Monday, August 6, 2012

Postcards from Sun Valley! Plus Other Random Stuff!

Johnny at rehearsal in beautiful
Sun Valley, Idaho, on Saturday. 
Photo courtesy of Anastasia Pryanikova
Lucky fans who attended promise 
more photos to come!

Kayso one of these years I have just got to get out to Sun Valley when Johnny performs there. The show always gets rave reviews, and I actually thought about going this year, but traveling to Sun Valley is a bit of a nightmare challenge whether you fly or drive, and every time I calculate the mileage I come out with anywhere from about 1,650 to oh say 1,800,000,000 miles depending on which way you go, which, given that there are only three roads that actually go to Sun Valley, means that if I left here to drive to Sun Valley at the same time that Johnny left to drive to JFK to fly to Sun Valley, I might still get there before his luggage.

Also I grew up in that area of the country, and I keep thinking it would be nice to take a road trip to show my kids where I grew up, and then in a brief moment of lucidity I remember actually growing up there, and then I light another candle to the Ceaselessly Corrupt Political Gods That Make Chicagoland Great and thank them that I'm really really old today all grown up and can live how and where I choose, which for me means a town with an almost infinite number of roads that lead to it, each of which has a Starbucks on every block. Where I grew up, we didn't even have a McDonald's until the year before I went to college--and by "we" I mean the people in the only other town that was less than 50 miles away, who actually had it.

Fortunately other fans were undaunted by the logistical adventure that is traveling to and from Sun Valley, and thanks to them we have a few pics and vids already! Not only did lovely Anastasia post the photos to Johnny's Facebook fan page, she also skated at the outdoor rink herself and noted, "It feels bizarre but fun to skate when it is so hot." And I'm sure there's a clever pun in there involving Johnny somehow, but... I forget...

....I'm sorry, what was I saying....?

...Why did I come into this room....?

IDK but anyway here's some photos of that skater guy.

Photo courtesy of Anastasia Pryanikova.

Photo courtesy of Anastasia Pryanikova.

Photo courtesy of Anastasia Pryanikova.
Anastasia apologized that it's blurry, 
but I have no idea what she's talking about 
since I can't find my reading glasses.

Photo courtesy of Anastasia Pryanikova.

Photo courtesy of Anastasia Pryanikova.

Yes, we have video!! 
A glimpse of Johnny at practice here...

...and here.

Plus video of his programs, 
thanks to Mackenzie Keller!!
Johnny performing his Chopin piece....
Video link.

...and Fighter...
Video link.

...and in the finale. 
Johnny appears at about 6:26.
Video link.

Bonus screencaps!! From the new 
Be Good Johnny Weir Season 2 
preview clip with RuPaul!
Scroll down for the video!

on Johnny's Comeback Gift Fund website
Please go read it now!

Thank you to everyone for 
all the lovely birthday wishes already! 

And thank you to Johnny, 
who makes my world more beautiful, 
sparklier, and full of light and possibilities 
every day. ♥

This is from the Holiday Dreams on Ice VIP party. 
The wonderful contingent of Japanese fans asked for 
pictures of "Johnny with Binky-san," and he graciously agreed. 
But I always feel awkward taking up any of his time
 plus I'm really kind of shy, and so I've just whispered at him, 
"Eeeek! I'm sorry. And wow I'm so not used to this..."
as all these flashes are going off. 
And at this precise moment, he--man of a million red carpets 
and a billion photo shoots, star of silver screen and TV--
is whispering back, "I know, I'm always like 
'OMG is my hair OK....?'"

UPDATE!!! The return of Johnny to our TVs.
Set those DVRs now: New premiere date is
Monday, September 1710 pm EDT / 9 pm CDT 
only on Logo!

Previews!! Johnny with Australian Olympic 
diving champion Matty Mitcham...
International fans: 
Please try this link or this link for the video.

...and Johnny with the ever-fabulous RuPaul.
International fans: 
Please try this link or this link for the video.

Please be sure to read Johnny's fabulous
London 2012 blog entries on! 
Here's a listing of his blog posts (newest first):
My First Impressions of the London Olympic Games
Fierce Competition (and Fashion!) at London Games

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More from Johnny's website!! 
He's heading back to Japan in early September 
for Fantasy on Ice! Info here!

Landing quads and kicking ass 
at a Grand Prix event near you!
Read his comeback statement 
on his website!

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with MAC is pretty much sold out, 
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for a little while longer 
because I love it so much.

Yes! Johnny's dresses are now available
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At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Bink! Thank you a thousand times over for all of your wonderful blog posts, including this one. Love you bb!!!

Peace said...

"....when it is so hot..." hehehehe I see what you did there...<3 He was closer to me than usual but still too far. Waiting for that country folds in half at the Rockies and all the skaters slide here thing to happen still.

Carmina said...

...Happy Birthday!!!...sending you best wishes and a hug from across town...hope you so something fun & crazy today and bedazzle yourself from head to toe ("cause it's my birthday, biotch, AND WHAT??") :)

aaaack said...

So wonderful to see Johnny, who spends his days skating indoors, get a chance to skate in the sun in a rink and resort where he knows the lay of the land.

Seriously, Binky, you should write a book of essays on all manners of topics. Your words have such a deft touch. It's a diplomatic voice but a humanistic one that can wring every hint of wry humor and nuance. Frank McCourt, Sandra Tsing Loh, James Herriott, Kurt Vonnegut, come to mind.

aaaack said...

Also, Nora Ephron.