Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random Tuesday Roundup, Or: OMG Johnny's Coming to Chicago!

Here's the flyer!! See you there!
Proceeds from the event will benefit TPAN
which also is awesome.

In the long line of firsts that Johnny has inspired in my life—first trip to an ice show, first time to meet an actualfax international skating star, first trip to upstate New York, first trip to Manhattan (I drove through the Lincoln Tunnel in rush hour!), first attendance at an Ice Theatre Gala, first Twitter convo with someone from Japan / China / Russia / England / Czech Republic / Germany / Finland / Australia / Taiwan, first time to watch any number of TV shows that I have never even heard of until Johnny appeared on them, which soon will include Rachael vs. Guy on Food Network—we have now come to the one where no matter how I say it, I sound like the beginning of a bad joke:

So this blogger walks into a gay bar....

Yep. That's me. The setup for a story in which obviously awkward hilarity ensues.

But that's OK. I am beyond excited that Johnny will be in Chicago this Sunday, a scant six miles from our home, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Scarlet, an establishment that has both a beautiful website and a fascinating history, and which is—

a gay bar.

See, I don't go to bars. I don't even drink. Not that I have any objection to either. It's just—my favorite people on earth, with whom I spend most of my time, are ages 14 and 19. So not a lot of drinking and bar-hopping happening here.

But not only am I going to the event, I actually stopped by the bar this past weekend to figure out where it is, how long it takes to get there, and what is the parking situation, a question I asked the extremely patient and kind manager, Robbie, who got sort of a faraway look in his eyes and murmured, "Hmmm... parking... " as he contemplated a parallel universe in which available parking was, in fact, a thing. (Note: There IS on-street metered parking on Halsted, but it's rare, in the way that sightings of live mastodons are rare, to find an open spot, even on a Sunday. Robbie recommends a parking garage a block or so south of Scarlet, while savvy Chicago fan Gary Podschun suggests parking on Broadway between Roscoe and Aldine, a short two-block walk to the bar. There also are various public transportation options to help you avoid the parking conundrum completely.)

Anyway: It has been almost a year since I last saw Johnny. So I don't care if he's leading hymns in sparkly leather priest garb at the neon-emblazoned JESUS SAVES! church down the block (which BTW would be waaaaay more of a stretch for me at this point than a gay bar). I'm there. As thrilled as ever to get to see him in person, maybe give him a hug, and perhaps—if time permits and herculean effort prevails—to actually form words, which, if I could get them right, would be: Thank you for inspiring me to take those first steps out of my comfort zone nearly three years ago, which have now led me here.

To an awesome gay bar.

And to living out loud in an amazing and beautiful way I had never even imagined was possible until the fierce and fabulous Johnny Weir changed everything.

At Last!
The Election Is Almost Over!

No, not that one. This one: The final round of voting has commenced in the ISU "Fan Favorite Costume" poll! Please go here now and vote for Johnny!!

Yes, Of Course There's Picspam

Today we have a new exclusive set just for fun from the endlessly generous Nadya Vasilyeva. This series was taken at Johnny's hotel in Moscow on Friday, November 9, after that morning's practice.

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Johnny has just returned from practice....

...and off-camera, John Coughlin asks him how it went. 
So, Nadya explains, "Johnny decided to show him. :)"

Fans present Johnny with a banner 
brought from Japan...

...the back of which has been signed 
by countless members of the Japanese fan forum.

About 20 minutes later....
IDK what he's doing but I love the hat.

Johnny and his wonderful guide, driver, 
and photographer, Arthur Lookyanov.

Posing for fans.

And one more from Nadya.

Bonus video!! Johnny Gangnam Style. 
Because it had to be done, according to Suzanne Larson
the creator and my lovely friend. LOL.

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Photo © David Ingogly.

Very special thanks to 
Nadya Vasilyeva 
for the exclusive photos!!

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Yes!! More Johnny on our TVs!
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Johnny's blogging regularly 
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His first entry, "A Fresh Start"—personal, honest, 
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Debora Walsh said...

Oh, Binks...I wish I was in Chicago this weekend...not that I will survive that long anyway, THANKS TO VICTOR and his penchant for ANXIETY-INDUCING midnight "Pic of all Pics" blasts!

Have an awesome time tis weekend, Binky...and I want to see some "dancing blogger" pics...VICTOR!!

aaaack said...

Thanks, Binky, for keeping on top of everything and providing the logistics and a steady stream of photos.

And thanks for the reminder and for everyone for continuing to vote. By the way, Johnny is within 1.3% of Evgeni Plushenko. Clap till "Tinkerbell" revives!