Friday, October 12, 2012

"The Moment When We First Saw His New Costume"

Johnny at Finlandia Trophy practice on
Friday, October 5—the first time he unveiled 
his new Poker Face costume. 
Photo © Tatiana Edrenkina.

Well, now that we have absolutely nothing unpacked here at the new Chez Bink, it's apparently time for me to be felled by malaria or bubonic plague or something, but fortunately in between lying on the couch making soft keening noises and staggering to my computer to meet whatever deadline is next while dimly hoping I'm not getting all my projects mixed up and creating websites for people whose books I'm supposed to be editing and vice versa ("Wait, what? You didn't want a Flash version of your novel of desperation and triumph in war-torn Poughkeepsie...?"), I received these glorious new exclusive Finlandia photos from the lovely Tatiana, which, as a cure for anything that ails you, are definitely somewhere far, far above chicken soup, in the sparkly stratosphere where the decidedly non-celibate Johnny lives and loves and inspires us all. Or, on rougher days, just helps you completely forget that you need to throw up. Again.

But before we get to the picspam:

(1) Don't miss this wonderful Johnny interview from Finlandia by Tatjana Flade! Among a wide range of topics, Johnny describes how overwhelmingly nervous he was to step onto competitive ice after his two-and-a-half year absence, and notes a bit ruefully of his Finlandia performances:

You couldn’t really see how pretty the programs were, because I took everything out to focus on the jumps. The programs will continue to develop and grow, and every day there is something new in there. In general, the programs are very interesting, cool, and comfortable. As soon as I get over that stress of competing again, everybody will see. In practice, it is much smoother.

The entire piece is mostly just Johnny talking. Which is my favorite kind of Johnny article. It's basically a written transcript of this somewhat noisy video—difficult to hear, but still fun to watch: 

Listen especially for Johnny's description, 
beginning at about 4:35 and not included in the 
written piece, of how he and Galina continue to 
collaborate on his choreography.

(2) Check out the new skating blog by the indefatiguable @ninniFancinelli! An aspiring journalist, Ninni gave us fantastic live Twitter coverage of Finlandia Trophy, and is now trying her hand at blogging in addition to submitting articles to Finnish figure skating. In her debut entry, she offers her impressions of Finlandia—in English, and quite well. An informative and enjoyable read!

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view. DO. IT.

Tatiana writes: "This one was taken when I first saw Johnny 
on that Friday. To think that only 8 hours before that 
I was sleeping in my bed in St. Petersburg, 
and now here I am... :)"

"The moment when we first saw his new costume. 
It was such a special feeling, as if I was present 
at a historical moment."

I love how the light reflects off this costume 
and sparkles on his face.

With Galina.

Bonus pics!! Photo © zhem_chug, 
also from Friday's practice. 
See the entire Flickr gallery here.

Selected photos from the Flickr gallery 
posted by Elena Vasileva (Elle-Velle) 
of Johnny's Thursday, October 4, practice.

Two more from Elena: The costume...

...and just Johnny.

Photo posted to Facebook 
by International Figure Skating: 
"Johnny Weir shows off his wedding ring." 
Always love ring pics!

And finally: 
One more stunning exclusive
from Tatiana. 

I just wanted to get out there again 
and show everyone that I’m still skating 
and that it is not smoke and mirrors. 
I’m actually coming back. 
I’m actually ready to compete, and I don’t care 
what anyone is saying about my performances 
and the jumps I landed or didn’t land. 
I care only that they have something to talk about. 
I did what I promised to do, 
and that was to come back 
for my fans.

Very special thanks 
to Tatiana Edrenkina 
for the exclusive photos!! 
More to come!

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Novia said...

He is oh so breathtaking beautiful in these photos. Tanya's photos are so full of the drama and tension of the game it's amazing. Thank you for putting all these together when you're struggling to fight off bubonic plague or whatever sabotaging germ you have now.

Feel better soon, Binky-dear!

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

Johnny IS a historical moment!

so cool to hear him talk about his programs. i was guessing that's what he did - put the jumps at top priority for the first competition.

watch out, world! Johnny's doing quads and his program is gonna get prettier! nyah nyah nyah nyah!!

oh, my! Johnny's handwriting is really . . . pretty. <3
i've only see him write his name before. his writing is really lovely.

thanks for the blog, Binks. hope you feel better soon and that the kids are taking good care of you!



aaaack said...

Here's hoping that the camera crews are still filming Johnny so we will have yet another season of BGJW.

Hope Binky and Johnny are mostly over their nasty colds. Johnny has probably lost what little fat he has left. Yikes...hope he did not lose any muscle.