Monday, January 21, 2013

Captain Glitter Fights On

Johnny listens to the explanation 
of this week's challenge from Rachael—who had just 
greeted her own team, "Hello champs!"—with 
a look that prompted this question on Twitter
"Is there an Emmy for best bitchface 
in a competition-based reality show?"

Video!! Just the Johnny highlights—
just the way we like it. 
Video link.
Full episode available on the 
Rachael vs. Guy website or here

Yes, my captain—we're on it
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OK, to be honest, I find myself enjoying this show far more than I thought I would, since cooking shows are totally not my thing. But every episode has captured my attention, made me laugh out loud, and gotten me invested enough in the teams that I'm always sorry to see another contestant eliminated. This week was especially awesome, with Johnny taking his mission quite seriously: "I know I have to pull out all the stops..." And he did. And so I'll be watching again next week...

Also: He and Dean McDermott are priceless together.

Warning: Spoilers below!

Team Guy strategizes for today's challenge:
"No matter what they throw at us this week, 
I have to step outside of my comfort zone of chicken, 
and just be... BETTER."

"My little Johnny's growing... "


At Mel's Diner, Guy explains: "You are going to create 
the real-deal dining experience for your guests. 
Two people in the back cooking, one person out front 
working with the wait staff. 
Can you feel the magic?" Yes, until...

...Team Guy learns that Team Rachael 
gets to assign them their sandwiches.

More bring-it-on bitchface
as Johnny awaits his assignment, 
which turns out to be: the chicken club. 
"I've made chicken the past two weeks, so I feel like 
I'm staying exactly where I am," 
he explains to the camera, "but it isn't my fault."

But then Guy makes it all better 
with this suggestion:
"Between Chilli and Johnny, who is going to be 
the team captain? If I may weigh in, I think: 
Captain Glitter."


Stuck with chicken for the third week in a row, 
Captain Glitter is concerned about showing Rachael 
and Guy that he's serious about this competition, 
and that he truly wants to become a better cook. 
In the Team Guy planning session, he tells Guy: 
"I wanted to do a little avocado mayonnaise..."

"GENIUS! Fantastic! Love that!" Guy confirms. 
Then he goes on to emphasize to his team: 
"It's not just about the food this time. 
It's a full experience, 
so Johnny, you—"

"—oh, I'm gonna be REAL gay." 

"You're gay?"
(Best moment of the entire episode.)

And it's off to the kitchen.

Hard at work to get everything ready, 
Johnny shares The Manicure Simile: 
"There's nothing more tedious than prepping... 
It's like making sure you cut every little piece 
of cuticle skin before you get a manicure."

Guy tells Johnny he needs to slice his turkey breast more thinly...

(...but I'm riveted by Johnny's hair.)

Showtime! Johnny with Piper, one of Mel's experienced 
"slingers," who will be helping him out 
in the front of the house.

"Can I get some fries with that shake?" Rachael asks.

Johnny confides his serving strategy: 
"To be honest, I'm trying to be as over-the-top as possible. 
I need to add some kicks, I need to turn, 
I need to joke with people... 
They have to sit through another whole team 
doing the same thing, so I need to set us apart 
from Rachael's team."

"I will do a little swivel moment for you guys..."

Crisis in the kitchen: Orders are piling up, 
and service is taking forever. 
So Captain Glitter springs into action...

... or rather, rolls. It's a strategy that pays off. 
Diners enthuse: "Johnny really did carry the show, 
and he was—yeah, he was the most memorable," 
"Johnny was hilarious," and "He kind of got our mind off 
the waiting on the food, but he kept our attention. 
It was fun."

Dean: "I look out at the front of the house, 
and our diners are having a blast."

Finally finished—and totally exhausted. 
"Sooooo... THAT was a journey..."

The moment of truth. Guy sums up the guests' judgments: 

"People loved the avocado sauce on your turkey sandwich. 
The turkey was seasoned perfectly. 
Some people thought the bread was unevenly toasted—"
Dean: "—That's my bad."

Guy: "On your service: You nailed it 
in the front of the house, my friend. 
People thought you were fun, 
you had great energy, 
and loooooved your skating."

But moments later, Team Guy is devastated 
to learn that they have lost again to Team Rachael. 
Chilli and Dean, as the bottom two finishers, 
must battle it out in the blind tasting 
by creating milkshakes.

Captain Glitter encourages his teammates: 
"Oh, beautiful, Daddy..."

"...Chilli, make your mouth happy... 
Make your tongue sparkle... 
One minute, my darlings...."

Sadly, it's Chilli who has to say goodbye 
to her teammates, leaving only 
Dean and Johnny to battle on for Team Guy.

Bonus video!! Promo for next week's episode: 
"I see a bouncy house, water guns, games, 
balloon animals... OMG. This could be an issue." 
Featuring special guest Rico Rodriguez
who plays Manny on Modern Family.

"What's your favorite salty food?"

Kid shouting: "You look like a devil!"

"Kids are horrible."
(OK, he's really great with kids, 
so I'm fascinated to know how this particular group 
could possibly fail to respond to him...)

Bonus pic!! Photo tweeted by Victor 
Sunday afternoon: 
"Getting ready for #RvG tonight, 
@JohnnyGWeir decided he needed to 
cook something. @FoodNetwork"

Very special thanks to 
Jenn Kittler for her invaluable 
screencapping skillz, 
and to Wendy Stevenz 
for the videos! 

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LauraL said...

Johnny's hair. Oh yes. I drew my attention to the same subject matter. He had a real hair-do back there! With pins and everything!:D It looked really cultured! And of course people loved his skating, I mean who wouldn't?!:))) And did he really say "Oh, beautiful, Daddy..." ...because I didn't notice it, but sounds just like Johnny.:D Oh, and about manicures...I'm a woman, and never had one, so I feel a bit left out...I just don't have the extra cash.