Thursday, November 8, 2012


Success is focusing 
the full power of all you are 
on what you have a burning desire 
to achieve.
 —Wilfred Peterson

Johnny at the men's practice today in Moscow. 
Photo tweeted by Elena Vasileva.

Video from today's practice.

Yes, it's tomorrow: Johnny's return to the Grand Prix after a two-season absence!!

Rostelecom Cup / Cup of Russia

Men's Short Program
Friday, November 9
(Note time change from previous times listed!)
7 pm Moscow time
10 am EST
9 am CST
8 am MST
7 am PST
(Johnny skates first in Group 1)

Men's Free Skate
Saturday, November 10
5:30 pm Moscow time
8:30 am EST
7:30 am CST
6:30 am MST
5:30 am PST

Livestream options: Possibly Eurosport; possibly TVTeka (a $10/month subscription service. You MUST sign up today to access livestreams tomorrow!). As livestreams become available, they'll be posted on Twitter and updated here if possible.

So Johnny got his credentials yesterday....

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
"My favorite kind of photo shoot. 

...and banners have already been hung in the arena for him, as photographed by Elena Vasileva at today's practice:

Johnny and Victor filmed an interview yesterday for Russia's popular Channel One show, "сегодня вечером" ("Tonight") with Andrei Malakhov.

After they finished, the husbands had this to say:

Johnny: "My Russian skills barely made it through my interview with @a_malahov but I'm so happy! What a nice man. @channelone_rus"

Victor:: "Just finished a pretty in-depth interview with @a_malahov for Пусть Говорят on @channelone_rus. Hope it inspires Russia!"

The interview is expected to air within the next week or two.

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"Filming with Andrei Malahov in Red Square."

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"Showing @a_malahov some Viacheslav Romanov 
during the interview."

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"Shopping at ГУМ."

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"Interview for "Пусть Говорят." All class. 
Hopefully airing next week. 
Russia is going to love it."

Bonus pics!! Arthur Lookyanov's version 
of Victor's photo above 
(caption provided by Art):
= Catching Smiles of the Stars =
Johnny and Victor Weir-Voronov 
walking at the Red Square with famous television journalist 
and showman on Channel One, Andrey Malakhov, 
after their special interview for talk show
"Let the People Speak" and shopping in Bosco Sport shop 
in GUM department store.
Photo #154 taken on November 07, 2012
©2012 Arthur Lookyanov / ArtLook Photography

Photo tweeted by Victor:

And get ready to do it all over again next week 
when he competes at his second Grand Prix event, 
Trophée Eric Bompard. Photo posted to the TEB 
Facebook page on Tuesday.

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His first entry, "A Fresh Start"—personal, honest, 
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tanarit1 said...

Is there any way to watch this online?

Binky and the Misfit Mimes said...

We're hoping so! If you're on Twitter please follow me ( because I'll be tweeting any livestream links as soon as they're passed along to me! I'll also try to update tomorrow's blog with livestream links if I can.

aaaack said...

Johnny's cool top would give the Norwegian Curling Team a run for its money.

Here's hoping that Johnny enters a zen state, that all his muscles click in on their own, and he can truly enjoy his skate tomorrow.