Friday, October 5, 2012

Poker Face 2.0: First Look!

Photo posted to Facebook by Absolute Skating: 
"'Finlandia Trophy flash': Long awaited! Johnny Weir 
in his gorgeous Lady Gaga program costume." 
From this morning's short program practice in Espoo.

Johnny's Short Program, "Poker Face," 
from today's competition! 

Video posted by the amazing Ninni Fancinelli!

And another view, from "MrYyyyytube."

And one more, which includes Johnny and Galina 
before his program, and also afterward 
in the kiss and cry. Love.

Results after the short program:

Click twice for larger view, or visit the link.
Excellent showing for first time back on competitive ice!
Johnny, we are so proud of you!!

Ninni reports: "I have few words from Johnny: He was happy after his program, he's happy to be back and he just enjoyed to skate. He forgot some things so he wasn't able to get the levels he wanted. But the most important thing was, he was very happy for his program. Tomorrow is a new day!"

She also notes: "Here are many people from Finnish Figure Skating Magazine who agreed with me that Johnny got too low scores. But he's #1 for us :')"

Johnny after his short program performance. 
Photo posted to Facebook by Absolute Skating: 
"Johnny Weir didn't get the highest score of the evening 
but he definitely felt the audience's biggest love 
and got the most gifts and flowers."

Johnny and Galina.
Photo tweeted by @eelinpass: 
"Welcome back @JohnnyGWeir"

Photo tweeted by Johnny:
"The worst is over! 
Thank you to my amazing fans here in Finland!! 
I love you!"
This photo made me cry. ♥

Kayso there's absolutely no time to babble because no one wants to read a lot of words right now they just want PHOTOS AND VIDEOS to freak out with so here you go.

Men's short program competition 
begins at 10 am EDT / 9 am CDT today. 

Blog may be updated later. 

Results page is here

Livestream MAY be here (click on the tab at the top that says "Finlandia Trophy." We hope). 

Flailing available absolutely everywhere in the world. Please feel free to join in.

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Video (thank you once again, @ninniFancinell!) 
from today's short program practice: 
Poker Face. LOVE this arrangement, 
created exclusively for Johnny by Lady Gaga. Love.

Photo tweeted by the wonderful Misha Ge: 
"With Fabulous Ice Diva @JohnnyGWeir 
after practice ! P.S. I think my face
is to serious >o< haha"

Photo tweeted by Gary Podschun of banners in place! 
Banner on the left is from the Japanese Angels forum; 
banner on the right created by Gary.

Photo tweeted from this morning's practice 
by @ninniFancinelli: "He's here :) Kufyyjjyljöoäj 
I'm in a cloud 9 :D #FinlandiaTrophy 

Photo tweeted by @ninniFancinelli: 
"Johnny Weir's costume for tonight!"

Victor at this morning's practice. 
Photo tweeted by @ninniFancinelli: 
"Johnny's #1 supporter and fan :) 
which one of them is more nervous?"

Links to Ninni's twitvids from this morning (Blogger doesn't like embedded twitvids, so fine. Links it is):

Johnny Weir's 3T!



Johnny at Finlandia Trophy practice on Thursday. 
Photo courtesy of the lovely Elena Vasileva, or "Elle-Velle."

From the Finlandia Facebook album 
posted last night by International Figure Skating. 
How much do I love that 5 of the 6 photos 
in the album are Johnny? So, so much.

Fan-favorite photo: 
Because wedding ring.

Johnny interviewed Thursday on Finnish TV Yle: 
"I came back to show my fans that if you work hard, 
you can do anything."

Finlandia Trophy Men's Competition

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Johnny's Practice
Thursday, October 4
3:50 pm – 4:30 pm Finland time
8:50 am – 9:30 am EDT
7:50 am – 8:30 am CDT
6:50 am – 7:30 am MDT
5:50 am – 6:30 am PDT

Johnny's Practice
Friday, October 5
11:15 am – 11:45 am Finland time
4:15 am – 4:45 am EDT
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2:15 am – 2:45 am MDT
1:15 am – 1:45 am PDT

Men's Short Program
Starting Order
Friday, October 5
5 pm Finland time
10 am EDT
9 am CDT
8 am MDT
7 am PDT

One-Hour Finlandia Highlights Broadcast
Saturday, October 6
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7:15 am PDT

Men's Free Skate
Starting Order
Saturday, October 6
5:30 pm Finland time
10:30 am EDT
9:30 am CDT
8:30am MDT
7:30 am PDT

Men's Victory Ceremony
Saturday, October 6
8:17 pm Finland time
1:17 pm EDT
12:17 pm CDT
11:17 am MDT
10:17 am PDT

Final Finlandia Highlights Broadcast
Sunday, October 7
on Finnish YLETV2 and streaming here 
5:20 pm – 7 pm Finland time
10:20 am – 12 noon EDT
9:20 am – 11 am CDT
8:20 am – 10 am MDT
7:20 am – 9 am PDT

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aaaack said...

Johnny's body language says that he is glad to be back. Thank you for getting back to fighting form and cat clawing your way back to the top of the heap!

Beautiful costume and music, plus incredible, expressive moves. Eclectic...combining what's edge modern but also classical and lyrical. A ton of Swarovski crystals playing catch with the light.

Johnny faced a tough, seasoned and battle-honed group out there. And in these tough economic times, all the skaters are extra hungry (in every sense of the word).

Nancy Knisley said...

I wonder if Stephanie Handler had to attach all those jewels to the costume by hand.

Beautiful costume for a beautiful skater.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

love the poker face - it's almost as if all his fans are with him on the ice. <3

good skate! yay, Johnny! and now that you've gotten past the first back-in-competition-skate, you can really fly!

so excited to see the long program!