Monday, November 12, 2012

Love in Any Language

Johnny at the fan meeting in Moscow 
on Sunday with flowers from his beloved Russian fans. 
After his difficulties at Cup of Russia, to see him smile 
like this is indescribably wonderful.
Exclusive photo © Tatiana Edrenkina.

So that was... rough.

And not the Cup of Russia that fans were hoping for—or, more importantly, that Johnny was hoping for.

You can read about what happened here.

And in these two videos released yesterday, Johnny explains in his own words what the situation is, what's next, and what this means for his other Grand Prix event, Trophée Eric Bompard, next weekend:

Johnny at the press conference he attended 
after the fan meeting—which may have been 
the only reason the meeting finally had to end... :) 
Video by the lovely Irina Volkova
who also ran the fan meeting.

Johnny's interview with NBC, 
which aired during the network's 
Rostelecom coverage yesterday.

And—that's it. We're not going to talk any further about any of that right now whilst we await his status for TEB.

Today we're going to put all that aside, and we're just going to bask luxuriously in the fan meeting that happened in Moscow yesterday.

Which, as is beautifully apparent from the exclusive photos below, was perhaps some of the best medicine for our fighter's aching body and soul.

Some tidbits of what went on:  

From Irina Volkova's Twitter:

Johnny said that when he had asked Galina to start coaching him again she had said nothing but, "Well, tomorrow at 6 on the ice." Love her.

from Tatiana Edrenkina's Twitter:

We asked Johnny why he combs his hair back these days and he answered that it's quicker now that there are two people using one bathroom. :)

We asked Victor why he doesn't like Ping and he said it's because Johnny loves Ping more than him: J falls asleep every night hugging Ping. :D

Victor said that Тёма and Johnny become very energetic for 1 hour every evening and he has to wait patiently till they stop running and jumping.

And Johnny agreed: it happens every evening after they have dinner. There's suddenly so much energy in both of them!

We asked Victor which Johnny's hairstyle he likes the most and he answered that he doesn't like curls and is happy with what Johnny has now.

But, he added, if fans like bangs, then so be it! :D

And from Nadya Vasilyeva's Twitter:

Translation of this video posted on

Victor: Well, I speak Russian with an accent, and even he [Johnny] speaks better Russian than I do. So I'll answer both in English and Russian, whichever will be more comfortable. We've got very different styles. I'm very simple, calm, and he is... Johnny Weir.
Johnny: So what?

Translation of this video posted on

[In response to being asked if they have nickhames for each other and how do they call each other at home.]
V: If he's not pleased with me, he'll say, "Victor." Then I understand at once that something's wrong.
J: [Gently, in Russian] Not "Victor." [In strong American accent]: "VICTOR."
V: And I call him "JOHN." If we're late, and he's calling, "Vit, Vit, Vit, Vit!", and I don't come, he says, "VICTOR," and I know that it's gonna be a scandal.
       Every evening he starts... he's got so much energy. Тёма's got energy for, like, an hour, and so does he. I'm a calm person. And every evening I'm waiting, I'm watching how Тёма starts, then gets tired, and then he starts and gets tired. Every evening for an hour, and when I'm tired of it, I just can't anymore, I say, "JOHN. Enough."

[Question from the audience: "What is he doing?"]

V: Jumping... so much energy, just like a dog!
J: Me and Тёма, we're running.
V: In Russian, it's a very good word: he torments. Torments me.
Irina Volkova: Maybe he should include one more night practice in his schedule?
[Johnny shakes his head, "No." Victor says, "Yes."]
J: It's after we eat. Always a lot of energy.
Irina: And when do you sleep?
J: In the evening. Always 9 or 10 in the evening.

But the very best part of even just these two brief clips is the number of times I could have added "[laughter]" to those translations.

Dear beautiful Russian fans: Thank you so much for hopefully lifting Johnny's spirits a bit and showing him in a thousand different ways what we all wish we could tell him: How very deeply he is loved.

No matter what.

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Modeling a sparkly onesie from a fan!

Taking a look at a calendar presented to them 
by Nadya Vasilyeva featuring photos of... themselves.
We would all like to order one, please.

One of possibly two moments 
in which they were not smiling.

Here's the other one.

Patti! Or, as the Japanese always say, 
according to Google Translate: 
"Patimama." I love that.

IDK but yes I'll take two of whatever
he's selling here.

Showing what Victor would look like 
with a mustache. IDKY. But I love.

The husbands.

Bonus pics!! Exclusive photo © Irina Volkova.

Johnny and Irina. 
Photo posted to Facebook 
by Arthur Lookyanov.

Johnny, Victor, and dear Tatiana Edrenkina.
Photo tweeted by Tatiana.

And one more exclusive 
from Tatiana.

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"4 hour fan meeting. 
My cheeks hurt from smiling so much 
but I have never loved Russia so much. 

Bonus vids!! More from the fan meeting! 
I especially love this one, 
in which Patti begs for a translator...

Keep an eye on this YouTube channel 
for more vids to come (we hope)!

More vids from VK. com!! 
And yet more VK vids here.
Yes, they're mostly all in Russian, 
but still wonderful to watch. :D

Very, very special thanks to 
Tatiana Edrenkina and Irina Volkova 
for the exclusive photos, and to 
Nadya Vasilyeva for the translations!

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Johnny has the best fans in the world and the most charming husband.

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