Friday, September 7, 2012

Flashback Friday: Japan, Beijing, Butt Waxing...

Johnny in Fukuoka last week, 
modeling a gift from a fan. 
Exclusive photo courtesy of the fabulous Junko Mi
Please click twice for larger view, 
or here for stunning full-size image.

Finlandia Trophy begins exactly four weeks from today.


And yay Victor is going with him!!

And the anticipatory tension for a lot of us has already risen to maybe DEFCON 2, driven in equal measures by (1) CANNOT. WAIT. to see him on competitive ice; (2) Judges: Yes, We're Judging You; and (3) Dear Universal Sports: Thanks for nothing. Specifically, nothing in the way of live coverage of the Grand Prix unless you happen to have a satellite package that includes UniSports. They won't even offer a pay-per-view livestream for people who simply cannot get satellite, because they're in this ongoing battle with cable companies over carrying their stupid channel that all boils down to money, of course. So long-time skating fans who have always watched the Grand Prix live for years are suddenly shut out, as are new fans who have been drawn to the sport specifically by Johnny and now do not have the opportunity to watch his return to competition live. Not cool, UniSports.

Meanwhile, there's the additional ongoing exhilaration of wading through endless websites written in Finnish to try to figure out if Finlandia Trophy might be livestreamed somewhere somehow which is an exciting exercise in wishing you had studied a whole lot more foreign languages in college or perhaps attended a college which actually offered Finnish with bonus foresight to realize you'd need it someday (#Finnception), and also wishing you had amassed a small fortune since college that would enable you to jet off to far-flung countries at the drop of a skate for the low low price of LOLSOB, and which also leads you to stuff like this (thanks to Jenn Kittler for the link) that includes this intriguing sentence: "Finlandia Trophy will be held in the beginning of October and will be broadcasted on TV to an international audience and will have worldwide print and internet coverage." WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE...

And also this: a program summary FROM FINNISH TV. WHAT. for the upcoming BGJW Season 2 (premieres one week from Monday yes FINALLY!!!):

Be Good Johnny Weir: With the next Olympics a few years away and an uncertain future on the ice, three-time US Champion figure skater Johnny Weir explores life outside the rink. Whether it be trying his hand as a pop singer, fashion designer or author, Johnny begins to realize that nothing can replace the rush he gets from figure skating. He focuses his attention on planning a Spectacular ice show and begins to flirt with two things: a cute new beau, Vitya, and a return to competitive skating. It's Fashion Week and Tara has plans for Johnny to walk and design in runway shows. First, though, he has to get his butt waxed.

So in case anyone might have forgotten the essence of what makes Be Good Johnny Weir so wonderfully addictive, I think that sums it up pretty well. #flirting #Vitya #buttwaxed #Johnny

OK! As our Foreign Studies Seminar in Frantic Competitive Figure Skating Livestream Research continues (there's a niche topic for you), let us distract ourselves momentarily with some new exclusive photos from Japan plus leftover Artistry on Ice stuff that reminds us all over again why it is we are so desperately searching for those livestreams....

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Photo posted to Johnny's Facebook fan page 
by Junko with the caption: "Pompadour."

Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Johnny with his double crown of roses in Fukui.
Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

At Narita airport, getting ready to fly home.
Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Artistry on Ice flashback, from Weibo. 
See more of this photographer's collection here.

Bonus pics!! Johnny and Miki Ando 
at the Fukuoka skating seminar.  
From this newspaper article.

Johnny and St├ęphane in China. 
From Weibo. IDEK.

Beautiful new art tweeted by @ayukovon: 
"Dream - as a beautiful tropical bird."

Bonus video!! In honor of Fashion Week: A look back 
at Johnny preparing to walk for Asher Levine. 
From yesterday's NY Mag article previewing 
Asher's new collection, which describes Asher as 
"known for his weird and wonderful designs 
worn by adventurous dressers like Lady Gaga, 
the Black Eyed Peas, and Johnny Weir..."

Very special thanks to dear Junko Mi 
for the exclusive photos!!

on Johnny's Comeback Gift Fund website
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Less than two weeks to go!!! 
The return of Johnny to our TVs.
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Previews!! Johnny with Australian Olympic 
diving champion Matty Mitcham...
International fans: 
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...and Johnny with the ever-fabulous RuPaul.
International fans: 
Please try this link or this link for the video.

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aaaack said...

Here's hoping that Finnish fans can wield some video cams and post them on the Internet.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Let's see...who doI know that speaks Finnish? There must be someone between all of us that speaks Finnish!

Great pictures, MM! Thanks for another great Blog. I love Johnny's Japanese fans. His fans all over the world really rock!

Darn that Universal Sports thing!

Bubblebabe3000 said...

I know Johnny is preparing for competitions and needs to be in top form...but he is so thin...

He is still sooo cute :))