Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Speed(o) Reading

Photo tweeted by Johnny 
on the husbands' last full day in Aruba: 
"Goodnight from Aruba! 
@ The Westin Resort & Casino"

I realize that no matter what else I do with this post today, you're only going to be half-reading it, because your eyes are going to keep drifting back up to the top of the blog, and then you'll suddenly snap to, and you'll scroll a little farther down and try valiantly to pay. attention. to. the. words., and then you'll find yourself scrollllllling back up again... 

...and then.... oh yes, scrolling down and... reading! Yes, reading this post!... 

...although for some reason every other word looks like "Speedo"... scrollllllllllll....

So here, let me help you. Here he is again. You don't even have to scroll.

We'll just keep sprinkling him in here at random intervals so you can continue happily reading, knowing that at any moment he and his Speedo will pop up again into your field of vision... Not that that makes it any easier to concentrate on the silly words cluttering up the space between the photos, but it does make it more fun to skim through them, like fast-forwarding through the Super Bowl to get to the commercials.

Anyway, the husbands are home from Aruba, but the Happy Island followed them, in the form of this initially delightfully incomprehensible article that popped up yesterday via @24oranews, the main online news for Aruba and Antilles. Of course fans immediately leapt onto it and just as quickly leapt off again and began casting about frantically for a translator, a requirement that became even more urgent when the go-to translator workhorse, Google Translate, dutifully chewed up the article first as Spanish and then as Portuguese, and spat out LOLWUT both times. We soon realized that we were desperately in need of....

...and also some grasp of what language this thing was actually written in, which turned out to be the distinctive and fascinating dialect known as Papiamento, an official language of Aruba that is a unique mix of Spanish, Portuguese, various African and Native American languages, plus English and Dutch and maybe some Italian and Indonesian thrown in because hey, why limit yourself to a dozen languages when all of them will do? It was quickly apparent that "Papiamento" itself roughly translates to, "Good luck finding an online translator that can handle THIS."

Fortunately Johnny's fanbase is made up of amazingly talented people, and so my lovely friend Elena Demaria, who speaks IDEK how many languages, immediately recognized the text as Papiamento, and though it's not as familiar to her, she volunteered to take a crack at translating the gist of the article to give us something more than the baffling though highly entertaining "in future maybe uno even, because; also interesting..." phrasings we were getting. And so here you go.

Oh, and here's the rough translation. We think it's close-ish, anyway.

Aruban Olympic Committee Meets With 
World Champion and Olympic Figure Skater 
Johnny Weir

(OK, Imma stop you right there. Let's all spend a moment savoring "World Champion" whilst said champion is still within view there. Cuz yes he is. In our hearts, always.)

(OK. Moving on.)

The encounter will be beneficial in the future and also interesting for the Aruban Olympic Committee (AOC) and for Aruba in general. On Thursday night, during the meeting with Johnny Weir, Señora Miriam Baiz, a member of the directors of the AOC, gave an AOC pin to Señor Weir, who was very pleased with this kind gesture. Also present for the occasion were the director of the Aruban Tourism Authority, Señora Ronella Tjin-Asjoe-Croes, along with Señora Sjeidi Feliciano.

Meeting at the request of Johnny Weir, the AOC accepted his invitation to have a conversation to get to know each other and to work together. In the meeting with Señor Weir, which was very friendly, he stated that he'd like to work in cooperation with the AOC to support the athletes of Aruba and to help the AOC and its athletes learn more about the world of figure skating. The proposal includes a demonstration of the sport of figure skating in Aruba in cooperation with the ATA, since this would also help promote Aruba as a tourist destination. [Note: IDK if they have ice rinks there, but there are plans to build one in Oranjestad.] On behalf of the AOC, Señora Miriam Baiz was grateful for the invitation. As a representative of the sport capable of promoting a message around the world, Señor Weir offers his expertise and experience in marketing to both the Committee and its athletes. The AOC will contact him in the future as needed.

And also there were photos accompanying the article!

No, I mean these:

Left to right: Sjeidi Feliciano, the husbands 
(looking considerably less sunburned than we feared), 
Ronella Tjin-Asjoe-Croes, and Miriam Baiz.

Miriam Baiz gives Johnny an AOC pin.

Johnny and Miriam.

Sjeidi, Johnny, Miriam, and Victor.

So excited to see this wonderful partnership between the husbands and Aruba continue to develop! I can't think of anyone better-suited to be worldwide ambassadors than Johnny and Victor. Congratulations!

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Read more about the show in this brief blurb from Women's Wear Daily. Fingers crossed that Getty or some other non-watermark-crazed service is covering this...

Bonus pics!! Fabulous fan art 
once again from @ayukovon! 
Absolutely love this.

OK, OK, one more.

Very special thanks to 
Elena Demaria (@blacklace28)
for her invaluable translation work!

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Nancy Knisley said...

Seems to me that it would be easier for Aruba to send figure skaters to the Olympics than it was for Jamaica to send a bobsled team. Go Aruban Figure Skating Team!

While the Papiamento translation web site may perhaps need just a wee bit more tweaking, it did get "in," "future," and "also interesting" right.