Monday, November 26, 2012

Post-Tryptophan Photocalypse

Yes, we have yet more amazing fan meeting pics!! 
Please visit Natasha Ponarina's gallery to 
roll around in all her gorgeous photos.

So I had a really lovely Thanksgiving holiday and honestly I was having a hard time rousing myself from my tryptophan-induced lethargy to do anything other than eat more turkey and take more naps, waking at random intervals for pie, until I dragged myself to my computer to check my email (I have no idea why. No one sends me pie via email) and discovered this sparkly tidbit amongst my Google news alerts:

Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri Return to Coach Eight Celebrity Contestants in New Season of “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off”

OMG yes that's right: There is more Johnny coming to my TV on Food Network beginning Sunday, January 6, at 9 pm EST / 8 pm CST!!

Which energized me enough to languorously press a few keys and land on the Food (mmmm, food....) Network website, where I discovered the team announcement and the first photo released from the show:

Left to right: Team Guy: Chilli, from the R&B group TLC; 
Johnny; designer and philanthropist Cornelia Guest
and Dean McDermott, reality-TV star and 
husband to Tori Spelling. 
On Team Rachael: Comedienne (and huge Johnny fan!) 
Kathy Najimy; NFL star Hines Ward
comedian Gilbert Gottfried; and singer Carnie Wilson.

Also I learned this from the press release:

In the season premiere, Rachael and Guy meet the eight celebrity contestants as they pick their teams, with Chilli, Cornelia Guest, Dean McDermott and Johnny Weir joining Team Guy; and Gilbert Gottfried, Kathy Najimy, Hines Ward and Carnie Wilson for Team Rachael. The competition begins as the teams must cook a prix-fixe tasting menu at a Los Angeles dinner theater, as well as perform a three-minute skit for one hundred theatergoers, including Rachael and Guy, and special guest judges from the editorial staff at Entertainment Weekly.

Clearly this is must-see TV (well, obviously. It has Johnny in it. Hello.) and just what we need during that long, dreary, six-month stretch of winter known quaintly here in Chicagoland as "January." BRB programming my TiVo right after I stop off in the kitchen for a quick snack...

And then yesterday Johnny tweeted:

Squeeeee!! Today Show! Waiting breathlessly for more info (like what day) so I don't eat sleep through it!

And then that reminded me of other things happening in December, namely: (1) The mysterious show in Texas which Johnny mentioned during the Russian fan meeting about which no one can find any info although admittedly the searching has been seriously interrupted by the need to consume everything in sight, and (2) Holiday Dreams On Ice, which happily does have info, though not pie, on its actualfax website, which notes that the date and venue have been changed:

Due to Superstorm Sandy, we have changed venues and are so very grateful to the wonderful folks at Nassau County for helping us out on such short notice! We are excited to present the show at the beautiful outdoor arena in Christopher Morley Park on Sunday, December 16, at 7 pm.

OK then! Fingers crossed that temperatures don't plunge below zero for this unique outdoor experience...

And thus, exhausted by all this new Johnny-ness, I had no choice but to collapse into a nearby file full of picspam tweeted by Victor over the holiday weekend (dear Victor, have we mentioned lately that we love you?), where I napped heavily again between gazing at photos and savoring bites of raspberry ganache cake (because we needed another dessert to balance the pie...)

As always, please click any photo for larger view.

Photo tweeted by Victor:
"Happy Thanksgiving!"

Photo tweeted by Victor:
"Friends. Family. Food."

Photo tweeted by Victor:
Pictured with Johnny are Victor's dad, 
Tony Voronov, and his mom, Lili Voronov.

Photo tweeted by Victor:

Photo tweeted by Victor:
"Autumn in ATL."

Photo tweeted by Victor 
after the husbands returned home:
"Santa killed his reindeer."
(#LOL #eeeeeek)

Photo tweeted Sunday by Victor:
"@JohnnyGWeir's outfit for the day."

Photo tweeted by Johnny 
(much to the delight of my dear friend Luisa!):
"Thank you @LuisaLotka for your lovely gifts 
via @PrncessJax! #RockinPraha"

Photo tweeted by Victor:
"@Johnnygweir bonding with #Svetlana"
Svetlana is the matryoshka doll that the husbands 
brought back from Russia as a gift for 
Victor's cousin Jackie Voronov Curko (@PrncessJax), 
and which accompanied Jackie on her recent travels 
to Europe. Viacheslav Romanov interviewed Svetlana 
before her trip (see the video here).

Pupdate tweeted by Victor: 
Tëma meets Togo at Thanksgiving!
"This is JOY."

Bonus pics!! More from Natasha Ponarina's gallery: 
The husbands admire the beautiful calendar 
created by Nadya Vasilyeva...

...and are astonished that the November page 
includes photos taken just a few days ago!

UPDATE: Bonus video!! Watch as Johnny and Victor 
exclaim over gifts, including the calendar. 
Translation of the video kindly provided by Nadya Vasilyeva
(@_lord_henry) on Twitter here.

And here, thanks to Nadya, are exclusive photos 
of all the calendar pages. The cover features 
a photo taken by Davey of the husbands-to-be 
at the Holiday Dreams on Ice 2011 VIP party.





(And another Davey photo 
from HDOI rehearsals!)








Patti enjoys looking through the calendar. 
Photo © Anastasiya Bochkareva, whose beautiful 
fan meeting gallery is here.

And one more: Photo tweeted by Victor 
before Thanksgiving:
"#cross-training #vacuum @johnnygweir"

Very special thanks to 
Nadya Vasilyeva 
for the exclusive photos!!
More of Nadya's pics coming up!

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aaaack said...

Hearing that Johnny will be both on the cooking show and the Today show gives me acres of happy.

Thank you for the fan meeting photos and calendar. Such great photos and a year of Johnny and Victor!

Maggie St. said...

Love the picture of "GrandPa Tony" hold Tema. He looks so proud of his grand-puppy.

I'd love to know what else is on that plate with the Fingers of Buddha. Looks very tempting.

My DVR only lets me tape 7 days in advance, so will someone be sure to remind me of the upcoming cooking show? ;)

WheresMyKoppy said...

Johnny is going to be on Celebrity Cook Off?? Great news! I watched the last one, which Lou Diamond Philips won. It's an interesting show. The team captains are different this time. I think it was Ann Burrell and I can't remember the other one last time. It's not a cakewalk at all.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Oh, I forgot to say what a great post it was! Oops... Kudos to all the kind Russian fans who took photos, and provided translations and to you, MM, for gathering everything together for us fans. And Thanksgiving looks like it was great fun for all. I actually haven't kept up as well the last couple weeks or so, with Johnny and Victor's tweets and photos, so I was glad to see these!