Thursday, January 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday: A Banner Day in Russia

Johnny in Moscow, autographing a banner 
brought to Cup of Russia by his Japanese fans. 
Exclusive photo © Nadya Vasilyeva.

So today we have part 2 of the lovely series of exclusive Russia picspam from Nadya Vasilyeva, a welcome relief from endless Netflix popups and the Rachael vs. Guy fan-vote screen, which has segued from a fun! fan! activity! yay! Johnny! to a searingly bitter reminder of bots the staggering popularity of bacon-infested hamburger topped with... bacon. Seriously, people? football over the actual cooking inspiration involved in boldly creating avocado mayonnaise figure skating in this country.

Sometimes I fear for our collective bacon-wrapped soul.

A brief recap of this week's voting:

Standings as of 10:30 am EST Tuesday, 
after vote totals from last week 
were zeroed out...

...three hours later,
1:36 pm EST Tuesday...

...but by 2:30 am EST Wednesday,
international fans, voting while it was nighttime 
in the US, had given Johnny the lead,
battling back against Hines' 280,000+ Twitter followers 
and 1.4 MILLION Facebook fans.

But then this happened.
Vote totals as of 10:50 am EST Wednesday, 
after an additional Facebook group of 55,000+ 
Steelers fans got wind of our voting...
("Hines down to 47% of the vote 
with an Ice Skater on his heels...
no no no... this won't do.")
While I applaud their zeal, somehow I can't help 
but hear a TONE in the phrase "Ice Skater"...

Which brings us to this morning:

Vote totals as of 8:30 am EST Thursday. 
Fans' determination moved Johnny from 14 percent 
to 15 percent in the last three hours!

A number of fans have questioned whether these insanely ridiculous percentages (although hey, Hines is down from a high of 80 percent six hours ago!) could signal one or more vote bots. While here in the real world anything's possible, it has been reported to me that Food Network, in response to fans' polite requests to check in on the voting, noted with adorably charming naïveté that "it is not possible to cheat on the poll."

Apparently they've never heard of Google. Or macros. (Actual simple programming macros, not this kind.)

So IDK. But given the fact that our fanbase is roughly only 5 percent the size of Hines' fanbase, keeping Johnny in 2nd place at 15 percent—whether against humans or bots—is a damn fine achievement, and would not be happening without our dedicated voting. So please let's continue to vote on, 10x/day from every available device / browser / phone borrowed from random people in line ahead of me at the grocery store with bacon in their carts...

Yes, my captain—we're still on it! 

Auction update: This gorgeous leather jacket
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benefit in 2007, is available!

A number of Johnny's auction items have been relisted
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OK! On to the picspam! This is a continuation of Tuesday's series from Russia, with special thanks to Nadya Vasilyeva for these exclusive photos.

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Presented with a banner brought to 
Cup of Russia by his Japanese fans, Johnny signs it...

...with a heart...

...and his married name.

Another banner to autograph...

...and another...

...and now it's Victor's turn!

Aaaaand one more....

And then the first banner is turned around 
to reveal all the signatures and messages 
of love and support from the Japanese fans 
who produced the banner.

More husbands....

Then it's time to go....

...but the husbands take a moment for just one more pic, 
with photographer Nadya!

Bonus Celeb Cook-Off fan art!! 
Tweeted by lovely @ayukovon: "VOTE!"

Bonus video!! Promo for this Sunday's episode: 
"I see a bouncy house, water guns, games, 
balloon animals... OMG. This could be an issue." 
Featuring special guest Rico Rodriguez
who plays Manny on Modern Family.
Video link.

More bonus video!! This version of Johnny's Bad Romance 
from Fashion on Ice was just uploaded, and I don't recall 
seeing it previously (although I might have missed it. 
But he's always worth watching again!). 
As fan-cams go, this one captures his performance 
pretty well, but what especially struck me was 
how much better you can hear the crowd's reaction 
to him than you can in the broadcast version. 
He is such an outstanding performer and connects so well 
with the audience. Please please please could we have 
more of him doing stuff like this in the US....?
Video link.

Yay for vacation!! 
Plus maybe a twitpic or two....?

Don't miss this gorgeous series of photos
from last Friday's blog post: "Golden." 
Exclusive photos © David Ingogly.

And more gorgeous photos are now available 
from Johnny's interview at Cup of Russia.

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Patti has posted a new message 
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Peace said...

I told ya from the get-go there's always sketchiness when there are Johnny votes involved!! I called bullshit!! Anyhoo I'm still voting out here in the suck and I disregard all Hines votes as poopyhead behavior (altho mr. Hines is portrayed as an ok guy enough for a man who got paid to run around after a ball for way too much money with a lot less grace and skill and intelligence required than say, and ICE SKATER) so in my world Johnny is winning even with only 15% this morning.

germansoulmate said...

Awwwww....that´s too precious. I love these pics. They just made my day worthwile. Thank you to Nadya for taking them.

LauraL said...

Could anyone tell me what's wrong with my browser, because I don't see near all the twitter symbols Johnny and others use? I have the most recent Firefox browser.

That "Bad Romance" version...oh my! There were some manoeuvres that I hadn't seen before! Like the strutting "walk" or the thing he did with his "back garnish".:) Oh how I wish could see him skate from the ice stadium audience, not always from my computer screen or something...maybe someday.

"@ayukovon"'s picture...just adorable! And he's in that hot corset holding his favourite kitchen tool! Wow!:)