Friday, August 10, 2012

McKayla Is Not Impressed With My Week

LOL. I love this meme so much.
Original photo courtesy of Anastasia Pryanikova.

If you haven't yet caught McKayla-Is-Not-Impressed fever, here's a quick primer: It's the first Internet meme to come out of London 2012, based on the reaction of US gymnast McKayla Maroney to just missing the gold medal in the ladies' vault final. You can read about the meme here, and see 8 million hilarious examples of its use in this Tumblr here. Then you'll be ready to review why McKayla is not impressed with what went on in Weir world this week.

"Be the first to tell Evan I like this? 
I don't think so."
(Note: Evan is scheduled to make an announcement
 on the Today Show, erm, today. Most are betting 
he's going to be filling the open slot in Skate America. 
Still not impressed.)

"We will. But ugh. 
Hate that Tyoma and his daddies 
have to go through this, 
even though it's best in the long run."

"This freaking poll is still up on Ice Network?"
UPDATE: Nope. Now it's... a new one. 
And the wording of the choices on it
has left McKayla unimpressed again.

For fans' reactions to this distressing news
 and a cogent discussion of the entire situation 
from the fan perspective, please see these Facebook threads
here, here, here, here, and here
as well as additional threads on Johnny's page 
under "Posts by Others." I'm with McKayla on this one.
I can't even begin to articulate my disappointment
at the lost photo opportunity, particularly because 
of the reality that there isn't another one 
for US fans in the foreseeable future.
And I'm not even one of the people 
coping with non-refundable plane tickets...
On the other hand, if this means Johnny gets 
an extra day to rest as competition looms 
ever closer, then that's a good thing.
Moral of the story for me: 
Next time, make the effort to go to Sun Valley.

UPDATE: Johnny's note to fans
posted on his Facebook fan page

Good news and bad news: Tyoma made it through 
his procedure just fine, 
but then had to wear the cone of shame. 
Poor little puppy.
Original photo tweeted by Victor.

Original photo tweeted by Johnny.

Johnny tweeted: "I'm so amused 
That's a fight I never thought I'd see fought." 
McKayla didn't either.

Original photo tweeted by Victor: 
"The Soviet officer and Laika, the first dog in space." 
This. Is. Everything.

Although not to McKayla.

In the midst of the utter depression that was fandom yesterday after the Ice House news, my lovely friend Elena Demaria tweeted the link to this Tumblr, "What Should Figure Skaters Call Me?", in an effort to help cheer people up. Each post begins with a skating-related, "When [such-and-such happens...]," and then there's a reaction gif. 

This silliness is inspired by a post there, with apologies to the original creator:

McKayla doesn't think so.

But she's wrong.

Original artwork tweeted by 
@ayukovon yesterday 
(here with bonus water-colored McKayla...)

"When are you figure-skating people going to get 
that whole scoring thing worked out? 
Because in gymnastics, we--oh wait..."
Original photo courtesy of Mackenzie Keller.

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Even McKayla would be impressed.
Thank you all so much!! 

UPDATE!!! The return of Johnny to our TVs.
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Previews!! Johnny with Australian Olympic 
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...and Johnny with the ever-fabulous RuPaul.
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jenn said...

Next time make the effort to go to Sun Valley? I don't need McKayla. You should see *my* bitchface at that suggestion. If only the people putting on some of these shows put in half the effort to promote them as Johnny's fans do to attend. I guess since I could hardly manage the expense and upheaval to attend a show in my home state the moral of my story is: Don't expect to see Johnny skate live. Learn to be happy for others. Although I've yet to receive a phone call or an email telling me the show's been cancelled, much less how I'll be receiving my refund. So is the show still on for me?

We love you Johnny, so much, even those of us who can't travel the world to see you. I love you, Johnny. And I have to say, as crushing as my disappointment is—and OMG, it is, it really is—I feel so badly for you. I know how much it means to you to skate for your fans, and I'm so sad you won't get that chance next week. It wasn't you Johnny. It's never you.

aaaack said...

Hilarious McKayla meme...and hilarious Cosmonaut Johnny and Тёмanaut portrait.

Meanwhile, modern life reminds me of the "Life on Mars" song by David Bowie.

aaaack said...

By the way, the bulk of Olympic gold medals are 92.8% silver coated with at least 6 grams of gold. Bronze medals are bronze all the way through (copper and tin).

aaaack said...

Chemical composition-wise, gold medals are really more like gilt medals, if that is any consolation.

aaaack said...

I've always admired your Photoshop skills. May I make a special rush? Putting all the pieces together...can you put Johnny and Tema on a box of corn flakes or with Mars as the background and, of course, McKayla, too.

PumaJ said...

Thank you for the humor in today's blog, Binx. I'm so sad about the cancellation of the ice show in N.J. that some humor was needed to help me smile.

Binky and the Misfit Mimes said...

LOL. I'll give it a shot, aaaack!! :D

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

*sad* . . .

i've only met Johnny and seen him skate live once and i was dearly looking forward to my second time.