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Photo tweeted by Victor about 7:15 last night: 
"This is how I caught @JohnnyGWeir 
when the power came back on. 
But I repeat, WE HAVE POWER!" 
A few hours earlier, Johnny had tweeted
" the dark...for 15 day trip. Hell!" 
But clearly the ever-resourceful Johnny was not about 
to let a little thing like hell get the better of him...  

In our latest installment of Life After Sandy, we're happy to report that the husbands' power is back on! Just in time for them to leave for Russia! But at least they can finish all last-minute preparations without the need for headlamps. And hopefully Johnny will have plenty of ice time available in Russia for training leading up to Rostelecom Cup / Cup of Russia, which begins for the men next Friday, November 9, with the short program at 6:45 pm Moscow time / 9:45 am EST (viewing options discussed here).

And even with the additional stress of coping with Sandy this past week, Johnny's sense of humor remains intact, as noted when he tweeted the link to this video he'd found around midnight last night:

IDEK other than this song is from
The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Update: Clarification offered here!

So we wish the husbands safe travels, and know that they'll be welcomed with much love when they arrive in Moscow. This simple note posted to Johnny's Comeback Gift Fund website last night pretty much says it all:

All Russian Johnny’s fans and I of course 
are waiting for Johnny in Moscow. 
We love him and his skating.
— Nadezhda

And to celebrate power in all its forms, including the electricity of Johnny on the ice and the power of following one's dreams no matter what, we present glorious new exclusive picspam from Finlandia Trophy, courtesy of the amazing Elena Vasileva, to close out this rollercoaster week.

Taken after Johnny's free skate at Finlandia, these shots of Johnny and Galina are among my all-time favorites. In these, I think, is captured the power of believing in someone, and the most potent force of all: the power of love.

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Johnny and Galina in the kiss-n-cry 
at Finlandia after his free skate.

Johnny has just caught sight of himself
and is not pleased with the sheen 
on his face, but Galina is still all smiles.

My favorite part of this photo: 
Galina's perfectly manicured hand on his arm. 
Which she's using to try to get him to
stop. doing. that.

He's looking right at Elena here, I think! :D

Sooooooo many flowers...

I didn't win, I didn't even medal, 
but what I did was worth its price in gold. 
I had defeated myself in this war 
of sport versus freedom. 
I conquered my fears and can't wait to be 
back out there in less than a month. 
Slowly but surely is what wins the race, 
and I can only look forward in this comeback. 
I can only forget what I've done in the past 
and start fresh, every day. 
The road to the Olympics 
is a long, treacherous one,
but if you believe in yourself 
and surround yourself with love, 
you can do anything.
—Johnny's thoughts on his performances 
at Finlandia, from his ESPN blog

Bonus video!! Always worth watching again: 
Johnny's Phoenix free skate at Finlandia. 
The kiss-n-cry portion from which our picspam comes
begins at about 5:30.

Bonus pic!! Posted by Johnny
to his Weibo account last Sunday:
"Dyeing my hair!" 
He had mentioned on Twitter that 
"hair with @MREricAlt" 
was on his pre-storm to-do list.

Very special thanks to 
Elena Vasileva 
for the exclusive photos!

Kayso I'm just going to leave this here for a while: 
NBC's all-Johnny Cup of Russia promo. Love it!

on Johnny's Comeback Gift Fund website!!
Please go read it now!

NEW!! Announced last Friday: 
Holiday Dreams On Ice 2012!! 
Visit the HDOI website for info and tickets!

Johnny's column for 
the Falls Church News-Press is up! 
This entry offers an enjoyable glimpse into serious fandom—
not ours, but rather that of the all-things-Apple aficionado 
to whom Johnny is married. The parallels are wonderful, 
with a thoughtful point at the end. Love it.
NOTE: Due to the storm, he was unable to submit 
this week's column, according to this report.

Johnny's also blogging regularly 
about his comeback journey for ESPN!! 
His first entry, "A Fresh Start"—personal, honest, 
very Johnny—was posted last Friday and is the source 
of the quote on the Spirit Day photo above. 
Looking forward to reading more from him 
as the season progresses!

Please alert absolutely everyone you've ever met 
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Because he should be on all the things. 
With or without ice. 
But definitely with Viacheslav.

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