Friday, February 1, 2013

Flashback Friday: Skaterpalooza!

Johnny having way too much fun
at late-night rehearsal, December 2012.
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

Today we present the first in a ridiculously long series of shots from the Saturday rehearsal for Holiday Dreams on Ice, but before we flash back to a freezing cold ice rink in the middle of December, let's check in with the husbands in Aruba, where they are industriously burning themselves to a crisp despite this plea echoed by fans around the world: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT ON SOME FREAKING SUNSCREEN.

Photo tweeted by Victor:
"feel the burn."

Johnny's plans for today include re-burning his sunburn, apparently thinking this strategy will render him a lovely shade of skin cancer gold in time for Fashion Week, which begins next Thursday, February 7. While I have my doubts about the results he's going to get from this approach, which seems reminiscent of re-nuking something you've already nuked to death in the microwave in the wistful hope that the second or third time around it will somehow magically recombine its molecules into something other than that odd, driftwood-like texture of the seriously overcooked, I have to admire his ever-present sense of fashion and ability to color-coordinate, because he certainly was a gorgeously perfect match for the sunburn-colored walls of the Aruba Department of Tourism yesterday:

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
"Such a joy to meet with @ArubaTourism 
and Aruba Olympic Committee this afternoon! 
What a happy country Aruba is..."

Also this happened:

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"An older gentleman full of jokes 
tried to take our pic using an iphone. 
This is what we got."

And so we leave the husbands to their continued rest, relaxation, and quixotic quest to spontaneously combust, whilst we return to the rink and its natural denizens: vampirically pale figure skaters....

The following Holiday Dreams on Ice picspam all comes from the first practice the elite skaters—who were all completely amazing BTW—had together, the night before the show, at an out-of-the-way skating club on Long Island from about 10 pm until well after midnight. We arrived just in time from our 14-hour drive to race to the rink and start madly photographing everything...

About ten minutes in, Davey and I both realized something: how absolutely thrilled the other skaters seemed—despite the last-minute changes, the late hour, and the utter chaos involved in learning ever-evolving group choreography under very tight time constraints—to be there.

Specifically, they were thrilled to be there with Johnny

Given his tortured history with US Figure Skating, it was equally thrilling for us to see how much respect and admiration his fellow skaters had for him, how much they genuinely seemed to like him, and how they seemed maybe a tiny bit dazzled by him. They all wanted to talk to him, listen to him, laugh with him, play with him...

It was wonderful.

And thus the pics are wonderful.

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Kayso it is really really boring 
when Johnny is not on the ice, 
as Samantha Cesario, Taylor Toth,...

...Kiri Baga, Max Aaron,...

...and Zach Donohue and his partner 
Madison Hubbell can attest.

Yay! Here he is! 
(That's Jason Brown in the middle 
between Max and Ross Miner.)

Hmmmm... Things seem seriously.... serious over there 
with the choreographer. And dull.

But not for long.

Yay! We're skating!

Now we're a chorus line! 
But we don't really get how it works! 
To Johnny's left is Olympian Emily Hughes.

(Zach Donohue's expression kills me here.)

Break time! And he's surrounded...

Then everyone takes off 
to do their own thing for a minute. 
Johnny's catching up on Twitter when Max returns 
for a moment of quiet conversation.

Then Ross joins them...

...and then it's back to work...

...sort of....

...uh oh...

...choreographer Kori Ade (Jason's coach) 
would really like everybody to Pay. Attention.

Johnny shields them from Kori's wrath...

...and now, on another quick break, 
they're all deep in conversation with him, 
while Ross rests his head for a second...

...on Johnny's fur vest.

More rehearsal pics coming soon! 
In which much hilarity continues to ensue....


Exclusive photos © David Ingogly.

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germansoulmate said...

Best picspam ever...well until the next batch of best picspam ever. I love those pics of figure skaters interacting...and when there is this much fun is involved Friday is made.

Thank you so, so much, Davey too.

When do you intent to continue?

Can´t wait.



Please, don´t let us wait too long.

aaaack said...

Wonderful pictures