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Here, Have Some Weibopalooza While We Wait...

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

UPDATE 2: The US Supreme Court ruled  today, Wednesday, June 26, that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional! This means that the federal government must now recognize the marriages of those LGBT couples whose states recognize their marriages. In addition, the ruling now grants thousands of federal benefits to those couples that were previously denied them. 

The ruling also gives hope to married LGBT bi-national couples, who previously could not obtain green cards for foreign partners because the federal government did not recognize them as “spouses.”

The Court also ruled on California’s Proposition 8, which sought to overturn  marriage equality in that state. The Court dismissed the case, deciding that the proponents of Prop. 8 (those who wanted to ban marriage equality) had no standing to bring the case. This leaves the lower court ruling in place, which clears the way for LGBT couples to once again marry legally in California. 

More on these historic decisions here and here.

Love is love.

UPDATE 1: After issuing three more rulings on Tuesday, the US Supreme Court announced that Wednesday would be its final day of decisions. Rulings on the three remaining cases of this session, including Prop. 8 and DOMA, are expected Wednesday beginning at 10 am EDT.
More here.

This is the main thing on my mind today.

The Supreme Court rulings in two important marriage equality cases, Prop. 8 and DOMA, could come this week—the final week of decisions for this session of the Court.

After issuing five rulings today, the Court announced it would reconvene Tuesday at 10 am EDT to hand down more decisions. There are six cases left in this session that still await rulings, including the two marriage equality cases.

The Court also may add more decision days to its calendar this week, so we may not get rulings until Thursday or Friday.

Or, the Justices may decide not to decide at all until their fall session months from now.

So the vigil continues. As we wait, the Human Rights Campaign is asking everyone to turn their social media profile pics red in support of equality, as millions did back in March. Their drive got a push from George Takei this morning:

Who can resist the Internet’s beloved Uncle George? :D

You can read more about the potential impact of decisions in these two cases at HRC’s website.

Not sure why this particular issue seems to require such a massive amount of foot-dragging on the part of the Court. And the rulings issued today, which appeared to skew in favor of businesses over people, may dim hopes that this Court will make a defining, pro-marriage equality statement—which would favor actual real-life people—with either case before it.

This simple issue—do all Americans deserve the same rights?—would seem to be decided easily with a resounding YES.

But OK then.

Dear Justices: Please do take your time. It’s not like millions of people’s lives and families are affected.

Oh wait....

No, don’t.

Don’t wait.

Not another minute. Do the right thing. Right now.

And put yourselves on the right side of history.

Where all the rest of us standing with Uncle George await you.

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Artistry on Ice: 
Weibopalooza II
(or III, IV, V, maybe MMMDDDCCCCVVV...
#NotClearOn how to write eleventy-seven zillion 
in Roman numerals)

Today’s picspam covers several stops on the AOI tour, and includes a wonderful moment of Johnny with his fans in Shanghai. But the best part is the last series, a breathtaking set of exclusives from the amazing Joveta Leo...

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view. Please, please do.

Closing number, Taipei.
Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Opening number, Beijing.
Exclusive photo © the also amazing Maria Ma.

Exclusive photo © Maria Ma.

Exclusive photo © Maria Ma.

With Stéphane.
Exclusive photo © Maria Ma.

With Stéphane.
Exclusive photo © Maria Ma.

Exclusive photo © Maria Ma.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.
(The last two may be Shanghai, 
not Beijing....)


Exclusive series © Joveta Leo.

Johnny in costume but sans makeup 
is an entirely different—and stunning—look. 
(Please click twice for full-size images.)

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Exclusive photo © Joveta Leo.

Bonus pics!! At the end of the Shanghai show, 
Johnny skates over to where several of his fans are waiting 
(seated behind the gigantic Johnny banner they brought) 
to give him wonderfully insane amounts of flowers. 
Joveta has made her way to the ice, 
ginormous bouquet in hand...

...while another fan tosses a large bouquet of red roses.

Johnny picks up the roses... Haohewuyin tosses yet another bouquet, 
and another fan sends Johnny’s floral crown sailing toward him.

Armload of red roses in his left hand, 
Johnny adjusts his crown while talking to Joveta...

...who hands him the largest, most dazzling bouquet 
of blue-black-white-sparkly flowers ever made...

...and with two armfuls of love plus crown, 
Johnny skates away to rejoin the rest of the cast.

Bonus fan art!! Gorgeous piece tweeted by 
the talented @fukunbo.

Very special thanks to 
Joveta Leo and Maria Ma 
for the exclusive photos!!

Must-see video if you haven’t seen it yet! 
Or even if you have, worth watching again: 
Official Artistry on Ice promo piece 
about Johnny. Love. 
Video links: YouTube, or HD version on Youku.

ICYMI: “Rolling Ball of Sparkle.” 
Photos and transcript of the 
Johnny + Stéphane moments from 
the legendary Shanghai press conference,
including their pair skating plans...

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The Refinery29 photo shoot featured on the blog 
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ICYMI: “Vision,” featuring two gorgeous 
new exclusive pics plus thoughts on 
the Grand Prix announcement from the ISU...

Happy Pride Month! 
Johnny as the LA Pride Parade Grand Marshal, June 2011. 
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To see up-close how battered and worn his skates are 
from thousands of training hours—particularly the left skate, 
because Johnny is a rare clockwise jumper and spinner—
please click here. Photo © David Ingogly.

Johnny’s latest column for the 
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