Friday, March 1, 2013

Of Husbands, Vixens, and Bicycles

Johnny and Kathy Griffin.
Photo tweeted by Kathy: 
"Forty five minutes and a triple axel away 
from an all-new LIVE #KATHY 
@BravoTV 11:30/10:30c!"

OMG. So much Johnnyness all in one day, climaxing (yes. That would be the correct term.) with his laugh-out-loud funny appearance alongside Margaret Cho and Carmen Electra on Kathy Griffin last night.

First, if you haven't had a chance to read these yet, please check out his three (yes, THREE) new blog posts from yesterday:

For the Falls Church News-Press: "Johnny’s World: Call Me Maybe," on why texting ≠ calling.

For USOC Team USA: "Team USA Looks Great," an analysis of the strength of the US figure skating team.

For ESPN: "Why I'm Not Competing This Year," a fascinating and honest must-read about his shortened 2013 season and his plans for 2014.

And then: savor every moment of Kathy's show. Because he was amazeballs.

The full episode! Johnny enters with Carmen 
and Margaret at about 10:00.
Video link.
UPDATE: Shorter version also on YouTube!
NOTE: SPOILERS in the captions below!

Johnny greets Kathy on the set. 
Per his tweet, he's wearing "Givenchy up top,
Garreth Pugh leather leggings and Lanvin wedges." 
And thus he looks 10 feet tall.

Margaret confides to Kathy that 
"whenever there's a new gay man, 
I always try to get him before you do."

A discussion of Johnny, Victor, and Victor's 
youthful obsession with the gorgeous Carmen Electra 
quickly ensues. Kathy explains that for years while 
Victor was still closeted, he had a poster of Carmen above his bed. 
In relaying the story to Kathy earlier in the week, 
Johnny had texted her that "the bitch has been over him 
more than I have," which cracks everyone up.

Johnny asks everyone to say hi to Victor.

Johnny explains that during those years....
(LOL at the captions quietly posted by the show)

...Victor's "cover girlfriend was Miss Carmen, 
and she laid on top of him every night 
while he was nuzzling off to sleep."

"Do you mind if we re-enact that?" Kathy asks.

Kathy tells Johnny to lie on his back...

...but she meant on the floor, not the couch, 
for a better camera angle.

Kathy cautions Johnny not to knee Carmen 
in... an awkward place. "Why?" he asks.
"Because this is not the Olympics, Johnny."

"Now you'll be playing your husband...

 ...and Carmen, you'll be playing your own poster."

"I'm sleeping Victor, and you're a vixen," 
Johnny explains helpfully.

"Oh!" says suddenly awake "Victor."

"Wow, this is amazing," Margaret observes.

"Incredible," Kathy agrees.

Kathy: "Why do I think that picture 
is going to be in US Weekly...?"

Next, they discuss Margaret's open relationship, 
and Johnny declares, "I'm an old-fashioned kind of girl. 
I like somebody to be wed to me always and forever, 
and only get... THIS [gesturing to himself.]
"He's serving you Downton Abbey right now," Margaret notes. 
"I'm the Dowager," says Johnny.

A Johnny-motorboating-Kathy moment, 
after which he declares, "I am now MORE gay."

Next up: Kathy's "Explain Yourself!" segment, 
in which she reveals photos of her guests 
and demands an explanation.

Johnny is helpless with laughter...

...upon seeing the photo of him that Kathy has found.

"What IS that?"

"Am I smoking a cigarette?...
That's not me. That didn't happen."

"I don't have a bicycle! I drive a Lexus!"

Applause for Margaret and Kathy's scene 
in which they portray their mothers discussing 
Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea.

Kathy asks Johnny about the feud that developed 
between him and Bethenny Frankel when he was 
judge on 2010's Skating With the Stars 
(this part of Kathy's show is already on HuffPo today).

Johnny explains that in-between filming SWTS episodes, 
he went to Australia, and someone sent him a link 
to an article in which Bethenny claimed that Johnny 
"was jealous of her... womanness. And that offended me 
as, you know, just an 'almost-woman.' 
Because if I wanted to be any woman in the world, 
it would NOT be Bethenny Frankel."

"And she wasn't listening to our remarks on the skating. 
I'm the professional skater. If anyone can dish it, 
I'm allowed to. I'm... The Ice Skater."

Later, in a conversation about pressures to be thin, 
Carmen is thrilled that Johnny is pleased with 
her ability to correctly pronounce "grand jeté."

During a discussion of The Maury Show
with which Kathy is currently obsessed,
Johnny demonstrates his...

..."Baby Daddy walk."

Johnny photobombs Carmen for support 
when she's asked to do her "Slut Walk."

Johnny and Margaret demonstrate proper steps 
to prepare for a fight on Maury, including 
removing one's shoes and earrings.

"You betta hold mah baby!"

"Have any of you been in a fistfight lately?" Kathy asks.
"Only for entertainment, and for 
good purposes," Johnny says. "Hi, Victor."
"I think you're referring to the kind 
of fistfight that's naked in bed..."

In the final segment of the show, 
three audience members compete in an 
off-ice "Ice Dancing With the Stars" contest. 
To begin, Kathy asks Johnny: "Can you please 
give me 10 or 15 seconds of some sort of 
fabulous scary dancing, or an axel?"

Why yes. Yes, he can.

Including the axel.

As the first contestant begins, Johnny works at 
getting his shoes back on while noting, 
"I can see your panties."

The third contestant is clearly the winner....

...prompting Kathy to announce, 
"That doesn't seem like it was fair at all."

Johnny awards the medals "that have no value"... Kathy bids her audience goodbye.
Absolutely loved every minute.

Bonus pics!! Photo tweeted by Johnny before the show: 
"It's happening. @margaretcho @kathygriffin 
carmenelectra so excited! @ CBS Television City Studios"

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
"Post show realness (weave) with 
@kathygriffin. @ The Grove"

Photo tweeted by Tiffany Rinehart, Kathy's assistant: 
"Love me some @JohnnyGWeir #KATHY"

Photo tweeted by Paris: 
Kathy Griffin, Johnny, Suze Orman, and Paris.

Fan art!! Tweeted by @ayukovon 
immediately after the show....

...followed by Johnny Baby Daddy: 
"@JohnnyGWeir Delightful show, 
you were so cool and cute!! Thank you!!"

Very special thanks 
to Jenn Kittler for the video 
and her help with screencaps!

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