Thursday, July 11, 2013

Congratulations, Johnny: Hall of Fame Honoree!

Beautiful Johnny: 
athlete, artist, trailblazer, 
and now Hall of Famer. 
Photo © Elena Vasileva
who tweeted it with this caption: 
“He is the light.”

Johnny is performing THIS SATURDAY, 
July 13, at the Ice Show in beautiful Sun Valley, ID! 
There may still be a few tickets available via the Sun Valley
website, or by calling 866-616-8224. Too late to plan? 
He’s skating in Sun Valley again on Saturday, August 31—
get those tickets now!

So those of us following along on Twitter have known for more than two weeks, since Bill Gubrud’s tweet, but it’s big news now that the official press release is making the rounds:

Johnny is being honored as one of the very first inductees into the newly established National Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame!

He’s part of an absolutely stellar group of inductees that includes tennis greats Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, and Renee Richards; Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis; newly out NBA player Jason Collins; boxer Orlando Cruz; ESPN’s LZ Granderson (Johnny’s fellow panelist at the CNN Dialogues event in December 2011), and NFL stars Brendon Ayanbadejo and the indomitable Chris Kluwe, straight ally of the gay community and personal hero of mine. Chris’ outspoken LGBT support—particularly in this exquisitely filthy open letter to a Maryland elected official with whom Kluwe had a difference of opinion on free speech and equality—has garnered him national attention and also lost him his job as punter for the Minnesota Vikings (though the Vikings officially denied that Kluwe’s activism had anything to do with his firing. All righty then).

The other inaugural inductees are Anheuser Busch, Glenn Burke, Chicago Cubs, Ben Cohen, Chuck Dima, Justin Fashanu, Gay Games, Andrew Goldstein, International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA), Christina Kahrl, Dave Kopay,, Dave Pallone, Jerry Pritikin, Patty Sheehan, and Dr. Tom Waddell.

The induction ceremony will take place Friday, August 2, at the Center on Halsted in Chicago, and is open to the public. Tickets are already on sale at the Hall of Fame’s website. According to the press release, the $50 VIP ticket includes a VIP meet-and-greet reception from 5 to 6 pm, a general reception from 6 to 7 pm, and a seat in the Center’s Hoover-Leppen Theatre for the induction ceremony from 7 to 8:30 pm. General admission tickets are $25 and include the general reception and the opportunity to view the ceremony on TVs outside the theater. Both tickets include a hosted bar and food. The induction ceremony is part of the “Out at Wrigley” weekend festivities, which boasts “the nation’s largest ‘Gay Day’ at a major league sporting event.”

Johnny has not yet announced whether he’ll be attending the ceremony, but hopefully fans will know in time to get tickets and finalize travel plans if he’s able to be there. Because this is an event not to be missed.

You may recall that back in May, the Hall of Fame announced that nominations were open for the first class of inductees. One of the questions on the nominating form—“Describe the nominee’s involvement with and contributions to the gay and lesbian community”—serves as a reminder of this head-scratching irony: prior to January 2011, Johnny took a lot of flack from the LGBT community for not “officially” coming out and being a role model, and also, at the same time, harsh criticism from both the LGBT community and the straight community for being “too flamboyant.” This was, of course, during the same time period when he gave his gracious and eloquent press conference at the Vancouver Olympics defending himself—and all the children similar to him for whom he was paving the way—against ignorant comments from the Quebec broadcasters, and also when he was already reaching out to those who struggle with self-acceptance, including making a mentoring appearance at a private camp for young gender-variant and transgender boys.

An even greater irony caused shock waves across fandom yesterday when US Figure Skating tweeted this:

And also posted about it on their Facebook page (yes, the very same page they locked down two years ago when some of Johnny’s fans waged a persistent but very polite campaign asking USFS to let him skate at the post-Nationals exhibition after receiving his history-making second Readers’ Choice Award):

That has GOT to be the very first time an article from the LGBT website “Chicago Pride” has ever been officially posted by USFS.

Or possibly even the word “gay.”

So congratulations, Johnny!! This is an honor well-earned, by both your achievements as an athlete and artist on the ice, and by your tremendous courage in living your life freely, boldly, and without apology off the ice.

