Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Advantage: Weir

And now for something completely different: 
Johnny at the Opening Night Gala 
for the US Open Tennis Tournament in NYC. 
Photo via Getty.

UPDATE: New Johnny media from 
his appearance at the US Open! 
And NEW PICS below!

Go Fug Yourself: Weirly Played, Johnny Weir. “Booty shorts, a demi-skirt, a leather vest, wings, and a gilded goblet of champagne: He’s like the biker angel of Kotex.”

People Mag’s photo gallery: Love It! What Happens When Tennis Takes New York. “Johnny Weir: Dressed to a T.”

People Pets: Johnny Weir: My Husband Is Jealous of My Dog. “[Tyoma] does a Chin spin ... It’s kind of perfect for me as an ice skater to have a spinning dog.”

And the follow-up from Victor:

Kayso today I’m a little more discombobulated than usual because I’ve just spent the last three days coping with the fact that a bat decided to take up residence in our condo, perhaps as its own personal protest against Ben Affleck being named as the new Batman (or simply because it was desperate to find a Miley Cyrus-free zone), but whatever its motives, the situation has been a tad exhausting since we first spotted the thing very late Saturday night swooping merrily about the living room, then disappearing immediately upon the arrival of Animal Control, only to reappear again and again as soon as they left, and climaxing with it chasing me down our very long hallway not once but TWICE last night in a scene straight out of Ace Ventura, until at last Animal Control, on a final near-midnight visit, managed to snare it in some Tupperware in the kitchen. I am not making this up.

This in turn has triggered my slight leftover PTSD from a late-night childhood encounter with a bat in the bedroom that I shared with my sister in elementary school, which climaxed with me finally turning on the light and realizing that the brown mass clinging to our curtains was what had been causing that odd fluttery noise that sounded like sheafs of paper being dropped repeatedly in our room as it soared back and forth between us, upon which I screamed, abruptly turned around, knocked my sister to the ground and literally ran over her in my desperate chase down the hallway to our parents’ room. Who at first thought I was making this up.

So I’m running on even less sleep than usual, as if that were possible, because who can sleep when you’re sure your new bat-friend’s entire colony will be showing up at any moment to squeeze into your condo through whatever tiny passageway the first one found, to confront you, via a series of squeaky chirping noises punctuated by wings rustling menacingly, and demand to know what has happened to their comrade.

That part I might be making up. I hope.

Fortunately a bunch of beautiful Johnny picspam from the US Open Tennis Championships also showed up last night to distract me from the bat-tastic nightmare our home had temporarily become, so here it is below. 

And his beautiful winged self has helped to ease the PTSD. A little.

Meanwhile, in Russia:

Growing International Backlash Against Russian Anti-Gay Olympic Threat—today’s reading list already prepared for you by AmericaBlog, thank goodness, since my powers of concentration have been completely sapped by scanning overhead repeatedly. 

Why the IOC’s Olympic-Sized, Big Gay Russian Problem Isn’t Going Away—and Shouldn’t—latest in the anti-boycott opinion pieces, and brilliant.

Also yesterday there was this. And all the associated feels.

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view. Pics via Getty, Wire Image, and Film Magic.

Programming note: The blog is likely going to take a late-summer hiatus for about the next 10 days or so. Please enjoy browsing older entries (all 609 of them!) until we come roaring back with all-new Johnny picspam!

New pics via Zimbio!

Johnny on the US Open red carpet!

I love that the photographers apparently felt 
that his outfit and accessories were 
worthy of multiple zoom-ins.

With Cuba Gooding Jr. and Chris Benz.

Candid pics! Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
“Tennis attire. Photo courtesy of @cmbenz”

Photo tweeted by @PageSixEmily: 
“@JohnnyGWeir holding court 
@usopen in @moetusa VIP suite”

Photo posted to Instagram by @x_fit_samanthaaa2323: 
“Yup, that’s EXACTLY what it looks like it is  
#usopen #tennis #security #celebs #happygirl #credentials 
#jasonsudeikis #johnnyweir #cubagoodingjr #donaldtrump

Photo posted to Instagram by @jtenag: 
“Playing paparazzi #celebs #usopen #paparazzi 
#donaldtrump #annawintour #amyastley #jasonsudeikis 
#oliviawilde #johnnyweir #theysatbehindme #sorrynotsorry”

UPDATE: Photo posted 
to Instagram by US Open: 
“Tennis Whites at @usopen ! 
@johnnygweir #usopen”

Bonus pics!! My favs, because he looks so happy.

Showing off his ring.

Which obviously deserved a close-up of its own.

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aaaack said...

Good luck regarding showing the bats the door. http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Bats Thank you for making time to post all this.

A while back, Victor had commented on being jealous of Ping the stuffed panda because Johnny cradles Ping when sleeping. Then later after Tyoma arrived there was a post saying Tyoma was chewing on Ping. Tyoma really knows how to muscle in on a scene.

Here's wondering if Josh feels a bit the same way about Conalie, as Tara looks transfixed by their ultra-cute baby Conalie. Or, maybe Josh feels the same melted way as Tara about Conalie, and Conalie has them both wrapped around her little fingers.

And where is Togo in all this? Although Togo looks like a French bulldog(?), it sounds like he has more zen than Tyoma the Japanese chin.