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Megamax Monday: The Weibocalypse Has Arrived

Johnny performs “Born This Way” 
at Artistry on Ice in Taipei.
Exclusive photo © Joveta E. Leo.

Words normally go here.

But who needs words when we have Weibo, the international gathering place of Johnny love that needs no words, where photos are posted faster than the human eye can perceive....

So here’s a roundup from Taiwan and Guangzhou (where the AOI show has already just ended as we speak!) of 70+ photos, culled from an amount of picspam so vast it defies description, with more to follow.

I’m drowning in pics. Please don’t save me.

And Chinese fans tell me that this is nothing compared to what will be coming from the last two stops on the tour: Shanghai on Friday, and Beijing on Sunday.


Dear Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese fans: Thank you thank you thank you!! We love you!

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view. Many of these are quite huge!

Johnny performed two programs in Taiwan, 
the first of which was “Born This Way.” 
The audience response to both programs
was best summed up by dear Junko Mi
who was at the show and commented 
on Johnny’s Instagram: 
“Tonight… Your performance held 
Taipei’s fan spellbound.”

Exclusive photo © Joveta E. Leo.

From the amazing “I Got Shot” Flickr gallery.

Photo via the Taiwan AOI Facebook group.

Photo via the Taiwan AOI Facebook group.

Video!! Originally posted on Telly by @tikson117, 
then uploaded to YouTube.

Another version! Camera work is slightly shaky 
(and no wonder, with all the screaming and excitement!), 
but does include footage at the beginning of a 
Johnny montage shown on the arena’s big screens 
before he takes the ice.

UPDATE: New version just uploaded!! 
Really excellent, and includes bonus footage 
of Johnny offstage before he makes his entrance.

Second program: “Army of Me.”
More from the “I Got Shot” Flickr gallery.

Exclusive photo © Joveta E. Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta E. Leo.

Photo via the Taiwan AOI Facebook group.

The first video posted of this performance, 
which I would never have found were it not 
for @urigaan on Twitter—thank you!

Another version, just posted on Telly today, 
again by @tikson 117!

UPDATE: New version just uploaded!! 
From same YouTube account as above, 
so also really excellent plus bonus footage!

From the finale, which featured Chinese rockstar 
Wu Bai performing his hit “You Are My Flower” 
(thus the flowers on everyone’s wrists) on the ice!
Exclusive photo © Joveta E. Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta E. Leo.

Photo © Machiko Oka
posted with permission.

The finale!! Johnny appears 
starting at about 6:33.

More finale! And pleasingly Johnny-centric.

But if you only have time to watch one short clip 
of the finale, please choose this one

More amazing performance pics 
in this gallery from China Yes!

On to Guangzhou!...

...after a scant four hours’ sleep 
prior to boarding the flight from Taiwan. 

Once in Guangzhou, Johnny is engulfed by media...

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
“Media time in Guangzhou! 
@ 广州国际体育演艺中心
Guangzhou International Sports Arena”

...and everyone suddenly remembers how much fun it is to see Johnny and Stéphane together at press conferences...


...and at rehearsal....

A Tale of Two Photos....

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
“Spotlight life with Chiddy and Fabi 
@ 广州国际体育演艺中心 | Guangzhou 
International Sports Arena”

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
“Parting shot for the night. Drama.”

Here’s the behind-the-scenes look at how those photos came about:

From the photographer, 
“Cheering” on Weibo, roughly translated:
“1. Johnny see a beam of light.”

“2. Johnny sister [woman friend] 
help him find a shot.”

The “Drama” pic is born!

Some of his fellow skaters are watching...

“3. Johnny audience cheering 
[or “booing”—it’s hard to tell from the wording...]
his model pose.”

“4. So other people on ice see him.” 
(Here comes Patrick Chan...!)

(...and they’re quickly joined by Fabian Bourzat!)

“5. So the two joined his activities 
to be model poses.”

Ah yes, the “spotlight life”!
Please, please click this one for larger view.


Fan Love!

The 15,000-seat Taipei Arena was PACKED, 
as seen in this panorama shot! 
And this is the SMALLEST venue 
the Artistry on Ice tour will visit...
Please click twice for the full glory of this photo.

Bonus pics!! Taiwan fans had a 
special banner made for Johnny....
Photo tweeted by @juncolove.

...and here it is, right behind him, 
above the BMW banner!
Exclusive photo © Joveta E. Leo.

The amazing Joveta Leo, photographer extraordinaire, 
before the show—with an ENORMOUS 
bouquet for Johnny!

After the finale, Johnny skates along with 
two armloads of flowers, including the bouquet above, 
and wearing his traditional and 
gorgeous crown of roses...

... a gift always given to him at competitions/performances 
by the lovely Machiko Oka, top left, 
who shares a smile with him as he glides by.
The two photos above courtesy of Machiko 
and posted with permission.

Backstage afterwards, Kurt Browning 
helps remove petals from Johnny’s skates!

In the dressing room. 
Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
“Thank you Taipei! I love you! 
@ 臺北小巨蛋 Taipei Arena”

Post-show, arriving back at the hotel. 
Photo posted by Junko Mi on Instagram.

And reunited with Machiko.
Photo courtesy of Machiko 
and posted with permission.

Bonus Vine vids from Guangzhou!! 
Tweeted by Johnny: “We’re international over here!”

And also tweeted by Johnny: 
“Guangzhou Show Day.”

The flowers glimpsed in the vid above. 
Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
“Thank you to my fans who met me 
in Guangzhou yesterday! 
My room smells spectacular!”

The Guangzhou show was happening as I wrote this! 
Photo posted by Nathalie Péchalat to Instagram 
this morning, just before 8 pm in Guangzhou: 
“Showtime. @slambiel @johnnygweir 

Oh, and also Nathalie posted this 
to Instagram this morning. 

And finally: One of the absolute very best pics 
to come out of Taipei. 
Posted by Stéphane to Instagram: 
“Who’s the swan?”

Love this.

Very special thanks to Joveta Leo 
for the exclusive photos!!
More Taipei coverage here and here!

ICYMI: “Vision,” featuring two gorgeous 
new exclusive pics plus thoughts on 
the Grand Prix announcement from the ISU...

Happy Pride Month! 
Johnny as the LA Pride Parade Grand Marshal, June 2011. 
Relive the glory (and the hair) here!

Fantasy on Ice is just a month away!! 
Plus Victor’s first visit to Japan 
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For show info and tickets, 
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First sign of summer: 
Sun Valley tickets are on sale! 
Johnny is scheduled to perform again this year 
in Sun Valley’s gorgeous outdoor summer ice shows. 
More info and tickets here!
Photo of Johnny in Sun Valley, summer 2012
courtesy of Mackenzie Keller.

Johnny’s in China the next two weeks!! 
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To see up-close how battered and worn his skates are 
from thousands of training hours—particularly the left skate, 
because Johnny is a rare clockwise jumper and spinner—
please click here. Photo © David Ingogly.

Johnny’s latest column for the 
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