Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Johnny Is an Outstanding Role Model"

Johnny, late in the day,  
hours after the Russian fan meeting: 
Still all smiles for his fans 
waiting for him in the hotel lobby. 
Exclusive photo © Nadya Vasilyeva
More from this series coming up!

Today we present the last in the series of exclusive Russian fan meeting pics from the very generous Nadya Vasilyeva so that we can move on to another 90+ amazing random exclusive photos also from Nadya after which we can then make way for a series of nearly 200 exclusive pics from one of Johnny's Cup of Russia practice sessions courtesy of the equally generous Elena Vasileva....

Yes, I am seriously drowning in Russian picspam. Please don't rescue me. I promise to do the same for you.

But first, a few quick news-ish items:

(1) Yay!! Johnny made the final in the ISU's "Fan Favorite Costume" voting!

As of course he should. :D UPDATE: So far, as the round 3 winner, he'll be up against Artur Gachinski (round 2 winner—there was no men's category in round 1), and whoever wins round 4. Stay tuned for final round voting instructions!

(2) I love this beautiful fan art posted on Tumblr:

 "I so respect anyone 
who has created light 
in a world of darkness."

The design features photos by zhem_chug on the left, and by Elena Vasileva on the right, both of which also appeared in this blog entry. The artist writes: 

johnny weir is fabulous, a great mover, full of attitude and just adugffyigusekrjghkifdjgmn. 

Yes. Exactly this.

(3) From IFS Magazine's "Speak Out!" letters-to-the-editor section in the December 2012 issue:

And the fan-meeting photos below, in which Johnny spends a good part of his time autographing item after item after item, are just one more illustration of his kindness toward and appreciation of his fans.

This photo series from Nadya covers the portion of the fan meeting also included in this video:

You can read Nadya's translation of the video here. Please do watch and read. It's priceless. :D

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Johnny and Victor embark on a discussion 
of Тёма and Ping, and why Ping is not Victor's favorite...

Johnny says that Ping is beautiful and old—

older than Vitya.

"Ping is a very good person. 
Vitya doesn’t like him, of course, 100%."

Victor explains that every night, 
Johnny sleeps with Ping encircled in his arms...

"...he shows that Ping is better than me. 
And that's not nice."

Johnny says, "It's very difficult for Vitya, in bed, 
because I’ve got a pillow for eyes [a sleep mask]
a special pillow here, for the body; Ping; 
Тёма; Bunkie... Bunkie is an old blanket of mine. 
Very old, Mama gave it to me. 
And it’s very difficult, I’ve got so many things... Vitya goes there." 
And he flicks his hand dismissively, 
indicating that Victor is forced to sleep 
far away on another part of the bed. 
"That is evil!" the fans say, laughing. 
"That is my life," Johnny shrugs, 
then exchanges big smiles with his husband.

Next, Irina Volkova says that the fans 
have some questions for Patti, 
so Johnny hands the mic off to his mom.

Patti tells the fans how much she appreciates 
Russia's love of figure skating, and of Johnny. 
"The people here always welcome us with open arms, 
and they appreciate Johnny for who Johnny is. 
And that means the world to me."

Johnny and Victor listen to Patti's comments 
while Johnny works on autographs.

Johnny answers more questions...

...and then it's back to autographing  
while Victor answers fans' questions 
about his life before Johnny
and his previous trips to Russia.

And finally: 
Love the happy in this photo.

Holidays With the Husbands


Wednesday: The results!

Photo tweeted by Victor:
"Note the Menorah."
On Instagram, Johnny commented: 
"Christmas bush."

Photo tweeted by Johnny:
"Welcome to my home, starring Тёма!"

Photo tweeted by Johnny:
"Тёма is exhausted after decorating...
#smooshface #spoon"

Bonus pic!! Photo tweeted by Victor:
Not enough ♥♥♥s in the world 
to convey how much I love this pic.

Very special thanks to 
Nadya Vasilyeva 
for the exclusive photos 
and the translation!!

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germansoulmate said...

What a wonderful blog again. I can´t get enough of looking at the smiling faces of the husbands. They understand eachother blindly. At least, that´s my take looking at all the pics.

Sometimes pics tell more than words.

Thank you to Nadya for all these incredible photos..and as always thank you to you, Binky, for posting them in one gorgeous place.

aaaack said...

Johnny is very patient with fans.

Johnny and Victor are adorable together.

Would that nephew wish to be a ring bearer? He would look very grown up and dignified in a tux.