Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random Media Roundup, Or: Is It Time for BGJW2 Yet....?

Finally!! We're less than a week away 
from the start of Be Good Johnny Weir Season 2! 
With bonus RuPaul!

But first, before we do anything else today... 
Photo tweeted by Victor:
"In memory of September 11th. 
God I love this city." 

UPDATE!! New promo from Logo!! 
"I'm here. I'm Weir. Get into it."

Yes, But Will There Be Mammoth Things? I have a million items on my to-do list that I'm supposed to be handling today but I'm distracting myself from all of them with cookies and the thought that OMG BE GOOD JOHNNY WEIR SEASON 2 IS PREMIERING IN JUST SIX DAYS!!!!

According to my cable provider, Logo is showing not one but TWO episodes of the new season back-to-back this coming Monday, September 17, 10 pm EDT / 9 pm CDT:

Episode 1: In the second-season premiere, Johnny explores new career opportunities.

Episode 2: Johnny contemplates coming out to the public after deciding to write his memoirs.

Because it's taken Logo forever, possibly longer, to finally launch Season 2, it's going to be fascinating to relive the past two years through these episodes. And the best part is: We know the story has a happy ending.

Champs Camp: The Gift That Keeps On Giving. So this article from the Omaha World-Herald popped up on Sunday: 

"At Colorado Camp, Figure Skaters Prep for U.S. Championships." 

Which includes this paragraph:

For a group photo shoot, Weir, with his larger-than-life skating personality, showed up wearing large sunglasses and a loose-fitting white shirt that was decidedly not Champs Camp gear. After some cajoling, Weir agreed to take off the sunglasses and tossed the official T-shirt around his neck, like a scarf.

(Anybody else wish there was a recording somewhere of said cajoling...?

What? You can't be serious.

C'mon. Everyone's wearing one.

Group-think isn't really my thing. Don't you know that? Are you stupid?

OK. How about just taking off the sunglasses for a sec?

My apologies. I did not bring nearly enough La Crème by Clé de Peau to be able to endure such UV exposure. Especially at this altitude.

Um... OK. Here. Just... Yeah, in the back. That's fine. Maybe nobody'll notice...)

Which might explain this photograph tweeted by U.S. Figure Skating and seen here previously, in which he's still wearing sunglasses, and I'm #NotClearOn whether or not that's really the official T-shirt draped over his shoulders...

But the article also includes one photo of Johnny in the accompanying gallery (yes, ONE. PHOTO. of. him. Are they new?): this group shot in which the look on his face just kills me:

Johnny at Champs Camp. 
Wearing an actualfax Champs Camp shirt. 
Am now thinking maybe the Mayans 
were onto something after all...
(Please click twice for larger view.)

The article is an interesting and comprehensive read, albeit with this slight oversight in which a sentence forgot to end where it should have and instead awkwardly overstayed its welcome until it finally wandered forlornly off into a nearby helicopter:

A handful of skaters have the kind of names that almost everyone can recognize: Peggy Fleming, Kristi Yamaguchi, Brian Boitano.

A few end up with the kind of pop culture fame of Weir, who in a brief retirement from competition wrote a book, appeared on several television shows and recorded a pop song called “Dirty Love.” He's now probably the U.S. team's most recognizable athlete, aside from...

Erm, no. Not "aside from" anybody. The U.S. team's most recognizable athlete. Period. (Do they even go here?)

Dear George Rossano: What Are You Doing. So late Saturday night, Johnny tweeted this:

Yay for great test skate!!

And then on Sunday, this little gem of journalistic fail by Alexandra Stevenson showed up on Ice Skating International: Online:

"Johnny Weir Causes a Commotion; 'Secretly' Performs during the Mid-Atlantic Championships in New York."

The flamboyant very popular Johnny Weir, now 28, swept through the East rink at the twin ice surface facility on a Chelsea Pier on the West side of Manhattan on Saturday afternoon, September 8, surprising the audience who were watching the pairs competition, instantly igniting a buzz of speculation.

Accompanied by his entourage, which included coaches Galina Zmievskaya and her pupil 1992 Olympic champion Victor Petrenko, along with Weir's marital partner, Victor Voronov, the 2004, 2005 & 2006 US champion walked the length of the rink showing off a huge bag which displayed the name Sochi, which will be the site of the ice events in the next Olympics Games.... [etc. etc. I can't bear to devote any more space to this, so please feel free to go read the rest here.]


"Flamboyant"? Really? We're still doing that?

