Thursday, September 20, 2012

Be Good? He's Better Than Ever!

posted on their website yesterday. 
The print edition hits NYC tomorrow. 
I'll take 84 million copies, thanks. 
(Hair by the fabulous Eric Alt, of course.)

OK, before we discuss Be Good Johnny Weir, let's get the other Next Magazine pics out of the way, shall we:

There we go. But please do go read the interview. It's absolutely wonderful. In each successive article lately, we've been getting a little bit more of the Johnny-Victor "how-we-met-and-fell-in-love" story, and you don't want to miss the beautiful details in this one.

OK! Let's talk about the show!!

First of all: OMG. I forgot just how good he really is in this thing.

He's as riveting as ever even though we're backtracking all the way to 2010 to pick up the story. Fans who have been following along since Vancouver have sort of lived the material that is now being presented in the show, but there's a lot we didn't know, of course, including the highlight of the premiere episode: How "Dirty Love" came to be, and, in particular, how hilariously difficult it was for Lucian Piane to put it together (and now that we have a glimpse of what he went through, I'm even more impressed with the final result...).

Susan Chun, the lovely person behind LifeSkate, will be providing detailed recaps of each week's episodes, so please go check out her take (she's a big Johnny fan and a fun read!). For me, three things stood out in re-entering the BGJW world:

(1) I was struck by how uncertain he looks at times, by the lack of support for some of his ideas as he considers options beyond figure skating, and by how much the pain of Vancouver is still evident in his face in many scenes.

(2) I love that in the very first episode he says he's ready for a husband. Because we already know how true that is, and how happily that plotline concludes: in an intimate exchange of vows with the gorgeous man of his dreams.

(3) Sweet Weirsus, how I love and admire Patti Weir. As much fun as both episodes are from start to finish, my absolute favorite parts are Johnny and Patti together. I love that he describes her as "the one person who always gives me a straight answer," and I love how she accepts him so completely. She speaks her mind freely but lovingly with him; she makes him laugh; she challenges him; she shares her concerns; but ultimately, she supports him 100% every. day. of. his. life. no. matter. what. It's one of the most beautiful relationships I've ever seen. And she really, really needs to write a parenting book.

Her reaction to his new song's title during their Skype convo is priceless: "Oh, dear God, Johnny. Is it sexual?"

I also loved Johnny's live-tweeting during the premiere, especially his tweet at that moment:

Photo tweeted Monday night by Victor 
of Johnny live-tweeting: 
"Watching @JohnnyGWeir watch 'Be Good Johnny Weir'"
(Tyoma! )

And later, during the second episode revolving around the question of his "coming out" in his memoir, this tweet:

Finally, one of the best parts of the new season is the next-day video recaps posted on the NewNowNext blog under the title, "Heavy Petting With Johnny Weir" (NewNowNext noted on the first installment: "We’d love to take credit for the name, but it was all his idea." Of course it was.) In case you missed them:

So! It's SO GOOD to have BGJW again to look forward to each week!! The next two new episodes are coming up this Monday, September 24, at 10 pm EDT / 9 pm CDT:

203: Johnny embarks on his book tour, but the first stop is a failure. His agent Tara and the rest of the team are very worried: Will the book be a hit or a huge flop?

204: Johnny flies to Moscow to recruit fellow ice skater Sasha Uspenski for his big show, "Spectacular." Back in New York, Tara sets him up on a blind date.

For more from this week's episodes, pleases visit The Quotable Johnny Weir, where all the best lines (and that's basically everything that came out of his mouth) have been blogged. My personal favorite: 

There's a hint of suicide bomber 
in me right now that just wants to
run up to Tara, hug her, and 
blow us both up because she has 
put me in this position. 
— How he felt about premiering "Dirty Love" 
live at Holiday Dreams on Ice 
in Flint, Michigan, December 2010

One-Sentence Review That Pretty Much Says It All: "While this season lacks the Olympic-themed drama of the first, the fact remains that pretty much anything Weir says or does makes for entertaining television."USA Today

From Our Through the Looking Glass Dept., Or: Seriously, Is This Bizarro World?: On Monday evening, U.S. Figure Skating tweeted this:

And in some kind of Swirling Vortex of Fabulously Sparkly Doom that surely heralds the end of life as we know it, specifically, the life where U.S. Figure Skating pretends it doesn't know Johnny is gay and Logo pretends it's never heard of U.S. Figure Skating even though it found those hotel receipts that Johnny so carelessly left lying around: LOGO RETWEETED THEM. O.O

Next up: USFS tweets about the show again this Monday using the term "halleloo," and Logo tweets back with a question mark.

BTW USA Today Has a Point: Yes, everything he says and does makes for entertaining television (two words: Viacheslav Romanov).

And thus a new fan campaign has been born, partly because one new ten-episode season of BGJW every two years is not NEARLY enough Johnny on anyone's TV, and partly in response to this tweet from Johnny about a month ago: "Dreaming about hosting Saturday Night Live someday..."

So let's make it happen, people!!

Please go "like" the new
fan page on Facebook, 
and follow them on Twitter!

(Note: Actually, a Facebook page for this purpose was started back in 2010 but has been inactive for more than a year, so the new page is where the campaign activity will be focused.)

Since the success of the "Betty White to Host SNL!" campaign, SNL has bowed to fan pressure and decided to work WITH fan groups instead of trying desperately to ignore them. So they posted new rules recently about how to promote your favorite celebrity as a potential SNL host. The new Johnny fan campaign will be following those rules, according to the Facebook page. 

From SNL:

Once a month we'll choose a day and open the floor to your suggestions on Facebook and Twitter.

If you're on Facebook, you can simply leave a comment on our "Suggestion" post and if you're on Twitter, tweet us your suggestion on the designated day with the hashtag #SNLHost.

So please "like" and follow the "Johnny Weir to Host SNL" accounts, and they'll alert you when the designated day is announced so you know when to tweet and comment for Johnny!!

Let's do it!!

TWTH: Tweeting With the Husbands
Selected Tweets from Monday's BGJW Premiere

Bonus pic!! Coming up: All-new picspam 
(that I just discovered buried on my hard drive) 
from that fateful night in Flint —
the premiere of "Dirty Love"!
Please click twice for larger view.
Photo © David Ingogly.

But wait, there's more!!! 
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Atomic Wife said...

Yes, you nailed it. Like a time warp I feel like I lived out everything in the show but then we get these nuggets of detail we didn't know about.... especially all about "Dirty Love."

Thank you for all the updates! Somehow, I missed some of Johnny's tweets during the show. I read his whole thread that night, but some of the ones you posted weren't there.


Nancy Knisley said...

Thanks for the shout-out for The Quotable Johnny Weir. There are so many wonderful quotes in both shows that I've just started on Episode 2 today!

In the photo of Johnny watching Be Good Johnny Weir, I imagine тёма is thinking, "This show is so hilarious!"

aaaack said...

Johnny and Victor are so right about hoping for the day when coming out is obsolete. Let there be sunshine and light and rainbows always.