Monday, February 11, 2013

Because It's Monday

Johnny at General Idea's F/W 2013 presentation, 
from the NY Mag slideshow. Please be sure to click twice 
for gloriously huge full-size view. Love the hair.

OK, this Fashion Week continues to amaze with its utter dearth of Johnny photos. I am at a loss to understand this oversight, but remain hopeful that perhaps Tuesday will bring something beyond tiny thumbnails that, when clicked, begin gasping for breath under the agonizing weight of their own watermarks whilst forlornly wishing they had been invited to mingle with the cool kids over at the wire services (Getty: What are you doing. Only two images labeled "Front row," which are only sort of, and anyway are shot from the wrong angle to allow us to see Johnny).

So per his tweet, we'll  be watching for photos of him from Asher Levine's presentation Tuesday at 7 pm EST, and then again at 9:30 pm at The Blonds, where the show will be available via livestream (yes!!). Sadly, Chris Benz is taking this Fashion Week off, so no photo ops there.

UPDATE: Oooooooo! He'll be at Alice+Olivia today, and part of Tumbler and Tipsy's presentation tomorrow (I think)! Fingers crossed for pics!

Until then, here's all that we have of him and his hair at General Idea....

Photo tweeted by @FireworksNYC (thank you!).

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
"General Idea Show+Me & Designer Bumsuk Choi."

Photo via Tumblr.

NYFW video!! Here's Johnny being interviewed
 (in Russian) by NTV-America at last week's presentation 
hosted by DEPESHA magazine at the Russian Consulate. 
Johnny’s portion begins at about 0:56. According to 
dear Tatiana Edrenkina, he says: 
"Russian style is of course different. They always wear 
fur coats, diamonds. Everything's excessive." 
NTV-America also refers to him as "Olympic medalist." :D
Video link.

From Our OK Fine Then 
We'll Just Make Do With Some Other Timelessly Gorgeous Photos Dept.

So Johnny posted this photo on Instagram recently for Throwback Thursday...

"Blackbook Photo Shoot Outtake 2006. 

...which reminded me that I had gotten a request—quite some time ago, actually (gaaaaaaah sorry!)—from a reader looking for the BlackBook photos, because only one remains on BlackBook's site (when you click the link for the full gallery, you get a heartrending "page not found" error).

So since we're experiencing this heavy drought of Johnny photos at the moment and also since the next Throwback Thursday seems like miles and miles from here and also because hair and also who needs a reason besides the fact that these are the BlackBook photos: Here you go. The BlackBook photos.

Please, please click any photo twice for fabulously huge view. Absolutely one of the best shoots ever. Very special thanks to the dear Photo Ninja who dug these up for me. ♥

Behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot. 
These couldn't be located in huge size, 
but they're still amazing.

Johnny at the shoot with 
the photographer, David Armstrong.

Video montage of the shoot, 
including one extra behind-the-scenes pic.

Auction update: This necklaceseen here on Johnny 
during an appearance in Las Vegas
is available only through today!

A number of Johnny's auction items have been relisted
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Speaking of husbands:  PLEASE VOTE 
for Husbands the Series and its star, Brad Bell 
 Love this show so much. 

Screencap of the awesomely happy WinterPride page. 
Please go check it out, if only to enjoy 
endless replays of the little skater gif... 
The event is not on Johnny's website yet, 
so IDK if it's for real, but if so: Tickets are just $20 
and it looks like serious fun!

ICYMI: Skaterpalooza! 40+ exclusive pics 
of Johnny with figure skaters Max Aaron, 
Ross Miner, Zach Donohue, and more!

Please alert absolutely everyone you've ever met 
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Landing quads and kicking ass!
Read his comeback statement 
and the update on his website!

Please click to vote for Johnny 
once a day as "Best Sportsman"
Because he retweeted Luisa Lotka to tell us 
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Q and A! Go read it now!

Yes! Johnny's dresses are now available
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At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
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Johnny tweeted:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
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You know what to do.
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LauraL said...

Excusez-moi, but what exactly are these breathtaking BlackBook photos??! Havent't seen nearly all of them before...damn this "new-fan-thing"!!! All I can say is that I have now a new, gorgeous desktop background picture!:D Did I understand correctly, is Johnny modelling somewhere and could it be seen live from somewhere?:)

Binky and the Misfit Mimes said...

I THINK Johnny is modeling for the Tumbler & Tipsy show tomorrow at 11 am EST, but IDK if there's a livestream for that. The Blonds has a livestream, but I think he's front-row there, not modeling--hoping for glimpses of him on-camera though!

LauraL said...

Ok, thanks for answering!:)