Friday, November 30, 2012

"Believe in Yourself"

Johnny at his first Rostelecom / Cup of Russia practice 
on November 8—before the short program, 
before his injury, before he had to make 
the excruciating decision to withdraw 
from both his Grand Prix events. 
Exclusive from the gorgeous 
new series © Elena Vasileva.

To close out the week, we have the first set in a huge series of practice picspam from the lovely and generous Elena Vasileva. I was going to edit these down to just one set of highlights from the entire series, but as I was clicking through all 190+ shots, I was so drawn into them that it felt as though I were there, following his every movement on the ice, spellbound, as always.

And I didn't want anyone else to miss out on that feeling.

But first, before we find ourselves completely lost in photos with no wish to ever be found, we have yet more news:

(1) Chicago-area fans! I came across this flyer via Scarlet Bar's Facebook and Twitter last night:

IDEK but OMG! Let's go!!

(2) Remember this fabulousness?

The entire issue is now available as a digital download for just 99 cents! Go here to purchase the PDF (note: some fans reported problems using PayPal on the site. You can choose to use a credit card instead if you wish). 

The download does not include Johnny's cover, but DOES include two other amazing photos of him plus an excellent interview. Hard copies are / will be available for purchase in NYC and Japan. According to TWELV, only 200 hard copies of Johnny's cover were produced, so if you find one, buy it!!

(3) Yesterday Emory University totally made my day by uploading the full 90-minute video of Johnny's appearance on CNN Dialogues there last December:

I've only had time to watch bits and pieces of this, but it is awesome, and Johnny closes the whole thing with some advice that prompts CNN moderator Jane Velez-Mitchell to say, "Well, I can't think of a better finale than that comment!" Cannot wait to sit down and enjoy the whole thing ASAP.

And now, onto the picspam...

Watching Johnny practice is one of the most mesmerizingly beautiful sights there is. As a performer, he has grown to become a consummate showman, nearly unparalleled at connecting with the audience and drawing energy from them as he skates, so that the finished program is this sort of unique organic fusion of his brilliance on the ice and the energy of that connection in the moment.

At practice, he usually seems very inwardly focused, as if he and the ice are alone together, locked in their private battle to challenge each other to the limit.

He usually wins.

Although the ice—among other factors—has bested him often enough to allow him to write insightfully about failure, or the perception thereof.

Spectators at the practices I've seen are generally hushed, and the atmosphere is intimate, but with a clear boundary. We're witnessing something that is almost none of our business, like eavesdropping on one end of a stranger's fascinating cell phone conversation.

And we can't tear ourselves away.

So instead of presenting a limited amount of these shots, I decided to break the series down into multiple sets. In this first group, he's kind of just warming up—and yet even that simple preparation for what's to come is absolutely captivating...

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

First, a peek around the arena 
to check out the Johnny banners...

...and look! Victor, Diane, and Patti have arrived!

And Galina is at the ready also.

Now he's warmed-up enough 
to shed the Team USA jacket.

And one more...

Bonus pic:  Screencap from Johnny's final 
free skate practice at Cup of Russia, after a fall, 
and just moments before injury forced him 
to withdraw from the competition. 
Quote is from Johnny's latest column for the 
Falls Church News-Press, Johnny's World: Failure
which is one of the best things he's ever written.

Very special thanks to 
Elena Vasileva 
for the exclusive photos!!

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aaaack said...

Thank you for the Emory-CNN link. I've evolved a long way in my thinking about LGBT over my lifespan. Johnny helps with the insights and what it feels like to be in his skating moccasins.

Thanks for the practice photos. Johnny's face is an ever-changing mirror.