Monday, August 20, 2012

Mega-Picspam Monday

Johnny and Victor 
at the Jaguar CHILL NY event on Friday. 
Yes! Victor's wearing skates! 
And Johnny's wearing attractive shoe covers 
to aid in navigating the artificial skating surface, 
or "plice," but whatever. THIS PIC.

Well. We had hardly recovered from the fabulousness that was Jaguar meets Johnny aka Sparkly McSparklepants (thank you, @zhonnika) at the CHILL NY event last Thursday when Friday arrived with its heart-melting Husbands On Plice.

And not only do we have amazing picspam from the usual galleries, we also have on-the-scene reporting from my lovely friend Jen Warfield, plus a few exclusive photos she graciously agreed to share here.

But first, some updates from Mr. McSparklepants himself:

Yes, he's off to Champs Camp this week, one of his all-time favorite USFSA things to do, judging by the photographic evidence from previous Champs Camps:

Champs Camp 2008: Nina Petrenko and Johnny 
are engulfed in nearly uncontainable excitement.

We'll have more on Champs Camp both past and present coming up, but given the riveting nature of this event, I thought we'd better pace ourselves and just focus on the far less spine-tingling Jaguar leftovers for today.

And then there's also this, tweeted by Johnny on Friday night:

This. Must. Happen.

In fact, this is a thing that must happen for which people have been waiting since April 2010, when someone launched a Facebook page in celebration of this very idea (not sure who owns the page, but kudos to their foresight! Although alternatively, I'd also be thrilled to see Viacheslav Romanov hosting...).

The page has been dormant for some months, though, so perhaps it's time to launch a new page and embark on a wildly successful Betty-White-style fan campaign...? Plus Johnny has some big-name fans in the showbiz world who would surely love to see him tackle SNL hosting duties as much as the rest of us would. It would be awesome to get them on board: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, Thomas Roberts, Jane Espenson, Dean McDermott, George Lopez, RuPaul, Lady Gaga (and her mom), Mom Von Teese... The list is almost endless. Brainstorm, people! There's got to be a way to make this happen...

To further inspire you while you're mulling that over, here's video of Johnny from Thursday being beautiful and amazing in just a few brief moments on camera at the Jaguar event, in case there's anyone who is still #NotClearOn how beautiful and amazing he'd be on SNL:

There's perhaps a little too much Tracy Morgan in this 
for my taste, but the glimpses of Johnny 
make it all worthwhile.
(International fans: If the video won't play
for you, please try this link.)

Of Friday's event, Jen Warfield writes:

The Jaguar Chill event was a really fun time, and the perfect antidote to the 90+ temps outside. Johnny attended with Tara and her staff, as did Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukov. While I was there, they had a steady crowd and many kids on the ice, trying their best to be little Johnnys, Melissas, or Denises. Skaters from Figure Skating in Harlem were also in attendance, helping kids on the ice. Skating time and ice skate rentals were complimentary, so although my complete lack of coordination prevented me, lots of others tried their hand at ice skating. Another nice feature were the periodic "snow storms" that blew through the skating rink.

Although the crowds were steady, it wasn't a crush of humanity, which allowed more time to speak with Johnny, Victor, and Tara. (Melissa and Denis were busy on the ice while I was there.)

And now: A treasure trove of Jaguar picspam from Friday. Not knowing who has seen what over the weekend, I just threw everything on here. :D

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view. The expression on his face in some of these is priceless.

Part 1: Johnny and the Jaguar.

Normally I find endless photos of cars--particularly the same car over and over--not terribly interesting, but the addition of Johnny to these really spices them right up.

Jen notes: "After I initially greeted Johnny, 
he had to do some photos with the cars. 
He graciously excused himself, saying, 
'Excuse me for a minute... 
I have to pop out of a sunroof!'"

Part 2: Johnny, Melissa, Denis, 
and the Jaguar.

Melissa and Denis skating, with bonus Johnny inside the Jag.
Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Time for more photo ops with all three skating stars.
Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Now Johnny and Melissa have traded places.
Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

IDK. But yay it's snowing!
Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Finally done, and now they're joined by Victor!
Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Part 3: Johnny With Fans.

Photo tweeted by @LazyCool1: 
"Johnny signing a flyer for me!
Spoke Russian to me the whole time 
and signed my flyer in Russian as well 
(my request!!) No mistakes!"

Photo tweeted by @LazyCool1: 
"And Виктор looking very sharp... near the boards:))
Here he's chatting with Dawn Balopole.

Johnny with Geoffrey Dicker, 
who posted this on his blog:
"On August 17, 2012, ice-skater Johnny Weir 
was part of a 'human snow globe' presented by Jaguar. 
 In the middle of Chelsea, a huge plastic tent was erected 
and a skating rink was installed. It was the first time 
I’ve ever seen snow in Manhattan in August 
(even though it was man-made). 
Johnny Weir signed autographs and graciously took photos 
with all passers by and he couldn’t have been nicer. 
 As someone who meets a lot of famous people, 
I appreciate it! Thanks again Johnny!"

Jen Warfield with Victor and Johnny.
Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Jen writes:

Johnny mentioned that Galina had him come in at 5:45 Friday morning to get his full practice in!

Training is going well and he's got an almost exact countdown to Sochi memorized, apparently. When I asked if he's excited that his Olympics are "on the clock," he said, "Less than a year and eight months!"

We also talked about Nationals in Omaha -- we both pondered the best way to fly in and the fact that at least there's likely to be good steak there.

Part 4: The Husbands.

Part 5: Husbands On Plice.

Jen writes: 

My favorite moment -- Johnny teaching Victor to skate! He held his hands, and they spun around a little bit, and Johnny showed him some footwork.

Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Photo courtesy of Jen Warfield.

Bonus pic!! Johnny appeared on the famous Page 6 
of the Sunday NY Post yesterday, offering his advice 
for young Olympians, and also on page 48, shown here. 
While I could live without the lame "Weir-ded Out," 
the  caption reads: "Johnny Weir struts his stuff 
at the opening of Jaguar's 'Chill NY' 
ice-skating event at the High Line."
Photo courtesy of Jenn Kittler.

Very special thanks to Jen Warfield 
for the photos and commentary!!

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Maggie St. said...

Jaguar looks great with its JGW accessory! My 2004 Subaru could use one.

Thanks Jen & Jenn for the wonderful photos ♥

Novia said...

Honestly, Sparkly McSparklypants is about ten thousand times better than Weirded Out. I don't understand why anyone can be weirded out by sparkly jacket. And short shorts. And skates! Srsly the least inspired title of the century, and that's an understatement.

In other news, the husbands keep making me happy with their utter adorableness (is that a word?). Johnny teaching Victor to skate is the sweetest, loveliest thing ever.

Thank you for another superb collation of sparkles and sweetness, Binky. xoxo