Thursday, March 21, 2013

"An Inspiration to All Skaters"

Johnny training at The Cooler near Atlanta 
earlier this week. Photo tweeted by Victor.

So I’m embroiled in yet another massive editing project, this one being an LOTR-style fantasy story that is even longer than the last one, though happily with fewer errors and the added bonus of being almost... interesting, but that’s why there’s been a decided lack of blogness this week, plus also our refrigerator suddenly quit working which resulted in our having to store all the food that we had JUST bought (of course, because timing is everything and also a giant cosmic joke) out on the juliet balcony—accessible only via narrow windows—of our third-floor walkup, because fortunately while the rest of the northern hemisphere is enjoying spring, we here in Chicago continue to enjoy our wintry temperatures in the way that one enjoys distant relatives whose political leanings are from another planet where people are stupid and who have worn out the tattered remains of their welcome to the point that one considers gently depositing them in their sleep out on the juliet balcony with the butter and the bologna and the beady-eyed raccoons perched with frighteningly intense anticipation in nearby trees, and which meant that in between reading reading reading and awaiting the arrival of a new refrigerator, I’ve had to periodically crawl out the window onto the balcony at the speed of light, before the cats have time to comprehend that the Window To Freedom That Is Also Forty Feet Above The Ground is both open and screenless, to retrieve milk (because we actually remembered to buy some for once, right before the fridge died) along with every scrap of food out there because I live with an impossibly skinny teenage boy whose conversation is limited to, “Is there anything to eat?” And then crawl out again ten minutes later to put all the leftovers back.

So that’s been my week (I am not making this up), in which I was resignedly fully engaged late Tuesday night, when Johnny randomly tweeted that he was doing something amazing for his fans:

Yes: the chance to watch him practice, just him alone on the ice, which is magic in itself, PLUS the opportunity to meet him and get an autograph and a photo. 

For free. Because he’s just that awesome. 

So here’s a brief look at how that went:

Photo tweeted by @GKuse: 
“@JohnnyGWeir stopped by the rink today. 
Thank you for the pictures! :)

Photo tweeted by @TheCoolerRink: 
“@JohnnyGWeir meet and greet at @thecoolerrink
 this morning #figureskating #teamrussia #iceskating”

Photo tweeted by @TheCoolerRink: 
“@JohnnyGWeir at the cooler today 
takings pics at today’s meet and greet”

Photo tweeted by @TheCoolerRink: 
“@johnnygweir with Cooler Front Desk staff Jill 
at this morning meeting an greet #iceskating…”

Photo tweeted by @TheCoolerRink: 
“@johnnygweir with a group of the 
#atlantafigureskatingclub #figureskating 
#iceskating #olympicskater”

Photo tweeted by @WendiNHiller: 
“Big thank you to @JohnnyGWeir for coming 
to the cooler and meeting everyone!!!!! 
Such an inspiration to all skaters!”

From Our Seriously Why 
Isn’t He Just On Every TV Show 
It Would Make Programming My DVR 
So Much Simpler (“Record All”) Dept.

According to the Stars on Ice website (which is normally not a place I would ever go because Stars on Ice):

The Stars on Ice “Now & Then” Tour featuring Dorothy Hamill and Kurt Browning was recorded for television at the Namihaya Dome in Osaka, Japan on January 6, 2013. The one-hour syndicated television special will be shown on network affiliates across the country from January through May, 2013.

This is the show in which Johnny performed his Swan Lake program as the Black Swan Prince, so here’s hoping his performance is included in the one-hour broadcast! (Although be forewarned that it may not be.) The show is scheduled to air this Sunday, March 24, at 2 pm EDT in the metro NYC area on WABC, as well as in additional markets around the country in the coming weeks. Check the broadcast list here for your area, and enjoy Johnny’s performance again below while you wait....

He’s also slated to appear on E! Entertainment’s Fashion Police at 10 pm EDT next Friday, March 29! The show is doing a countdown all month of “Most Stylish Athletes,” and named Johnny #9 on the list last week (I have no idea why he’s not #1, unless perhaps the placements are determined by some type of IJS-style scoring system, in which case [SPOILER]: congratulations to timeless style icon Patrick Chan). I believe they’ll be counting down to the top spot next Friday, with Johnny offering his fashion expertise along the way.

From Johnny’s website
Yes, it would. So don’t miss it!!

Bonus pics!! Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
“Dinner with @lilivoronov @vweirvoronov 
and #PapaTolik @ Viande Rouge Steakhouse”

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
“My mother-in-law. Glamour 101. 
@lilivoronov @ Viande Rouge Steakhouse”

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
“Les Parents”: Lili and Tony Voronov.
Please revisit the Voronovs’ wonderful 
interview from Figure Skating Days here.

Fan art!! Tweeted by @ayukovon: 
“@JohnnyGWeir Hi! I couldn’t go there,
but I deliver my mind. :)“ 
Love this so much.

Throwback Thursday bonus pics!! 
I stumbled across these recently...  
From Sundance’s promotional shoot for 
Be Good Johnny Weir Season 1, I believe. 
Photo © J.C. Dhien.

He’s just the best thing ever.
Photo © J.C. Dhien, from his website
For a fascinating look behind the scenes 
of the famous Sundance promo vid
please see this Tumblr.

ICYMI: “Timeless.” 
40+ exclusive new black-and-white
photos © David Ingogly.

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