Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Picspampalooza

Banner designed by the Russian fan group, 
"Johnny Weir — King on Ice," displayed at 
Cup of Russia and at the fan meeting in Moscow. 
Johnny autographed the banner 
during the meeting. :) 
Photo © Nadya Vasilyeva.

Today we present Part 2 of our Russian Lovefest, i.e. the glorious exclusive picspam we have from the Russian fan meeting that continues to make our blog overfloweth with both happy and thanksgiving.

And in light of some of the ugly that went on in the world yesterday, about which both Victor and Johnny tweeted, these beautiful photos of two men very much in love with each other seem especially right for today.

But first, it is imperative that we update the ongoing Highly Entertaining Battle of the Embarrassing Pics, in which, armed with only their iPhones, the husbands continue their rapid-fire release of photos of each other in awkward scenarios, much to the delight of fans everywhere. 

Johnny appears to be ahead 2 to 1 at this point. The skirmishes thus far:

Photo tweeted by Johnny last Wednesday: 
"Found this among the wreckage 
of my thorough unpacking process..." 
Response by Victor on Instagram
"Agh! I put my head down for 5 minutes...
payback is a comin'."

Photo posted by Victor on Monday 
in the "Johnny Weir — King On Ice" fan group: 
"Sweet revenge."

Photo tweeted by Johnny yesterday: 
The promised shot of Victor 
in Johnny's Poker Face costume, 
"Retaliation against @vweirvoronov for posting 
my airplane sleep photo. FYI: 
Uncooperative in putting this costume on." 
But he looks awesome in it anyway.
Here's hoping full-body shots are forthcoming...

This. We await the inevitable escalation 
on Victor's part with much heady anticipation...

And now, onto the picspam! Once again, photos are courtesy of the lovely Nadya Vasilyeva (@_lord_henry on Twitter, and the head of the "Johnny Weir — King on Ice" fan group).

I don't have much commentary for this set. But it's not really needed, because the interaction of the husbands in these photos—the way they look at each other, their gestures, their smiles and laughter—says it all:

Love is love.

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view. Happy scrolling, and happy Thanksgiving!

Flowers for Patti!

And a hug.

Love this photo of Diane and Patti.

OK, if you've already taken the time 
to properly savor these, please go back and 
scroll through them all again briskly. 
It's like a flipbook of happy. :D

Bonus pics!! The other two banners created 
and displayed by the Russian fans: "Rise Again"...

...and "Fighter." 
#TeamWeirVoronov #WeBelieve

And one more: Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"Red Square Photo Shoot w/ @johnnygweir." 

Very special thanks to 
Nadya Vasilyeva 
for the exclusive photos!!

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aaaack said...

Johnny and Victor have the loveliest "picspats." Bring 'em on. Binky will referee.

An eyelid for an eyelid, tooth for a tooth...Victor gets to show us a picture of Johnny in one of his suits looking out of Johnny's comfort zone.