does skating. 
We feel terrible for him!

As usual, he sheds layers as he warms up, 
revealing a practice tank that received solid approval 
from all in attendance.

Next he rolls up his pants against the intense heat 
of the Sun Valley sun. And continues to look miserable 
for much of his hour-long rehearsal...

...but his face lights up as he greets fans 
on his way back to the lodge while 
the wind does creative things to his hair.
BTW I looove these sunglasses.


Johnny performed two programs, 
ending with a fierce and well-received Army of Me 
that had the crowd roaring with enthusiasm.

SenaNYC garter leggings again FTW.

Must must must click twice for full-size image. 
That face. 
You’re welcome.

Exclusive video!! Courtesy of Anastasia Pryanikova
Love that you can hear her adorable daughter, 
Lexi, singing along at the beginning.

Another exclusive, courtesy of Nicole Davis
Her description: “The world’s not-greatest footage 
of Johnny Weir’s Army of Me performance 
in Sun Valley, Idaho on August 31, 2013. 
Watch to the’s all about that wiggle.”


After the finale, organizers set up a table at rinkside for fans to come and chat with Johnny, get autographs, and have their picture taken with him. He’s immediately mobbed, of course, although it was a friendly mob that soon found its way to forming a respectable queue of barely contained excitement.

Despite the poignant fears Johnny expressed in
that the bulk of the crowd were parents and kids, 
all of whom were simply thrilled with his performances 
and beyond excited to meet him. The big tall dad in line 
ahead of us couldn’t stop holding his arm high above the crowd 
and snapping cell phone pics while waiting his turn, 
exclaiming over and over, “Wow. He is just really amazing.”

Fans of all ages...

...are all smiles to be in Johnny’s presence.

Schindler’s List.

A vision in a simple, pure white, flowing costume with a single narrow silvery-black adornment, Johnny debuted his new Schindler’s List program to an audience normally more at home with pop or country-rock music.

They were utterly spellbound.

No one embodies and expresses music on the ice the way Johnny does. No one.

The two brawny, bellowy, and fairly drunk guys behind us fell completely silent about 10 seconds into the achingly beautiful program.

At the conclusion of the performance: they stomped, clapped, whistled.

And then they yelled, over and over:


Johnny at the beginning of the program.
I don’t know his personal intentions 
in the design of this costume, 
stunning in its ethereal simplicity, but 
to me, he was like a heartbroken angel...

...begging for lives to be saved, 
evil to be overcome...

...and lifting humanity to heaven 
with bittersweet hope.

And here is exclusive video of his dazzling 
debut performance, courtesy of Nicole Davis: 
“Beautiful. Breathtaking. 
I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: 
it’s really hard to hold the camera steady 
when your heart is pounding.”
Please choose to watch in HD if you can.

Another exclusive look
courtesy of Anastasia Pryanikova.


Yesterday another version of Johnny’s Schindler’s List, performed in plain black rehearsal clothes at a rink near Atlanta, GA, appeared on YouTube

As one commenter noted: 

“without judge, without audience. just ice and music. pure beautiful...

So beautiful, poignant 
and flowing like on a single breath. 

This program needs to go to the Olympics! 

Bonus pic: Videographer Stephanie Hao, who recorded 
and uploaded Johnny’s practice performance in Georgia, 
posted this photo publicly to her Facebook after his skate. 
In response to a question asking if he was “nice or a diva,” 
she wrote: “Really, really nice. He was fine with us 
watching his practice, and even though he seemed really tired 
afterward (said he was sick last week), he still made time 
to sign autographs and take pictures with all us fangirls ... 
Amazing experience.”

And one more.

Exclusive photos © David Ingogly.

Sweetest man on earth.

Very special thanks 
to Nicole Davis and Anastasia Pryanikova 
for the exclusive videos!!

Photo essay of 40+ starkly beautiful 
black-and-white pics featuring Johnny at rehearsal 
as young skaters watch, spellbound.
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

Quiet photo essay of exclusive black-and-white pics 
paired with Johnny’s quotes from his 
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

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Gary said...

Love the rehearsal shots!

PumaJ said...

Oh, the stunning beauty of Johnny's skating…Thank you, Binx for sharing this with us.

aaaack said...

Ethereal. Johnny does not fight the ice, as many skaters do. He launches from it like a slingshot and floats above the ice.

Johnny's movements are all about freedom and expression. Ice is Johnny's platform and his pedestal.

aaaack said...

Thank you Binky, Anastasia, Stephanie, Nicole, and others. You fans are solid gold.