Monday, November 5, 2012

To Russia With Love

Johnny takes a moment to enjoy a bouquet
 from his beloved Russian fans upon his arrival 
at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport on Saturday. 
Exclusive photo © Elena Vasileva.

He's competing in Cup of Russia in four days!!

I can hardly wrap my mind around it.

Johnny returns to the Grand Prix for the first time since 2009.

In Russia.

I can't imagine a more perfect first Grand Prix stop on his comeback road. Or one more enveloped in a swirling mass of emotions. Fans have been on edge for weeks, alternately overwhelmingly excited and unbearably nervous for him. We all wish there was more we could do to help him feel surrounded by love and positive energy, to give him confidence and power and wings—especially those of us unable to attend and cheer him on in person.

So we came up with two activities to give us something to do besides drive ourselves—and everyone around us—crazy:

(1) Leave a love note for Johnny on the gift fund website. Add your voice to the dozens of heartfelt messages telling Johnny how proud we are of him and how much we all believe in him.

(2) Light a candle in our online Johnny vigil. This beautiful site glows 24 hours a day with candles and words of love and support. Each candle lasts only 48 hours, so please return to light more if you wish.

I also find it quite soothing to watch the NBC just-Johnny Cup of Russia promo endlessly:

Although I must agree with alert reader Vicky Lindley, who mentioned to me: "I take issue with them saying Johnny is a 'two-time Grand Prix medalist.'" Erm, yes. He's a two-time Grand Prix Final medalist, but he's actually earned THIRTEEN Grand Prix medals total, according to his Team USA "Winter Blogger" page. And oh BTW, when he won his first Grand Prix Final medal in 2008, he became one of the few skaters in history to medal in every Grand Prix event. (BRB helpfully editing the display text on the video and emailing it to NBC...)

Also we learned two tidbits from the Russian fans after they greeted him at the airport: He's going to be wearing a new costume for his free skate (because he felt that the one he wore at Finlandia is too similar to Yuzuru Hanyu's, apparently), and in Russia, he and Victor are officially known as "brothers." (Dear Russia: I love you, but please get your LGBT shit together. Thanks.)

So with so much to look forward to this weekend, I'm still rolling around in this thought: I never imagined I'd get to see Johnny compete again after the Vancouver Olympics. 

But more than that, what I really want to see Johnny do is be happy. 

And in the pics that follow, from soaking up the warm welcome of his Russian fans to a kiss for his husband in Moscow, that's exactly what we have: Johnny—even when he's bone-tired—aglow with happiness. 

And to me, that's the best part of all in following his comeback journey, wherever it takes him. 

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view. Exclusive picspam below courtesy of Elena Vasileva. For more fabulous pictures from the airport, please visit Anastasiya Bochkareva's gallery and Nadya Vasilyeva's gallery.

He's here! Arriving at 
Sheremetyevo Airport late Saturday night.

I love all the photos that the Russian fans 
have shared from the airport greeting. 
I also love what Nadya tweeted in response 
to questions from other fans as to what's 
happening in different photos: 
"we simply can't remember what's going on! :D 
cause the brain is just turning off when you see Johnny :))
LOL. Yep. Been there.


Love and pride are evident on Victor's face 
as he watches his husband interact with fans.

Happy Husbands.

And then he's on his way,
 to whatever awaits him this week 
on the ice...

Bonus video!! Here's the first moments
of the husbands' arrival in Moscow!

Bonus pics!! New Facebook cover photo 
uploaded this morning by dear Arthur Lookyanov, 
Johnny's driver whenever Johnny is in Moscow:
= In a Locker Room =
Johnny Weir-Voronov and young Russian 
figure skaters in the locker room.
Figure skating school of Elena Chaikovkaya, 
Yantar Sport Complex in Strogino.
Photo #076 taken on November 05, 2012
©2012 Arthur Lookyanov / ArtLook Photography 
— with Johnny Weir in Moscow, Moscow City.
Please go "like" Arthur's page now if you haven't already, 
on the husbands while they're in Russia!

