Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Freaking Out Over Finlandia? Me Too. Here, Have Some Japan Pics

Johnny wearing not one but two crowns of roses 
after his performances in Fantasy on Ice in Fukui. 
Gorgeous photo tweeted by Junko Mi
Please click twice for glorious full-size image!

OK! Johnny's back from Japan; Fashion Week kicks off today and Fashion's Night Out is tomorrow (IDK what, if anything, he's doing for Fashion Week this year, but just in case here's a schedule and a wisp of a prayer to the digital-image gods that he please appear at something that Getty--NOT the guy affectionately known in the blogosphere as P. McWatermarks--is covering with a phalanx of photographers. In the past he's attended Tadashi Shoji, Erickson Beamon, Timo Weiland, and Chris Benz, among a zillion others); the Be Good Johnny Weir Season 2 premiere is only 12 days away (!); and his first competition of the season, Finlandia Trophy, is JUST ONE MONTH FROM TODAY OMG.

(I'm sooooo not ready for this. I'm still trying to figure out how to care about all the arcane rules that govern figure skating, which is pretty much a losing battle because I remain unconvinced that the ever more anal-retentive effort to quantify into precise calculations what he does on the ice is a thing that makes any sense at all [it doesn't. Just FYI.], so basically I'm dragging myself kicking and screaming into competitive skating fandom, a decidedly less fun and sparkly place than regular Johnny fandom and also seriously lacking in US photo ops. So far my competitive-skating fandom plan can be summed up as follows: I want to watch him skate, and I want him to win all the things. The end. [Plus bonus trust issues with FS officialdom, of which I just continue to avert my eyes and pretend they aren't there, much the same way I interact with that guy on the train who is always picking his nose and wiping it carefully on the seat in front of him.] Beyond that, I glaze over and my mind wanders back to stuff like this...) 

But as the competitive season slouches toward us like some kind of hideous cloven-hoofed beast wearing trifocals and a sweat-fogged green accountant's shade and carrying reams of paper that it shuffles through at random intervals while muttering obscure phrases in Sanskrit that loosely translate as "wrong-edge takeoff" and "I don't really know what GOE means either but I sure know how to Chanipulate it...," lucky fans in Japan got a preview of competitive Johnny this past week, and their assessments seemed to boil down to: Wow he's really thin, wow he's really really muscled, and wow he's really really really looking good out there on the ice. The two triple axels in his final performance on Sunday didn't hurt either.

So as we prepare for the explosion of Johnnyness that is about to overtake us this fall and reduce the beast to a quivering mass of cast-off glitter as he quads all over its face, here's a bunch of photos from Japan to help you feel really discouraged that you live in the US excited about what lies ahead. You're welcome. :D

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Johnny in Fukuoka after conducting a skating seminar 
with Miki Ando as a guest of the US consulate.
Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Johnny and Shannon Leigh Lenihan, 
who traveled to Japan with him and 
Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Johnny back in Fukui. (I think. Maybe.)
Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

After Fantasy on Ice rehearsals in Fukui.
His shirt reads, "All women are beautiful."
Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Surprised by yet more amazing gifts. 
Love the Тёма fan.
Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Show day! Incredible flowers 
from the Japanese Angels for Johnny.
Photo tweeted by @yu_mico.

Front view. 
Photo tweeted by the Japanese Angels.

And then we come to his actual performances in the shows, at which photography and videography are expressly forbidden. But lovely Ayumi (@ayukovon) kindly created these amazing drawings PRACTICALLY WHILE WATCHING THE SHOW so fans around the world could get a glimpse of Johnny:

"This is @JohnnyGWeir in the opening of the show 
@ayukovon just drew."
Photo tweeted Saturday by @coddycoddy88.

"This is another @JohnnyGWeir in the opening 
@ayukovon just drew."
Photo tweeted by @coddycoddy88.

"This is @JohnnyGWeir appeared in the finale. 
@ayukovon drew him."
Photo tweeted by @coddycoddy88.

"This is @JohnnyGWeir at the finale 
@ayukovon just drew."
Photo tweeted by @coddycoddy88.

"Are you ready? @ayukovon 's art is here! 
Today's @johnnygweir is sooooooooooo amazing! 
His performance was perfect!!"
Photo tweeted from Sunday's performance 
by @midnight_kurage.

"Memories of FaOI at Fukui."
Please click photo twice for full-size view.
Photo tweeted Monday by @ayukovon.

Photo tweeted by @ayukovon.

Photo tweeted by @ayukovon.

Photo tweeted by @ayukovon.

After the show: Photo tweeted by Johnny.
"あいしてます! [I love you!] Thank you @JpJWeAngels!!"

"This is @JohnnyGWeir 's sign with his message 
あいしてます means I love you. 
His hand writing Japanese is cute. Especially 'あ' !"
Photo tweeted by @coddycoddy88.

Photo posted by Mutsumi Teshima 
to Johnny's Facebook fan page with the caption: 
"I was touched by Johnny's performance!"

Photo tweeted by @ayukovon.

And then all too soon, it's time to say goodbye. 
Johnny at Narita airport in Tokyo.
Photo tweeted by @midnight_kurage.

Photo tweeted by @ayukovon.

Photo tweeted by @ayukovon.

Bonus pics!! Johnny at the skating seminar 
in Fukuoka with Miki Ando. 
Photo via Haohewuyin on Weibo.

And yes, more video from the seminar!

Johnny at Fantasy on Ice rehearsal. 
Photo from this newspaper article about the show.

A brief video clip from rehearsals!

And one more tweeted by @ayukovon.

Very special thanks to dear Junko Mi 
for the exclusive photos!!

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Anuradha said...

Finland & Johnny in same sentence!!! <3 <3 <3

aaaack said...

Always good to know that Johnny will be well taken care of in Japan. Thank you, Japanese angels!

Ayukovon really should write a digital/printed book of her collected drawings. She is so talented.

Hope you are feeling much better, Binky. You are our lifeline to all things Johnny.

Maggie St. said...

Thank G-d for Ayumi!! ♥ Wonderful artwork of Johnny.

THIS --> "I want to watch him skate, and I want him to win all the things. The end."