"Entourage"? Well, I suppose. Just like every other skater there who also had a coach or two present, and maybe a family member.

"Walked the length of the rink"? What was he supposed to do--teleport? And then you'd be complaining about that: "...suddenly disappearing from one end of the rink and reappearing a split-second later at the other, further fueling the uproar with this ostentatious display of his off-ice superpowers."

"Showing off a huge bag"? Because of course it would be incomprehensible that he might be carrying a large bag WITH HIS SKATES AND STUFF in it.

"Causes a commotion"? Like it's his fault the judges decided that they wanted him to do this at this event.

"Marital partner"? How about the simpler and clearer "husband"? Although there was some speculation among fans that perhaps there's a language barrier here that resulted in this odd usage.

IDK. But the snark throughout the piece is clear in any language.

The whole thing is poorly written, contrived, and purposely negative (why?). So of course it was then inexplicably posted by IFS Magazine on its Facebook page as if it deserved to be there, or anywhere. (UPDATE as of 4:30 EDT: Some readers report that apparently the post has been removed, or hidden from IFS Mag's timeline, because the link now only takes them to the IFS page.) Fortunately, the posting was rescued from itself by commenters who politely pointed out the flaws, including Karen Weeks, who actually attended the event at Chelsea Piers, and Novia Stephani, who took the writer to task for this breathlessly gossipy bit: "'It is believed that the judges were deciding whether he is ready for the Finlandia Trophy, 5-7 October.' Any self-respecting journalist would try to get a quote from the judges rather than write 'It is believed...', and get [an] explanation on why Weir had to show his competitive programs during a competition he was not participating in."

ISIO is managed by George S. Rossano, whom I had previously praised for his cogent assessment of the ISU officers' ridiculous move to re-appoint themselves through the 2014 Olympics.

Dear George: Just as figure skating does from the ISU, your readers deserve a bit better from you.

(UPDATE: As of 09-12-2012, the headline has now been changed to "Johnny Weir Monitored at Mid-Atlantic Championships; 'Secretly' performs during competition in New York." And a tiny--literally--footnote was added at some point yesterday: "Editors Note: Some readers have incorrectly concluded from this story that Weir interrupted the competition for the monitoring session. It is not uncommon for a skater to be monitored as an unannounced scheduled activity during a scheduled break in a competition or afterwards, as a convenience for the skater and the judges. Sometimes test sessions are scheduled during a competition for the same reason. 11 Sep, 2012.")

From Our He Should Win All the Things Dept.: Unlike our last item as well as some previous polls, Ice Network's poll this week is happily free of bias:

As of this writing, he's in the lead with 47% (down from an initial 65%). Please continue to vote for Johnny!

Since We're Reminiscing Whilst We Wait Without a Shred of Patience for Next Monday... In honor of BGJW's second season, here, have some old picspam that's always worth a second look. The first few are, I believe, from the photo shoot that Johnny and Traver Rains did for their collaborative Trevor Project T-shirt fundraiser in 2010. The rest are from their September 2010 shoot. 

Love these pics. Kinda hoping there's on-the-scene footage in the show....

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view. See more amazing photos by Traver on his website.

Photo tweeted by Johnny 
the night of the September shoot: 
"Climbing on a bus. This is just one look of many. 
Love @traverrains."

Photo posted that night to Traver's Facebook page: 
"Behind the scenes of Traver's photo shoot 
w/ Olympic skater Johnny Weir."

And the finished products...

One of the series from which the cover shot 
for "Dirty Love" was chosen.

Amazing. Right down to the eyelashes and the Loubs.

Bonus pics!! More Fantasy on Ice art
tweeted by @ayukovon!

Another one...

...and one more. Beautiful.

Perfect fan art is perfect.
 Posted to Johnny's Facebook fan page 
by Motoko Narita.

New!! Last week's picspam now updated with fresh--
and BIGGER--versions of pics from the fabulous 
Junko Mi! Thank you, Junko!

on Johnny's Comeback Gift Fund website
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Less than one week to go!!! 
The return of Johnny to our TVs.
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aaaack said...

Was Champs Camp run by the Boy Scouts or some organization like that? The exercises and shirts look patronizing.

What makes our skaters great is their individuality and very diverse personal styles and skating styles. They fall and bleed and turn black and blue in their normal grind of practices.

Please don't force them into identical shirts unless you are paying them to appear on a box of cereal or marching them into an Olympic ceremony. That would be the natural way to feel like part of a team.