Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback Friday: Flint Revisited

Johnny performs "Dirty Love" for the first time 
at Holiday Dreams on Ice, Flint, Michigan, December 2010. 
Love the way his costume is reflected in the ice. 
I know he said on Monday's BGJW2 episode
"That was horrifying ... We all know it wasn't good"
but the big crowd in Flint (yes! People came! 
Probably more than one gay even!) loved him, 
as you'll see in the video below...
Please click twice for larger view.
Photo © David Ingogly.

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So yesterday I was so intensely focused on shoveling out a post that is really just ridiculously long that I didn't even realize until last night—when Blogger randomly decided to do increasingly weird things with my HTML coding #geekspeak and I was reviewing my list of entries to check to see if this randomness had occurred previously—that off to the side on the stupid new Blogger interface, which was revealed as the culprit in this coding f*ckery, it said:

"Posts Published: 500."

So the super-mega-yay-BGJW2-flail post of yesterday was #500! Please go read it now if you missed it, because I posted late and it didn't get as many views and it's lonely. Also it has this on it. Plus a riveting discussion of The End Times as related to this.

In the meantime, episode 1 of BGJW2 had me wandering back down Weirmory Lane to Holiday Dreams on Ice in Flint, where Johnny premiered "Dirty Love" to open the show, in a performance with which he apparently was not thrilled.

I think his fans' experience of that moment differs slightly from his.

He had tweeted earlier that month that he would be performing the song for the first time at HDOI, but we weren't expecting it right at the beginning and it took us all a moment to catch on, since of course we'd never heard it before. I was tweeting and Facebooking for fans who couldn't be there and who were thus living vicariously through every sparkly syllable. Here's my FB post immediately following his performance:

(Although not as sheer as he wanted.) 
Please do go read the post comments
We're all so flaily!

And during my time travels this week, I was idly scarfing around on my extra hard drive for our photos from that show...

...and found nearly 50 "Dirty Love" shots that somehow I forgot we had and so I never ran them. IDEK.

So I've corrected that inexplicable oversight today and posted the best of the bunch.

A few of the pics below ran on various blog entries back in December 2010, but are re-edited here for better quality. Most are new. For the photographer—my son David, not quite 13 years old then—this was his first time out with his camera ever. I had no idea he could do this. And he's only gotten better since then, bringing endless joy to fans around the world with his beautiful shots of Johnny: a man he admires tremendously, and one of his favorite family-friendly subjects to photograph. :D

Please click photos twice for larger view. They're gorgeous, and the horizontal shots at full size give you an idea of how alone Johnny was out there in the spotlight on the ice...

Johnny at the beginning of the show 
in his new "Dirty Love" costume, 
before he grabbed the mic and began to sing. 
He wore a veil as part of the costume.

A brief moment to catch his breath during the 
"Keep on doing good, yeah, Johnny be good," 
part of the song offers a glimpse 

...but he keeps right on going, of course,
as the song continues.

Love the costume reflection again here...

...and here.

"... let’s make some dirty love."

Video!! Uploaded that night by a wonderful person 
who understood the desperate need of fans everywhere... 
Listen to the crowd shriek as it dawns on us
that it's his song! There was louder shrieking 
and applause for him at the end,  but the 
video cuts off before you can really hear it.
Some 48,000+ views later, we still love it.

Bonus pic!! Johnny's on the cover 
of the new issue of NYC's Next Magazine
Print copies will be available in the local area 
starting today. You also can see the photos 
and read the fab interview online at Next's website!

Thank you, LifeSkate!!

All HDOI photos © David Ingogly.

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germansoulmate said...

I think I will never stop admiring Johnny for his courage to do this case, premiering his song on ice especially b/c we know know how terrified and nervous he really was.

The preview of BGJW2 is the only thing I have watched yet and it was enough to see again the person behind that bold and courageous attitude.

As I said...I admire him for his courage.

Thank you for that trip down memory lane with those gorgeous pics. Thanks to Davey too.

aaaack said...

Johnny pulled it off in Flint, and the audiences everywhere loved it.

This is the land of the free and the home of the brave Johnny Weir!

Nancy Knisley said...

I can't help but imagine that when Johnny was talking to Stephanie about the design of his last Bad Romance costume--the black one with all the Swarovski crystals--he kept insisting, "I needs to be more see-through! No, more see-through!"