Friday, December 28, 2012

The Husbands 2012: The Year in Pictures

December 2011. 
A look back, tweeted by Victor earlier this month and captioned "VICTORY," at that beautiful moment nearly a year ago. For more on the year that was, please be sure to read Johnny's latest column for the Falls Church News-Press, "Johnny’s World: The 2012 Plan."

New Year's Eve 2011.
The famous photo tweeted by Victor about 12 hours after we learned they had gotten married, and which then ran everywhere, including People's article announcing their marriage.

January 2012.
On their honeymoon in Punta Cana.

Johnny announces his return to competition, with Victor by his side for photos after the press conference.

The husbands at the Standard Hotel's Midwinter Night's Skate party, hosted by Johnny and Sasha Cohen.

February 2012.
The husbands attend the HRC gala, and NealB in NYC lands the best interview ever, from which this screencap comes. #ThankGodforVictor

At Fashion Week.

March 2012.
Тёма! And the introduction of a new blog feature: Pupdates.

At the GLAAD Awards, where they made a special presentation.

And at the Imperial Court of New York's annual "Night of a Thousand Gowns" glamtacular charity ball, at which Johnny was knighted.

April 2012.

May 2012.
More Aruba: Victor fills out his scuba paperwork while Johnny sobs.

And Tara and Josh get married!

June 2012.
Johnny spends about six months in China during June, then returns to undertake a secret mission in LA.

July 2012.
Birthday bash!

August 2012.
Chilling at Jaguar's NYC event. Plus bonus Victor in skates!

September 2012.
Johnny and Victor attend the launch party for Lady Gaga's Fame perfume, which was mostly a livestream of the guest of honor sleeping, but no one cared anyway because Johnny's HAIR. Related: Eric Alt reaffirms his status as a god among Beauty Bears.

Be Good Johnny Weir Season 2 premieres in the midst of the Weir-Voronov-Curkos' ongoing series, Fancy Dinner Fridays.

October 2012.
Тёма attends his first practice at the rink as Johnny prepares for Finlandia Trophy.

The husbands in Finland.

BGJW2 season finale, and the moment we've all been waiting for: Victor!

Surviving Hurricane Sandy.

November 2012.
Johnny's Grand Prix return is cut short by injury and the husbands suddenly find themselves in a Kafka novel, during which Johnny tweets one of the best photos of the year.

But finally: safely home.

December 2012.
At Rockefeller Center after Johnny's mesmerizingly fierce performance of "Army of Me" on the Today Show.

And at the HDOI VIP party.
Exclusive photo © David Ingogly.

Dearest Johnny and Victor, 
happy first anniversary! 
Thank you for so generously sharing 
your journey with us. 
Love is love, and the two of you are 
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A Very Johnny Christmas. 
ICYMI: Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
"I've just thoroughly frightened Santa. 
I asked for a Birkin and handcuffs."

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"Awesome sweatshirt contest winner."

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Unknown said...

I think my favorite photo is September's, with the hair.

Or the Husbands kissing at the July birthday bash.

Or the March GLAAD Awards photo.

No, it's definitely Fashion Week!!

But then again.....

Does Johnny & Victor (and David) ever take a bad photo? ;)


aaaack said...

As Gertrude Stein would say, love is love is love. Only trolls or ogres would deny folks truly in love from living together and making a lifelong commitment.

Us fans love how Johnny and Victor support each other with maturity and respect. And how both roll with the challenges of being in the public eye.