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"We have arrived! 
What a beautiful welcome from Russian fans 
at the Moscow airport!" 
Art Lookyanov is on the far right.

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"I'm not moving to Alaska or Siberia, 
no matter now pretty."

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
(The product he's holding is a nutritional 
milk drink for children.)

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
"Loving my coat by Joseph! 
Perfect for a Moscow pose. @megcarlozzi"

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"Mother Russia, equipped in fur and all."

Posted to Facebook by Art Lookyanov:
= Ancient Architecture 
and Modern Technology Collide! =
Johnny and Victor Weir-Voronov capture memories 
of the beautiful architectural ensemble 
of Moscow Kremlin using latest electronic gadgets 
for immediate sharing on all social media! 
What a Wonderful Modern World!!! :-)
Photo #062 taken on November 04, 2012
©2012 Arthur Lookyanov / ArtLook Photography

Photo tweeted by Johnny:
"So happy to be in Russia with my husband."
As of this writing, this photo has garnered 
332 retweets, 762 "likes" on Facebook
1,083 "s" on Instagram
and many, many comments applauding both 
the husbands' happiness and their bravery 
in posting this photo from Russia. 
A beautiful reminder that there is nothing 
more important in this world 
than human dignity, equality, 
and love.

Very special thanks to 
Elena Vasileva 
for the exclusive photos!

on Johnny's Comeback Gift Fund website!!
Please go read it now!

NEW!! Announced last Friday: 
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Johnny's column for 
the Falls Church News-Press is up! 
This entry offers an enjoyable glimpse into serious fandom—
not ours, but rather that of the all-things-Apple aficionado 
to whom Johnny is married. The parallels are wonderful, 
with a thoughtful point at the end. Love it.
NOTE: Due to the storm, he was unable to submit 
this week's column, according to this report.

Johnny's also blogging regularly 
about his comeback journey for ESPN!! 
His first entry, "A Fresh Start"—personal, honest, 
very Johnny—was posted last Friday and is the source 
of the quote on the Spirit Day photo above. 
Looking forward to reading more from him 
as the season progresses!

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Because he should be on all the things. 
With or without ice. 
But definitely with Viacheslav.

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Q and A! Go read it now!

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aaaack said...

It's great to see Johnny and Victor looking happy and welcome in these wonderful photos. Thank you to Elena Vasileva for sharing these photos! Thanks, Binky, for sharing the wealth of photos in the links.

Here's thinking that this trip will be great for Victor because he speaks Russian and has his ethnic roots in Russia. A home away from home for both of Johnny and Victor. Showing Victor around must be so fun and exciting for Johnny.

I remember how much fun it was for my husband who has an Irish surname to visit Ireland. He was greeted like a long-lost cousin, even though his Irish roots go back to before the American Revolution.

Novia said...

I never imagined I'd get to see Johnny compete again after the Vancouver Olympics.

YES! And here we are now, bracing ourselves, armed with waterproof mascara, paper bags, select alcohol beverages, chocolate, and the support of each other on the 'Net, praying so hard for Johnny.

Thank you for that altar of virtual candles. I don't light candles in my prayer usually, but it's surprising how spiritually moving the act is, when it is about trying to move cosmos and the divine to help the one you love soar toward his dream.

Thank you, Binky, for another fabulous blog. And thank you Russian fans for meeting Johnny at the airport (isn't it the most wonderful thing, to be welcomed after a very long tiring flight by smiling adoring faces, gorgeous flowers and cheesecake? I saw the other people coming out of that gate and just moving away with their luggage with no welcoming committee eagerly awaiting them, and there's Johnny surrounded by smiling fans like the superstar he is and I feel very very proud of him and his fans) and for sharing the beautiful photos. I love how expressive Johnny is around his fans. :)

Now to the competition! Davai, Johnny! Ganbatte!