Thursday, March 14, 2013

While I Was Sleeping....

Photo posted to Weibo yesterday by Johnny: 
[Hello, from me and Tyoma!] 
I hope I wrote it correctly!"

So I finished The Massive Editing Project That Ate My Life But It's For A Client Who Actually Pays Which In The Freelance World Is Like Finding Bigfoot On A Unicorn Drinking Out Of The Holy Grail In Your Kitchen, so yay me.

While engulfed in this manuscript, I haven't had a chance to blog for nearly two weeks, which is a thing I do in between freelancing 26 hours a day and homeschooling and driving back and forth to the train station to drop off/pick up my daughter, a responsible, hard-working adult with an actualfax normal job, and going to the grocery store like it's my second home because no matter how often I go or which child accompanies me, no one ever remembers that we need either milk or toilet paper.

So I finished the project and was going to blog. But I decided to get a little sleep first.

And I discovered that sleeping for more than random 90-minute stretches every 12 hours or so—which is how I've lived for years because generally Binky is to sleep as Johnny is to food—is....

Wonderful. And highly addictive.

So I slept. And I liked it so much, I did it again. Like, for hours. And hours. Every day. For a number of days in a row.

And I'd check Twitter and Facebook on my phone here and there for like five minutes and see enchanting Johnny-and-Victor-related things and think, "Oh, I should blog that...." And then I'd just fall back asleep. Sometimes without even realizing it. In my head, I was still working. While having an animated conversation with Bigfoot about remembering to write "toilet paper" on the grocery list.

So ICYMI too, here's a few of those enchanting things, quickly, before I zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

From Our "Let Me Watch 
Just One Johnny Video On YouTube..." 
Said No One Ever Dept.

New video uploaded of Johnny's Swan Lake 
performance from Stars on Ice: Japan! With 
no commentary—just the music, the sound of 
his skates, and the audience reactions. 
Plus bonus interview at the end. 
Such a spellbinding program. 
Would love to see this live someday. Video link.

New video of Johnny's "Army of Me" 
from Holiday Dreams on Ice 2012 also released!
 Love both this program and the 
mind-bogglingly perfect costume. Video link.

And a new upload of an old favorite: Johnny's 2008 
Dreams On Ice performance to "Feelin' Good," 
also with no commentary. Love. Video link.

Best reaction to this video as it was making the rounds on Twitter, from my lovely friend Vicky: "I think that mesmerising rather than 'flamboyant' should be the most overused adjective when describing him." Yes.

I Love It When He's A 
Pop Culture Reference On Par 
With Anderson Cooper. Literally.

For some reason the last few days, Johnny and the Pope have been closely linked (there's some fan fic for you...)

First came this article from DAME Magazine on Tuesday:

The Pope Test

It turns out all applicants for the Pope job need to pass a simple written test.

It’s the biggest job in religion, and the competition will be fierce. But as the College of Cardinals enters its secretive conclave, which qualifications will they consider?

Luckily, DAME has managed to get its hands on several pages of the exhaustive internal questionnaire circulated among the candidates.

You can read the rest here, all of which is hilarious.

Then yesterday during the excitement over the conclave, which was being tracked on Twitter with the hashtag #popewatch, came this tweet:

(Must be the Prada, suggested @JEKitten.)

Johnny and Victor Went To See 
Dita Von Teese And All We Got Was 
Well, OK, The Best Pic Ever

Photo tweeted by Johnny 
sometime after the show: 
":) @vweirvoronov @ La Esquina"

And also this incredible fan art tweeted 
by @ayukovon, who explained
"I'd try to drawing [Johnny] like @DitaVonTeese :)"

Meanwhile, At Worlds...

Yes, Worlds is happening right now, with its crucial role in determining how many spots the US men will have on the Sochi 2014 Olympic team, all of which rests on the young but capable shoulders of Max Aaron and Ross Miner. Results of yesterday's short program are here; Phil Hersh's take and his explanation of Worlds/Oly spots is here (disclaimer: not really on board with Phil's Changasm, but your mileage may vary...). The men's free skate begins Friday at 5:45 pm EDT.

Johnny live-tweeted the short program and lots of support for the skaters, which was awesome, but my fav tweet of the night came from Victor:

To distract us tomorrow from the agonizing wait for the competition, please watch this space for a massive amount of gorgeous off-ice Johnny picspam... if I can stay awake long enough to post it...

Throwback Thursday bonus vid!! 
Promo for this year's Night of a Thousand Gowns 
featuring footage from last year's gala, 
at which Johnny received a knighthood. 
His portion is from about 2:47 to 3:14. 
Also see fabulous pics here and here.

Bonus pic!! Tweeted by Johnny 
this morning while I was still awake: 
"MAC shoot circa 2010 NYC. 

New on Johnny's website: 
Ice Dreams returns! (Though apparently 
not to Chicago, sadly.) More info here!

Patti has posted a new message 
on Johnny's Comeback Gift Fund website, 
with her thoughts on 2013 Nationals 
and what lies ahead for next season. 
Please go read it now!

ICYMI: "Something Beautiful." 
Exclusive new photos © David Ingogly.

A number of Johnny's auction items have been relisted
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Q and A! Go read it now!

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aaaack said...

It is very good that you got a big dose of beauty sleep. The body's immune system performs search, destroy, and repair while you are asleep. Sleep is underrated by modern civilization.

Thank you for blogging once again. You blog on a different plane and take us on your journeys and Johnny's journeys.