Monday, April 1, 2013

"The Ice King That Melts My Heart"

Johnny on Fashion Police 
after being introduced by Joan Rivers as 
"The Ice King that melts my heart."

Kayso in our ongoing adventure titled "Shows I Would Never Ever Watch Except That Johnny's On Them So Now I've Recorded His Episode Like Three Times Just In Case," we present Johnny's appearance on Joan Rivers' Fashion Police last Friday, in which he was, as the video description below notes, "cute, funny and effervescent... He shares his best and worst looks, his philosophy on fashion, and his love for his husband." And he was a hit, of course, as seen in just a few samples of the tsunami of Twitter love he received that is customary after his every appearance:

And one that he might especially appreciate:

So without further ado, yes!! We have video! Thanks to one of several video ninjas, the hearts of Johnny's fans around the world can now melt right along with Joan's.

The full episode!! 
Well, the full episode of just the Johnny parts, 
which is all we really want, yes?
Video link.
NOTE: SPOILERS included with the screencaps below!

On set with Alyssa Milano, Kelly Osbourne, 
Joan, and George Kotsiopoulos.
Joan announces: "Joining us now is ...

...skating superstar Johnny Weir!" 
(A big yes to "superstar." :D)

An affectionate pat on the shoulder 
from the fabulous Miss Kelly O.

I love that much of his appearance was an actual 
interview of him by Joan. She begins by sayng, 
"What amazed me the most when I was reading 
about you is you didn't start ice skating until you were 12, 
which is incredible. How did you get into that?" 
Johnny explains that he grew up in Pennsylvania Amish 
country, at which Joan interrupts to ask, "Are you Amish?"

"I'm not Amish, or these lights would be
 waaay too much for me."

"Only candlelight for you," says Miss Kelly O.
"Only candlelight and butter churning," Johnny agrees, 
demonstrating his churning technique.

He goes on to explain: "I grew up in Amish country, 
Pennsylvania, we had no ice rinks...

...all the other boys either worked on a farm, 
played football, soccer, something like that. 
I saw figure skating on TV. I said, 'Mom, I want to try it.' ...

 ...So she bought me a pair of used ice skates [yay Patti!]...

 ...I skated on a frozen cornfield behind my house...

...and that's how it all began. 
That's where the magic started."

"And how did they know that you were good?" Joan asks. 
"Somebody had to look at you and say, 'This boy has it.'"
"Our neighbors told my mom, 'You have to get him 
into a real ice rink where there are coaches and instructors.'
And I started at 12. Four years later, I was 
the Junior World Champion, and then five years after that, 
I was in my Olympics." [Cheers and applause.]

Johnny explains why he took two years off 
from competitive skating after the 2010 Olys: 
"I felt like I needed just some time to find 
who I was outside of ice skating. 
I needed to try singing, dancing, waitressing, 
doing whatever I wanted to do 
that my previous schedule didn't permit...

...I was on the ice morning to night, dieting, 
waking up really early, going to work, and that's all I did. 
So I really enjoyed two years off to be a normal person."

"Now you want to go into TV. You want to do like a 
Sonny and Cher show," Joan says. "Who do you see 
yourself as: Sonny or Cher?"
"Both. Sonny AND Cher."

"Are you circumcised?" Joan asks.
"I am."

"We've looked at your sense of style," Joan says, 
referring to the March 15 episode in which 
he was named #9 on the Fashion Police list 
of Sweet Sixteen Most Stylish Athletes. 
"Where do you get it from? Cuz it's very over-the-top."
"I like to wear things that make me happy. 
I like to put clothes on my back every day 
that I believe in the designer, I believe in 
the aesthetic, I believe in the color...

...I believe in what it can do for me physically....

...If I have a large-ass day, cover that up..."

Joan asks him to show what he considers 
to be one of his best looks. "One of my best looks 
was definitely at the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards. 
I was wearing Victor and Rolf, and this came right after 
the 2010 Olympics, and I was super-excited to be going 
to these Hollywood awards shows, and it was my first time. 
That was styled by Rachel Zoe, which was really 
exciting for me, and I just was me: the Edwardian collar, 
the glitter, the little half-gloves from Pat Field—
I just really felt like I gave it."

"Now show us what you thought 
was one of your worst looks."

"All right, this is the first time I met YOU, Miss Joan. 
We were actually at the 2010 Miss USA pageant in Vegas—"
"—Yes! Melissa and I were hosting that—"
"—and I, you know, I love this jacket, 
and there's a time and a place for it....

...It's a beautiful, beautiful Chris Benz creation, 
but it did not belong on me—"

"—You look great," says Joan, "but this outfit, 
there's something kind of sad about this outfit. 
It looks like something I would wear... 
Look how good we look!"

"Bitch, you stole my look!"Joan yells 
as she slaps him.

"He ripped off all four of our hosts, 
all four of the Fashion Police hosts!" Joan says. 
"Yes, I want to show you...

...Here you are at your birthday party..." 
(They also show photoshops of Kelly in 
Johnny's NOATG outfit, and George in Johnny's 
outfit above from the GLAAD awards.)

"Johnny, you are charged with making us feel 
incredibly relevant. So how do you plead to that?"

What are you going to do to me....?"

"As your punishment, you have to stay, 
if you would, with us, and play a game."

"It is now time for 'Starlet or Streetwalker'"
Joan announces. "We're here with Johnny Weir, 
and we're about to make Fashion Police history, 
because this is the very first time 
we have ever played this game with someone 
who has actually appeared in it."

"Did you think I was a streetwalker?"
"I think we said streetwalker."
"Good. With the hairy legs and the ice skates?"
"It's a different kind of streetwalker. You know."

It's Johnny's turn to discuss the photo.
"OK, They're in a mall, seemingly, 
so I'm going to go with, you know...

"...trying to pick up a little dime 
at the mall: streetwalker."

Alyssa, Kelly, and Johnny are laughingly horrified 
as the "streetwalker" is revealed to be 
Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz.

Alyssa offers her opinion on the next photo 
as Kelly stares in astonishment.

Johnny's turn: "I mean, my mind immediately goes 
to Paris Hilton, because didn't she do that—didn't she do 
that cheeseburger commercial where she... wore that? 
Was that her? It very well could be Paris Hilton, 
but I think it's just a straight-up hooker. So...

...BAM. Streetwalker." 
(He was correct.)

All too soon, it's time for him to go.
"Johnny, we want to thank you 
so very much," Joan gushes.

"Thank YOU, Joan!"

Closing credits!

Bonus pics!! Photo tweeted by makeup artist 
Mathias Alan: "Getting @johnnygweir #glammedup 
4 tonight’s @e_fashionpolice"

Photo tweeted by Mathias: "Got the #effervescent 
@johnnygweir and handsome @iamseanavery 
#glammedup 4 tonight’s @e_fashionpolice..."

Photo posted on Instagram by Mathias.

Photo tweeted by Joan Rivers: "Tonight on 
@e_fashionpolice our guest host is 
@Alyssa_Milano and we have sports cuties 
@ImSeanAvery & @JohnnyGWeir."

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aaaack said...

Johnny does so well on TV appearances that he does have a future in the media.

Love how Joan Rivers does not seem to age and is so full of life.

Think that after playing a high school student for most of her waking hours, that Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz wants it to be plain that in real life she has long graduated.

Atomic Wife said...

I'm so glad he's circumcised!! That was an awesome question with an awesome answer!