Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finlandia: The Phoenix

Johnny at his free skate practice this morning. 
Photo tweeted by @ESJW.

Congratulations, Johnny, 
on an amazing and powerful 
comeback to competition!! 

Johnny finished 4th at Finlandia, 
and is now preparing for Rostelecom Cup / 
Cup of Russia on November 9. 
So excited to see him perform these 
beautiful programs again next month!!

Johnny in his Phoenix costume. 
Beautifully done: the details offer quiet echoes 
of Fallen Angel while also evoking 
a new beginning for Johnny on the ice. 
Photo posted to Facebook by Absolute Skating.

Johnny's free skate: "Phoenix." 
Completely in love with this music. 
A gorgeous, soaring program, in which Johnny shares 
both bitter ashes and hopeful rebirth with his audience. 
Like Fallen Angel, the program takes us on an 
unforgettable journey that promises to be 
even more breathtaking as the season progresses.

Another view.

Johnny after the competition concluded. 
Photo posted to Facebook by Absolute Skating: 
"Johnny Weir wasn't on the podium 
but has certainly the most loving fans. 
He had after comp his own 
very crowded press conference."

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Episode 207: Johnny is facing the hardest decision of his life. He has to choose whether he wants to go back to competitive ice skating. He seeks the advice of his mom and his closest friends.

Episode 208: Watch out Las Vegas, Johnny Weir is on his way! Johnny and his team fly to Las Vegas to decide where to set the upcoming "Spectacular" show. Meanwhile Josh has big news for Tara.

Gaaaaah I can't believe the season finale (which includes Victor!) is scheduled for next week already!!

Just a brief blog this morning of highlights from today's free skate practice and performance.

IMPORTANT: Please note the updated Finlandia schedule below!! Johnny will be in Group 3 today. Men's Free Skate begins at 5:30 pm Finnish time / 10:30 am EDT. Johnny will skate 3rd in Group 3, so nearly at the end of the event.

LINKS — Schedule:

Starting order/results:

Programming note: I am actually in the middle of moving today (!), so I may not be able to provide updates until much later in the weekend. Please follow @ninniFancinelli and @team_swan on Twitter for up-to-the-minute commentary and results!

This morning Victor asked: "Ready for The #phoenix?"

Yes. So very ready for Johnny to be reborn on his beloved ice, to rise, and to soar as no one else can.

Ganbatte, Johnny!! We are with you, we love you, and we believe in you!!

Back of the costume. 
Photo tweeted by @ESJW.

A happy and relaxed Johnny. 
Photo tweeted by @ESJW.

Johnny and Galina. 
Photo tweeted by Gary Podschun.

Johnny's free skate practice. 
Love this music so much.

Another look.

One-Hour Finlandia Highlights Broadcast
Saturday, October 6
on Finnish YLETV2 and streaming here
5:15 pm Finland time 
10:15 am EDT
9:15 am CDT
8:15 am MDT
7:15 am PDT

Men's Free Skate
Starting Order
Saturday, October 6
5:30 pm Finland time
10:30 am EDT
9:30 am CDT
8:30am MDT
7:30 am PDT

Men's Victory Ceremony
Saturday, October 6
8:17 pm Finland time
1:17 pm EDT
12:17 pm CDT
11:17 am MDT
10:17 am PDT

Final Finlandia Highlights Broadcast
Sunday, October 7
on Finnish YLETV2 and streaming here 
5:20 pm – 7 pm Finland time
10:20 am – 12 noon EDT
9:20 am – 11 am CDT
8:20 am – 10 am MDT
7:20 am – 9 am PDT

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aaaack said...

Another part of the beautiful music is Chopin's Nocturne in C Sharp Minor.

Carmina said... major chills and tears just from watching the practice - ugh! dammit Johnny, there you go again, making me feel this way!...I can't imagine what I'll be like seeing him in actual competition (gathering whatever tissues I can find, and buying the entire stock of them from the nearest big box store AKA Target)
...the music is perfect in evoking the intensity of the phoenix rising from the ashes, and I definitely see the correlation of this costume with his Fallen Angel one else can tell a story (a personal one, at that) like he does, on the ice...I am thrilled for him to be back in competition - the best is yet to come...Sending Johnny best wishes and hugs - you make us proud!

Anuradha said...

This was so great weekend!!! <3 <3 <3