Thursday, September 27, 2012

BGJW2 Screencapalooza!

Johnny listens intently during BGJW2, episode 4, 
as Ice Theatre of New York executive director 
and event producer Jirina Ribbens offers her advice 
on getting his "Spectacular" off the ground.

Today's Action Items:

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(4) Enjoy reading the recaps on LifeSkate of the BGJW episodes you just saw whilst you watch Johnny recap via video here and here.

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Repeat as needed to continue happily avoiding whatever real life non-Johnny stuff you're supposed to be doing.

(OMG Finlandia is a week from tomorrow.... #flail #GANBATTE Johnny!!)

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view. (Spoiler alert: Some dialogue from this week's episodes is quoted below, so please avert your eyes from the captions if you haven't watched yet and just enjoy the screencaps.)

Selected Screencaps 
from BGJW Episodes 203 and 204
Part 1: Johnny Weir: Author.

Johnny sees Welcome to My World 
for the first time in Tara's office.

"OMG I have a book!"

Reading his bio on the jacket flap.

Part 2: Cazwell Explains It All.

Johnny listens to dating and flirting advice from Cazwell.

Cazwell: "No one goes on blind dates anymore, Johnny. 
That's like... the fifties. 
You guys goin' to the drive-in...?"
Love Cazwell.

Johnny: "How do you flirt?"

Cazwell: "If I look you in the eye, 
and we're talking about something...

...but in my head, I'm thinking about sex...

...THAT's flirting."

Johnny: "You're gonna make me blush!"

Johnny's attempt at 

Cazwell approves.

Cazwell: "Do you want to have sex on the first date?"
Johnny: "I don't know. What do you say?"

Cazwell: "I say get it out of the way."

Cazwell: "And would you invite him to your house?" 
Johnny: "I live in Jersey!" 
Cazwell: "So?" 
Johnny: "So NO!"

Part 3: Enter Jirina.

Johnny listens to Jirina's questions 
about his vision for the Spectacular...

...and explains what he has in mind.

Jirina encourages him to get
commitments from other skaters...

But Johnny disagrees with her belief 
in verbal commitments and doing business on a handshake. 
So it remains unclear whether Jirina 
will be partnering with Johnny on Spectacular—

—or not.

Part 4: ¡Hola! 
Welcome to My World Cover Shoot.

I've always felt that in addition to the book itself, we definitely need a companion volume that is nothing but photos from this shoot. These screencaps will have to tide us over for now. :D

Beauty Bears! Joey Camasta...

...and Eric Alt.

Johnny later tweeted about his ensemble 
when the book was published: 
"My book cover details. Catsuit by @AsherLevine, 
heels by @LouboutinWorld and glove by @kerinrose. 
Hair @EricAltSalons, makeup @joeycamasta!"

Bonus pics!! Photo tweeted by Johnny 
on December 23, 2010, when he first saw 
the book in Tara's office: "Yay!!!"

Behind-the-scenes photo tweeted by Josh last year 
(from his previous account, so link is no longer available). 
From the scene in episode 3, in which Tara cooks breakfast 
for Johnny and gently explains that he didn't make
the NY Times bestseller list. Then she announces that yes, 
she's found him a guy for his blind date! 
At his less-than-thrilled reaction, an exasperated Tara 
exclaims: "You asked me to do you a favor!" 
To which crabby Johnny looks her up and down and says: 
"I know, but now I'm terrified of it. 
Because you're wearing pink. flannel. plaid. pajamas."

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aaaack said...

A book written by a gay psychiatrist (whose clients included many gays) recommended that gays not have sex on the first date because you want to make sure you have a lot in common before you have sex, which tends to bond people. What's true for straights also applies to gays, in the psychiatrist's eyes. But who am I to contradict Cazwell?

aaaack said...

Tara looks absolutely gorgeous 99 44/100 percent of the time. But I agree with Johnny that those pink. plaid. pajamas. are a momentary step off the fashion cliff. Must have come as a Christmas gift from a relative of Tara's or maybe one of her skaters/fans/clients. Or maybe there's a tradition of skating coaches in BGJW appearing in their-fashion-guard-is-momentarily-down PJs, the BGJW version of fashion slumming.