As for USFS? Wonders never cease.

Especially when Johnny keeps inspiring new ones.


UPDATE: Since a number of people have kindly asked, the nomination petition was basically an amalgamation of these two blog posts, here and here. Johnny's accomplishments pretty much speak for themselves. I just make notes.

To celebrate Johnny’s latest award, yes, we have all-new picspam! These are once again from Artistry on Ice, the gift that keeps on giving. 

Today’s series is a bit different: an entire 60-photo sequence of Johnny’s performance in the AOI opening group number from the Shanghai show, courtesy of yet another amazing photographer whom I met via Weibo who goes by the nickname “Cutalong.”

Cutalong was kind enough to send me all the original photos taken from this performance for me to use as I wished. In editing them, I decided against cropping in for close-ups of Johnny. As I scrolled through the entire batch, I realized that leaving them framed exactly as the photographer had shot them imparts a real “you-are-there” feeling, and offers a sense of the size of the rink and the venue. We see Johnny far away, just as we would if we had been seated next to Cutalong, and then we’re thrilled as he skates closer to our side of the arena and we can see his expressions as he performs.

So here he is—and even when skating in a group and seen from some distance, he is instantly recognizable. And always beautiful.

All photos in this series © Cutalong. A few may already have appeared on Weibo, but most are exclusive to the blog.

Unmistakable on the ice from any angle, 
and a magnet for the spotlight both on and off the ice: 
Johnny during the opening number of 
Artistry on Ice in Shanghai.

Bonus Stéphane.

With Stéphane.

With Stéphane again.

And one more time with Stéphane.

Note the “Johnny Gaga Weir” banner visible here...

...and here...

..and especially here. 

I love this arms-wide-open embrace 
of the performance, the music, the audience, the ice—
and life itself.

And one more: Johnny spotlighted 
near a sign that reads, “Artistry.” Yes. This.
Right below the “Johnny Gaga Weir” banner.

Very special thanks to Cutalong 
for the exclusive photos!

ICYMI: The husbands’ amusing Twitter exchange from last night is still generating comments here and here....

Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

REMINDER: Happy Birthday to the Husbands! Please join us in our month-long fan project: Fans are contributing to the newly established Johnny & Victor Weir-Voronov Scholarship Fund for LGBTQ Youth, administered by the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund, throughout the month of July! The DVLF is the nonprofit organization who recently honored Johnny as their 2013 National Hero.

The Facebook fan group, Show Johnny Weir the Love, has also announced that for the month of July only, all proceeds from the Team Weir-Voronov fan store will be donated to the scholarship fund. So please treat yourself to some Team Weir-Voronov goodies and support Johnny and Victor in helping young people achieve their dreams!

You also can leave a happy birthday message for the husbands throughout the month here!

ICYMI in all the Japan excitement: 
Queer Montreal released two videos and an article 
about Johnny last week!
Video link.

Accompanying wonderful article 
on the Tourisme Montreal blog:
“You can see on his face that the joy of skating 
is something found in his DNA...”
Video link.

Johnny’s latest column for the 
Falls Church News-Press.
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in the “National Commentary“ 
section—don’t miss a single one! 

updated calendars, in case you missed out on buying yours 
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Atomic Wife said...

While waiting for the haters and the ignorant to see the light, Johnny proves that courage and resilience pays off. So proud of and happy for him. Thanks MM for driving the Johnny support train and for keeping us in the Johnny loop!

WheresMyKoppy said...

You know, all those photos would make a great flip book...

I'm very happy to see that Johnny has been elected to the Hall of Fame. That's quite a list of inductees they have there. He's in a pretty good group there. I wonder what Chris Kluwe, who I think should run for office some day, will have to say?

UPDATE: Since a number of people have kindly asked, the nomination petition was basically an amalgamation of these two blog posts, here and here. Johnny's accomplishments pretty much speak for themselves. I just make notes.

Sure, but your notes are brilliant, MM!

Bubblebabe3000 said...

Congratulations Johnny! For showing everyone that perseverance pays off. May your star continue to shine bright!